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  1. There's a murderer at St. Hamburg's high school, a murderer unlike any other. A male student, murdered during school hours, not caught on camera, with no evidence pointing towards a suspect. A seamless, perfect murder. Yet, although this boy had no family, what he did have was a very loyal friend. Velvet Hollingberry believes she will not only survive through the death of her best friend, but also locate and kill his murderer, no matter what it takes to do it. The journey will be full of twists and turns, and secrets better left hidden will be uncovered. Will the lies in the infirmary be exposed, or will she step into a new realm of darkness?

    Stepping into the ring for a new type of roleplay. I'm willing to double up and do any other plot with someone. This one just popped into my head. It is a a twist on murderer x civilian/student. I was looking to play Velvet, while I'm searching for a partner to play the school doctor, who is the killer. I do have a personality written up for him, as well as an appearance.

    My rules are simple:

    1. No godmodding or metagaming.
    2. Spelling, grammar and punctuation need to be at least readible.
    3. Paragraph form, at least two paragraphs per side.
    4. No obscure fetishes such as: wasteplay, vore, expansion, necrophilia, bestiality, etc.
    5. Have fun! There's no point in doing an RP unless you're having fun right? If things are getting boring, tell me and I'll do anything in my power to improve it. :3

    I look forward to hearing from you! ^^
  2. Your looking for some one to play the murder? He is also a Dr? I am totally in, if you will have me of course :3
  3. Hello! ^^ Thank you for taking interest in it, can you PM me?