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  1. Hey I'm seeking a partner for some good old fashioned role-playing.

    Here's some things to know:

    1. I rp in third person a lot of the time

    2. Prefer older male characters

    3. I'm very detailed or like to think so. I do ask that you be the same.

    4. My length is fairly long with each added detail I mean down to the smell of the air. Sometimes I go a little shorter but that's the kind of partner I prefer.

    5. I don't ever mind posting first.

    6. Romance is a must in all rps.

    Below are ideal personality traits I like the male characters to have.

    Strong silent type- love those guys

    Emotionless type- you never know what they're thinking.

    Flirtatious type- you I know his motives but they're wicked.

    Heartless- he's a bit rough but he ultimately cares.

    Well experienced- he's been with a few women but lately he hasn't.

    Below are some rp ideas

    1. Geisha X Samurai

    2. Priestess X Demon

    3. Mistess X Butler

    4. Wild Karjia X Free person ((Gorean))

    5. Siblings ((preferably twins))
  2. So, you're looking for someone to play the male?
  3. Yes I am :)
  4. I'm down. Message me, friend.
  5. Still looking.
  6. Hey, I have a few ideas that I want to do maybe your interested?
  7. Shoot go ahead with your ideas?
  8. They all seem pretty nice are you looking for a romantic theme?
  9. I'd b way interested in playing something that you haven't really gotten to play at all. I do post very lengthy however, just to give you a heads up.
  10. These are all new characters that I am dying to play with, romance YES and do not worry I post very lengthy too. Though I do post a bit slow because of my busystem life but you can expect a post from me once or twice a week
  11. Very well. I should give a go towards Mr. Kenchi I believe he should well enough to satisfy my dying thirst for a teacher and student plot that I've really been eager to play. Would you like a cs from me?
  12. Yes please message me it :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.