Seeking a MxM RP - High Casual to Low Advanced (Romance Involved)

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  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there was anyone interested in a MxM pairing RP with romance involved? This would be a High Casual to Low Advanced RP. I’m not expecting novels each turn but 2-3 paragraphs would be nice. More than that is always appreciated! I’m not strict about the length, sometimes just a paragraph will do but on average it’d be nice if we could contribute a little more. I already have some plot ideas that I’m interested in but I’m open to others as well! Right now I’m looking to play the more submissive of the two and looking for someone to play the more dominant character. I have plenty of information on the plots to share with those interested but below is just a quick synopsis.

    1. Protector and Protected: This RP has sort of an anime feel to it. Our characters would be members of special clans that exist in a modern setting. These clans excel at martial arts but also have one extraordinary ability that is exclusive to their clan. (Feel free to come up with whatever ability you would like for your clan but just nothing too overpowered please ^^;). In this RP, my character’s clan is protected by yours. That is the extent of their relationship and anything more than that is strictly forbidden. This is due to the opinions of the heads of each clan and their difference in status. Our two characters will become romantically involved during the course of the RP which will cause some problems. There will also be several threats that they will have to work together to put an end to.

    2. Fantasy Adventure: This RP is more like a world-wide adventure. The setting for this world is high fantasy, think swordsmen, dragons, elves, magic and monsters sort of thing. Our characters will become acquainted by chance and end up trying to save the world. How quickly the two become romantically involved is up to us. The major premise is that there are 12 sacred stones scattered throughout the world and our characters will be tasked with retrieving them. The stones are supposed to bestow a great power to the person who can present them at the right time. Our characters won’t be the only ones searching for these stones, so there will be a constant conflict throughout the story.

    3. Super Heroes: This last one is just something that kind of interests me. The setting would be like modern day with more technological advances. I'm thinking it would be an alternate reality Marvel theme with our characters being the only members of a new team of X-men. Our characters will be original characters but there will be some cannon appearances as well, mostly in the form of X-villains. Basically, the original X-men were wiped out in a catastrophic event and Professor X is trying to reform the team. We would face off against several villains while eventually learning what really happened to the original team.

    Well I hope someone is interested in one of these ideas and would like to give it a try. I can elaborate on anything if you need more information. If for some reason we get started on an idea and you have to drop out, just let me know, no hard feelings! I can do this over PM’s or in a 1x1 thread.

    Hope to hear from you!
  2. Heya Warm! I'd like to roleplay with you again if your interested (since our other got cut off so abruptly). Your first plot looks fun =)
  3. +w+ Interested~
  4. I'm be interested in plot 3.
  5. I'm interested
  7. are you still looking?
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