seeking a modern rp (:

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  1. I know what you're thinking, just modern is kind of boring but not with a bunch of plot twists and interesting characters I can assure you (:

    Basically I'm up for any sort of modern genre, and also have a plot idea of my own that I'd like to brainstorm with someone else. I'd really like to try a modern themed rp that starts out in a hospital setting, and then shifts into a regular modern setting. I have an intro written for a male character in his late 20's for this, though it can easily be switched to a female character if neccesary. This doesn't mean your character has to be a doctor/nurse, etc. you could be a patient of your choice, or somehow associated with my character somehow. As I said, this is only a rough idea but something I'd like to form more of a plot for. If anybody is interested let me know. c:

    Aside from that I'm open to any plot ideas, or suggestions.
    I'm new here, so just looking to start up a few rp's and hopefully I was supposed to post this here and not under the modern forum or else I'm going to feel really stupid right about now.. xD
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  2. XD well, I think I'm up for the role (I could easily play as a female) o.o it's a good starting point, and I think we could try and work out how the plot goes from there :3 (just keep in mind my response times may be delayed depending on where I am in China (that is until I'm properly at home :S)
  3. sounds wonderful :3

    what would you like your character to be?
    a friend of my characters, another patient, hospital staff, etc.

    it's up to you, we can brainstorm a plot if you'd like.
  4. Hmm, perhaps another patient... (Makes the situation more relate-able o.o) I think that should be a good way to start off the plot :S
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