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  1. I feel that the title is pretty self explanatory. I'm looking for a Dom to do a thread with. I am looking for someone to take my character down a peg with a mixture of public humiliation, multiple partner, and bondage. Post here or pm if interested.
  2. I am slightly interested in this idea. As I am not a big bondage fan, can I limited this to chains, cuffs and a few other bondage equipment?
  3. Alright then, before we get into characters, will this RP be consensual, or will it contain non-consensual elements?
  4. Hmm if you want another person/need one more I like the idea :D
  5. Then I'll pass. I do not do non-consensual RPs.
  6. Still looking.
  7. Interesting. I do like to make things really intense

    My only thing is everything has to ultimately be consensual
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.