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  1. I kind of felt like doing a light-hearted romance!

    I got this idea and thought it would be really fun~

    What's going on is:
    The male character is a police officer. One night, on patrol, he comes across a girl in the street, laying unconcious. After taking her to the hospital, he waits until she wakes up.

    When she finally does, she doesn't remember anything. Not who she is nor where she's from. So, he takes her in, just until her memory comes back. After all, there isn't even a missing person's report out on her.

    And you might guess the rest ^^

    (Of course, I'll eventually reveal her past, don't worry)

    Any takers? :3
  2. Hey! Send me a PM and we'll discuss details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.