Seeking a Male Alpha ( MxF)

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  1. Hi there :3

    I am currently looking for a Dominant partner to play .I have been thinking on a romance between two werewolf some time already. MC would be a stray young woman that become a werewolf recently in such a cruel and dark way and she's struggling with her new life style a LOT. YC will met her, he is an Alpha that didn't mate yet...

    I would like to make it in modern days, You are free to develop YC the way you want as long as he is an Alpha :P


    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]So... i'm looking for Someone that can:[/BCOLOR]

    * play Dominant Male
    * work together with me to develop the novel and make it work!
    * write at least a paragraph
    * play some sub characters like villains or some random if is necessary to make it more dynamic
    * tell me when something goes wrong with the rp... Let's talk ok? I always like to put my partners freely and i try to show respect. if you need to he on hiatus tell me! I understand perfectly.
    * Active at least some times a week

    Please PM if you are interested!


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  2. I might be interested, I have a few other ideas to add in as well, if you want.
  3. aww please PM me so we can discuss!
  4. :bump: still looking :3
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