INTEREST CHECK Seeking a male 1x1 partner :)

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  1. Hey guys! I was thinking of doing a 1x1 with a guy. It would be more of a modern fantasy. I have a basic plot down. It's basically, a young female werewolf wanders into the human world on a dare and meets a guy. This is also strictly forbidden by the pack so she has to go home but somehow, the guy gets dragged into her world and action and adventure ensue.

    So. Who's interested? ;)
  2. I'm curious. How would the werewolf look?
  3. Hmmm... Not really sure. I think something along the lines of this ge-female-fighter.jpg or this wolf___n___human_by_whitespiritwolf-d46nngv.png with her wolf form looking like this anime-wolf-wolves-10983899-600-695.jpg (click the pictures)
  4. Definitely more a fan of the first human form. The spoiler tags are a little unintuitive, you have to put in a little preview message to get them to work right.

    Like this! (open)

    Still interested though. Looking for anything in particular from the male character?
  5. Sorry! I'm new at this forum lol but as for the male, I don't have anything in mind really. Just a moderate-very handsome guy who might be sarcastic or mysterious (maybe both) who is somehow special enough to catch the eye of a werewolf.
  6. I'm interested. I might not be able to make exactly the character you wanted... but I like the idea.

    Also, that first picture is a knockout!

    And 2nd, your doing better than me with the spoilers. Its pretty unique atleast.
  7. My char Hades the supernatural P.I. is perfect for this.
    I rather werewolf chicks more like clawdeen wolf (google it), maybe it could be a transiction state...
  8. Hey Raiu and Hades :D @Hades: I was thinking that the girl would be able to take elements from the wolf form at will so she could grow claws, fangs, get better hearing, the works. Even grow a tail at points. I'm interested in all of your characters. I wish that we could do a group of us but I would need more girls. LOL
  9. My idea for a character wouldn't be a supernatural investigator, just an average guy with a better-than-average sense of goodness. He wouldn't really believe that she's a werewolf(Maybe her transformation is limited in the human world?), but just want to help her get home, wherever that is. Probably a good hook for why he gets pulled into the werewolf world, she wants to show him it's all real.
  10. Agreed. I was thinking that the guy knew nothing about werewolves or the supernatural. But I was also thinking that instead of a dare, the girl would go out into the world on her own free will. Maybe enroll in a high school/college and that's how they meet. As they get closer, she tries to show him who she really is. However, she gets found by the pack, dragged back to the forest and the guy maybe follows? Or gets kidnapped. I don't know. I'm just kind of thinking out loud.
  11. I like the getting dragged back/kidnapped angle, I could see my character as the kind of guy who would try to be a hero in that situation, perhaps trying to fight all of them at once to save her and getting sucked into the werewolf world along with them.
  12. I like that! I feel like this is turning into a bit of a group RP. It would be easier but if you don't want to we would just have to play a bunch NPC's. Both ways are fine.
  13. I don't have a problem with playing NPCs. And the one-on-one romance seems like something that wouldn't really translate into a lot of group fun, in my opinion.
  14. That's true. I forgot about thatt. Lol Actually now that I think about it, there might not be that many NPC's except in some parts.
  15. Probably not, at least not anymore than you and your partner could handle. Speaking of partners, looks like you have your pick of them.
  16. I was just lurking, but it dawned upon me reading what you were looking for anyways. o.o
    Isn't that like the book Blood and Chocolate pretty much?
    Sorry to interrupt, I do not mean to be a disturbing member. >.>
  17. Blood and Chocolate? I've never read that. It might be but I wouldn't know. LOL and it's totally fine! Lurk away!

    Oh gosh. I have to pick? Gr. I like all of you! But since SpammyV did come first and I'm doing another RP with Hades and Raui anyway then I think I'm gonna have to go with Spammy. Sorry guys! :/ I still love you all!
  18. I'm honored! I'm ready to start whenever you are, just shoot me a PM with a link to the thread.
  19. I'm glad! I'll probably get something up tomorrow. My brain is fried and I can't really think straight. If you want, you can start it tonight. I don't mind.
  20. Nah, I can wait until tomorrow, it's not a problem.