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  1. Greetings one and all, for I am Violet Kate. I have been roleplaying since I was a young girl, and as such, have acquired a vast wealth of experience in the subject and art. With this in mind, my writing style is very high level, descriptive, 18+ and heavy on the information dumping. I'm talking multiple paragraphs nearly every post/reply, and a load of dialogue that may at first seem pointless or filler, but will all make sense in the end. Anyway, my biggest source of enjoyment and my expert field is the horror genre, but I am capable of writing other genres, such as yuri, dark fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, psychological, military, I could go on. I enjoy a myriad of anime/manga and video games, so I am willing and able to do any sort of fandom-based roleplays as well. As for my availability and reply speed, I am most often online every single day for long hours, and my reply speed is most often very, very quick. Anyone is welcome to join me and roleplay along, and I hope to get a partner soon, as it seems all of my partners keep dropping off the face of the Earth, dropping active roleplays without explanation, or simply going on very long periods of inactivity before finally responding. I am seeking someone reliable, active and above all else, intelligent. I hope my request doesn't come off as arrogant or anything, especially with that last sentence. Either way, please either notify me within this thread or via a private conversation if you are interested. If you need more information, simply check out my profile/roleplay resume and such and take a look through my writing examples. Granted the examples given are a bit on the old side, they should still give you a decent idea on how I write. Thanks for reading all this!
  2. hey, I'm interested in a romance rp
  3. Very well, did you have anything specific in mind?
  4. well.. I was wondering if we could do ganta x shiro. I would also like to play the role of shiro in this
  5. Hello, my dear! What are your fandoms? I'm also craving something horror-esque, perhaps along the line of psychopathic obsession and Stockholm syndrome. Let me know if you're interested!
  6. Sorry for the delay in response. Anyway, much as I love Deadman Wonderland and enjoy the Ganta x Shiro pairing, I am not particularly comfortable playing male characters. Would you happen to be comfortable doing a female x female romance?
  7. I love yuri's!!! Yeah!!
  8. I am very interested, and thank you for reading my post. My favorite genre is horror, and it's where I have the most experience, so we're on the same page there. As for my fandoms, that is quite the long list. Would you mind giving me some time to write up the whole thing, or do you just want a few examples in the horror genre, or maybe just my top favorites?
  9. Excellent, as I too adore yuri (especially since I myself am a lesbian). Moving on, do you have any other pairings in mind from a fandom? Or would you like to perhaps create one from scratch?
  10. You may feel free to list whatever fandoms you like, although my main interests at the moment are Game of Thrones and Dragon Age. Horror is a genre I can never get enough of. Did you have any specific plots in mind? I had one that has yet to take off, based on the video game Bloodborne.
  11. I see you noted Game of Thrones and Dragon Age. Unfortunately, I am not a TV person and Dragon Age isn't a video game series I'm terribly familiar with. As for my fandoms, I am partial to Evangelion, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ghoul and Guilty Crown to name a few. Bloodborne I am familiar with, so I could do something with that as well. As for specific plot ideas, I did indeed have a few in mind. Give me some time to jot them down. Would you like them here, or in a private message?
  12. A private message would be more convenient, I think. I can't wait to see them!
  13. Private message it is, then. I will have my ideas to you momentarily.
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  14. Me too! Umm maybe sakura trick? Or we can do madoka magica to

    Sakura trick I'd like to be yuu

    Madoka magic a I'd like to be homura
  15. Out of Sakura Trick and Madoka Magica, I'd be happier to do Sakura Trick and play Haruka, as my memory of Madoka Magica is fuzzy. Besides, I prefer playing Haruka over Yuu to begin with. Will we be picking up after the anime left off, somewhere in between, at the beginning, or making our own story with them? Will we be keeping their personalities canon, or doing our own thing with the characters?
  16. You still looking for a partner?
  17. I'm always on the hunt for partners, yes.
  18. Wanna chat and form a plot
  19. Sure thing. Would you like to do that here, or in a private message?
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