Seeking a friend to write wonders with [1x1 Search]

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    My name is Soul.
    I write worlds, and stories,
    not simply settings and sentences.

    I crave writing.
    I constantly desire to collaborate.
    But I have my fill of GMing with my main roleplay.
    I want to share my worlds in a way that group roleplays don't allow.
    I want to make a world with one who will become a close friend.
    I want to share in an adventure driven by not one, but two GMs.
    Two writers working together to create something that is shared,
    something equal.

    I require effort.
    I require dedication, patience, and enthusiasm.
    I require creativity, contribution, and communication.
    I require friendship, understanding, and fun.

    More professionally,
    I require a minimum of intermediate writing skill.
    I require correctness in grammar and spelling.
    I require more than a few sentences.
    I require contribution to the plot and active roleplaying.

    I prefer the following:
    Fantasy settings,
    Sexuality, but only when it is relevant to the plot.
    I have no preference for gender.
    I dislike vampires, werewolves, zombies, and guns.

    Are you what I'm looking for?
    PM or Post to apply.



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  2. NOTE:

    I tend not to post a lot of sample plot ideas because it lends itself to players showing up and simply trying to RP a pre-made plot that I, supposedly, already know.

    I do not want to be a GM to a single other player. I want to make the plot together simply through our interactions after basing the RP loosely off a plot concept.

    As such, I will post some general plot concepts. These will simply be concepts, general "this is what may be happening when we start" ideas.

    • Medieval setting: the wilds are overrunning society, nobody is certain what causes this, but our two players have decided they want to find out.
    • Medieval setting: After waking up deep in an ancient forest with only one other stranger, the pair must face survival together.
    • Dark setting: a Victorian era town has been placed under a dark spell after an immortal race was reawakened from their slumbers. These beasts have integrated themselves into society, shifting their form to look like ordinary citizens. One of these beings finds him/herself falling in love with a mortal. (These do NOT have to be vampires. I encourage the creation of a new race.)
    • Modern Setting: lost in the frozen north on an expedition with a small group, two individuals find themselves in a magical world after falling through a glacier into an mythical, prehistorical world.
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  3. I'm highly interested in the worldbuilding aspect, shoot me a pm if that's alright with you?
  4. Are you willing to do this with a teen member? XD
  5. well this would depend on the RP of course! Certainly not a romance :P
  6. UPDATE: I have now found two partners. I will close this opening for two weeks to make sure that these RP's stick. If they do, I will close the thread for now. If not, I'll reopen. Thank you so much your interest.
  7. So, it's open right? 'Cause you didn't close it? If so would you like to RP?
  8. *pokes around*
  9. *pokes back* I might need another partner when September starts. As of right this moment the next 2 weeks are going to be ridiculously busy for me so I can't adopt a new RPer right now D':
  10. Hello! I quite like the sound of
    • Medieval setting: After waking up deep in an ancient forest with only one other stranger, the pair must face survival together.
    I am perfectly okay with waiting until September to start too, I've got a busy rest-of-the-month ahead of me if I manage to get into university this year aha. I've got a website here with my requirements and other ideas/pairings if you're interested.
  11. Thank you for your interest! I will be retouching on this thread once the semester starts and will follow up on all posts at that time. I sincerely thank you all for your time and interest!

  12. I am interested in doing this with you
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  13. I am very interested.

    If you would be okay with it, I already have a world and characters set out, but there is a lot of room for someone to contribute. I think you'll like what I have so far, and I'm definitely not averse to long sessions of planning. Please PM me if you can, I will link you to the starting character's profiles.
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  14. I'm up for anything and everything!

    I need of new collaborator and have more plots then I know what to do with. Old can be made new and new turning into wonders. Mix and match to make something unlike anything the world has ever seen before. I am all ears and have light-years of creativity to back me up.
  15. I would LOVE to do a one on one with you. The dark setting has my attention and I can already thing of a race...

    If you want you can PM me ^^
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  16. If you're still looking, shoot me a PM. This sounds right up my alley. Building worlds has always been one of my favorite aspects of roleplay.
  17. Hi everyone, so I'm finally able to open this up again and check it out. However, I've decided that right now, I want something laid back, with very little heavy plot happening. Closer to a slice of life roleplay with both players working as GM's to create whatever plot we want.

    I do, however, have a very important requirement of any 1x1 partner knowing what active roleplaying is and how to avoid being a passive roleplayer. I will not roleplay with passive roleplayers. So please make sure you can explain to me the difference if you wish to RP with me!

    As it stands, I'd like to do something along the line of, local elf finds a foreigner from another city/country/world/universe or whatever and their meeting starts the roleplay. A plot can be decided, but it could be something as simple as trying to get the outsider home :)

    I would be other laid back ideas, just very casual, ones that don't require a lot of world building or NPC development. I know that my main post says I want to build worlds, but right now, I'm building a world with one 1x1 partner and I'm also building numerous essays and flash cards for exams for 5 classes. University sucks but I still want a casual roleplay <3

    Pm me if you want to RP with me and please let me know what idea you have for a plot. And again, make sure you know the difference between active and passive roleplaying because it simply won't work out if you cannot be an active player :)


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  18. I would be lying if I said there wasn't a certain quantity of intrigue produced by this here conceptualization, But my RP's usually lend themselves fairly closer to The dragon, Gryphon, Side of the fantasy genre. If that's alright, And if you are willing to collaborate and work together, I think we may be able to work something out. If not, Sometime in the future perhaps some arrangements could be drafted. ^.^

    Now, In retaliation to your Ladder, You wish to know the difference between passive and active, However, There is a great deal of Opinion that goes into that. Depending on your definition, It sounds to me like you are searching, at the present time, For someone that can participate and throw out events and happenings in a casual form as opposed to someone who wishes for you to do all of the creation, and just passively rides the waves throughout. I can do either, But it's usually more fun when a collaboraction can be created, instead of one person climbing into a minecart and pressing the GO button while the other lays out the tracks. Hopefully we are able to come to an agreement. ^w^
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