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  1. Summary
    -Expects adept / advanced roleplay [at least two substantial paragraphs per character, per post] partners.
    -Looking for a fantasy-adventure roleplay.
    -Likes complex roleplays with a lot of plot and structure.
    -Enjoys creating diverse characters in playing them in equally diverse worlds.
    -Will try to be active, but probably will not be able to post daily.

    Hello there. :)

    I'm a new player to this site, but have been craving roleplays as of late so I'm hoping to jump right into things! I tend to have a lot going on, so my replies will be slow - but I will do my best to be an active and responsive roleplay partner. However, due to my respective lack of time, I will only be looking for one or two roleplays maximum.

    Also, do be aware of the fact that this post is sort of long... I'm prone to writing too much haha. If you'd be interested in starting a roleplay with me, feel free to private message (is that what you call them here?) me or post here if you want. Private message would probably be faster though. c:

    ~What I'm Looking For~

    -Adept / Advanced partners. I have a problem with writing too much; I need a partner who will be willing to read all of my long posts and replicate them to at least some degree. :P
    -I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar. Not to the point where I don't make mistakes myself, but my extremely mild case of OCD starts ringing when my partners make multiple mistakes in their posts. One or two mishaps / typos are fine, but please try to edit your work so I don't have to deal with my internal alarms. c:
    -I generally don't like a roleplay with one single pairing. Two pairs is usually my minimum. It should be noted that I also like to overload on characters; so if you like playing a ton of characters I'm your go-to person. (I've done roleplays where I've played up to eleven main characters simultaneously, with NPCs and side characters respectively.)
    -Unlike many roleplayers, activity is not a big thing for me. I will probably not be very active myself - so feel free to take your time and construct a quality post when roleplaying with me.
    -I like to talk and be friends with my roleplay partners! :) BE MY FRIEND OR ELSE. /shot

    ~Roleplay Stuff~

    -I generally like lots of action and adventure in my roleplays. Usually romance gets added in, since who doesn't like a nice love story?, but I'm fine with and without elements of romance in my roleplays. What I really care about is a solid plot that drives and motivates both the characters and myself to respond and stay active and alive within a roleplay.
    -My roleplays are nearly always based in a fantasy world, and I prefer it that way. However, I can be persuaded to sci-fi - but please note that I never do realistic roleplays / realism - and my line between sci-fi and realism is rather hard to comprehend. So if you want to do a sci-fi roleplay, feel free to pitch your idea at me, but don't expect that I will always go along with your idea.
    -I would prefer not to end up in a position where I am carrying the roleplay. Please contribute and take creative liberty when it comes to roleplaying with me.
    -I am generally not a very picky person when it comes to plots, though am considerably more picky when it comes to settings (though as long as it is vaguely fantasy based I'm usually satisfied). I like collaborating with my partners to construct plots that we'll both be happy with - and so while I do have a few ideas floating around, feel free to disregard all of them and send me your own ideas!
    -In regards to characters, I prefer to play females. However, I don't mind playing males - though this is the main reason why I like to double up so that if you prefer to play females as well we can both play the gender we are comfortable with.
    -I only play heterosexual romance - and without smut.
    -I only do forum roleplaying. We have this wonderful forum at our expense, why not use it? Besides, I don't have a phone or any of those chat apps anyway. :P
    -I usually fill out character sheets / skeletons for my characters, but for some roleplays I would be willing to skip out that part.

    ~The Few Ideas Floating~
    Keep in mind that I am definitely open to other ideas - these are just a few very vague things that have been floating around this brain of mine. I am not particularly craving any of these, but they might serve an interesting basis for roleplays if you happen to like them too. :3

    -This is unusual for me, but I've been craving a wolf pack roleplay. I'm not sure why, it just came out of the blue, but the whole concept has been bugging at my head for awhile now. xD A catch is that my craving has been directed at shape-shifting wolf packs though, so they would just be humans that could shift into wolves. My idea for this is that there could be conflicting wolf packs, probably with an extensive history of rivalship, when a foreign power comes along (this could either be another wolf pack, or a pack / herd of mystical creatures such as dragons or griffons - who would also have human forms) and threatens their shifting peace. I would rather that this turn out to be more than the usual 'wolf packs unite and conquer evil power' type scenario, and I think shifting alliances, betrayal and all that jazz would be fun to play out.

    -I had one roleplay going on on another site which died and I would like to do again. The basic plot was that there were four main elemental clans - the inhabitants of whom where human or humanoid, but had elemental powers. The plot was that these four clans had defeated all other elements in an all-out battle, and forged a barrier that kept them in power and the other clans out. However, every century or so, the barrier had to be renewed. This is accomplished by a nominated tribute from each clan who met with three others from the other clans to try and fetch four different artifacts that represented their element. The other clans are trying to stop them and take over power, but cannot touch the elemental artifacts (only a member of the respective elemental tribe can). Despite my summary here seeming quite detailed, I'm open for other ideas regarding this - and this basis can be quite flexible if we want it to be.

    -This is more of a world-building basis than a plot one, but here we go. Basically, there is this fantasy world with multiple races - each one living individually to some extent. A few ideas for these races could be snow / ice people, 'owl' people, dragon riders, and generally anything else we can think up. Recently, in this world, portals to other dimensions have started popping up; portals which seem to lead to both other areas of the world, but also to another world / dimension. A few have begun to speculate that the other dimension gives eternal youth / something highly sought after that is similar, and a power struggle has started to arise from between the different races for possession or control of the portals. This could either be 'zoomed' in to a few characters caught up in the portal conflict, or zoomed out to have dozens of characters in a bunch of places and having a big character extravaganza.


    I do not usually roleplay fandoms, however I can be persuaded to do them - to a limited extent. I will roleplay in fandom universes, but I am not a fan of playing OCs or having my partners play them. I can be persuaded to follow the original plots, though I generally prefer making new ones perhaps based off of the originals. If you would be interested in having a roleplay with any of the following fandoms, feel free to message me / post here, but do know that I might be picky in regards to plot, characters and story.

    The fandoms I am in are as follows (in no particular order);
    Ranger's Apprentice
    Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
    Graceling / Bitterblue / Fire
    Game of Thrones [I've read the books and watched some of the shows.]
    Pirates of the Caribbean [I'm currently working through the movies.]
    X-Men [I've watched all the movies save 'Days of Future Past'. Try not to spoil it for me please. xD]
    Code Geass [Anime]
    Wolf's Rain [Anime]

    Right, so I'm finally finished! If you read all that, have an electronic cookie. *Gives a cookie*
    [Note that I only just realized that I actually have the ability to give people cookies here. I thought there was just the liking system. xD]

    Have a great day! c:

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  2. Id be interested in your wolf pack RP and the world building one as well
  3. Great! c: I'll PM you in a moment~
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