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  1. After being gone for so long without any writing I am now seeking a few more roleplays than those I have at the moment. I have a few ideas that I’d really like to try out but feel free to offer up your own ideas if you want:)

    A few things about me and what I seek. I'm looking for two or three partners at the moment as I don’t want to take on too much. I have a wide range of interest from fantasy to modern, supernatural and so on and mixes of them all, if it's not listed as a dislike then it's a chance I'll do it. Romance is a plot candy of mine and something I love to add to a story as long as it isn’t the main focus. Throw in some bad luck, struggles and obstacles for the characters and I’m satisfied>:)

    One thing about me is that I really love to plot, the story doesn’t need to be super detailed but I do love planning out stuff and to make the world as interesting and alive as possible. I would like my partner to be willing to throw ideas back and forth and not leave everything to me as that is also a bit of a turnoff for me since I’m naturally more passive although I try my best to be more aggressive. Despite appearing less social at times I love to talk with my partners outside of the roleplay once I get over my shy tendencies, I’m working on that as well:)

    I would like if my partner could write a few paragraphs at least, I myself can't write a wall of text every time of course but I'd like something to work with when I reply. It’s the content that matter in the end though, and a shorter well composed post is better than a longer reply that rambles on about nothing. I don't consider myself a grammar nazi and I do my share of mistakes but I would like the posts to be legible and have some flow in them at least.

    When it comes to posting speed I don’t have any demands from my partner however I myself like to reply often as I do write because I like it and wants to see what happens and I can do once a day, maybe more, but I will not rush a reply just to post more often. I work full-time and also have real life stuff to do so it may be that I can only reply a few times a week or even once a week only although I will do my best to post more frequently. I’m also on CEST/CET time so I’m usually asleep when most others here on Iwaku are awake, it’s one reason why several replies a day is hard for me, even if I do tend to stay up very late even on days I don’t work half nights.

    I’m not a huge fan of doing fandom roleplays if they involve canon characters, if I like the original source and the plot is good then I will probably like to give it a try. I have seen, played and read so much that I couldn’t possibly make a list though, it would just go on for so long, even with just my favourites so if you have an idea taking place in a fandom universe then ask away and I will let you know if I’d be willing to do it.

    I have a few characters that I'd really love to use although only two have plots already so the others would take some brainstorming. Of course I'm also open for other ideas and to tweak my own plots as well.

    Saera Aktzura (open)

    Setting: Preferably some more old school fantasy.
    This country sees humans as superior and better than the rest, humans rule the country, owns the land while elves and other races pretty much living their by their grace. Humans with their superior numbers can easily keep the others in check and while slavery is technically illegal many rich humans keep elves in particular as servants, dwarfs as workers and so on, races who live on the land owned by humans pay heavy taxes to their lords with little rewards. I also had an idea to mix up the racial stereotypes a bit, the elves being rather short although still slender with pointed ears and dwarfs shorter still and not so large as many are in fantasy today, also I have based this a bit on scandinavian mythology with which races there are and roughly how they look.
    Inter racial marriages isn’t unheard of but not many higher standing humans, or lower class humans either for that matter, would marry another race as they are seen as inferior. However many rich lords and even kings keep elven/fairy women as concubines, they are popular for their exotic looks but still can never be of as high rank as a human woman.
    Saera lives with her parents as all unwed girls do, work on their farm and waits to be married off. She is tall for an elf and her strong will keeps potential husbands away so far although her parents are discussing with a neighbouring family to wed her with their son. Saera has responsibility for the farm during one night as her parents visited her potential husband’s family and she reluctantly lets a traveller stay during the night. Maybe he is wounded, or desperate, so she allows it against her better judgement, in the middle of the night the farm is attacked and everything goes downhill from there as the traveller was not as normal as it seemed. For this I would like to have the traveller being a human, adding extra tension between the two as they need to work together to survive whatever it is that is happening.

    Leilani Kalua (open)
    Leilani is a witch and her peaceful life is interrupted when she by coincidence gets involved with a guy who is hunted. He is one of the few humans that is immune to magic, it can’t harm him in any way but it also means he can’t use magic either. I don’t have any idea on why he is hunted but I would like to build on the idea.

    This is derived from an old school project of mine where we had to write a horror based short story and it can be twisted in many directions, I also have the old text left to use as a base. In this one I don’t mind which character I play.

    Show Spoiler

    It’s basically a woman who has terrifying dreams of being hunted by a large creature, each time waking up just before being caught. They have been going on for weeks and she starts having trouble separating dreams from reality. I had some vague idea that these dreams are brought by magic and has been given the woman on purpose and that eventually the dreams will kill her. Or that they are a sort of message or twisted warning, they will eventually kill her if she does not manages to solve what they are hinting at, or something like that.

    This is as far as I’ve gotten regarding the plot, seeing as the short story didn’t explore much else, but it could as stated be taken in many different directions with magic being common or rare, with many races or just humans, probably a more modern setting but otherwise it’s up for some plotting.

    If any of this has caught your interest then send me a pm or leave a post here:)
  2. Saera Aktzura sounds really interesting!
  3. Ooh, I'm interested in the Leilahi Kalva one :3 If you feel like roleplaying with me again after all these years ^^

    I have some ideas for why the boy would be hunted. One could be because sorcerers are afraid that he might become a threat to them since they can't hurt him with magic, so they want to take care of him before he gets strong enough to fight back.
    Another one could be that the government wants to use his magic immunity to fight witches and wizards that opposes them. Or maybe they want to experiment on him to try and find out why he is immune so they can give the power to other people.
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  4. @bluedragon1200: Unfortunately that plot is already taken.

    Wow, that went faster than I thought, so for now I have all the partners I can take on at the moment but thanks for looking:)
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