Seeking a Feely type roleplay. (DMC or custom.)

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  1. I been in the mood for a "feely" type roleplay for a while now. Now that I am back and I have some confidence again, I feel fresher! This can be with a canon character or an OC (despite I am picky on OCs). So, any takers? I am looking for a multi paragraph to novella RP parter in general. Action and adventure included, as well for some mild mature themes.
  2. I'm interested! I love DMC :)

    I'd like to play an OC, what type of story were you going for, DMC-wise?
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  3. Yes I am. It will be around the events after DMC3 where Vergil went back into the demon world.
  4. Ok, I'll need to read up on the story to refresh, it's been a minute since I played the original games :) But I'm ok with basically anything. I do better with female characters so I hope it's alright if my OC is female.
  5. Sorry for the late reply.

    I am fine with that. Very fine.
  6. Would this go directly along with the anime? I have seen it just not all of it. They took it off of netflix so I need to try and find I website with the show on it o.o
    Anywho, if it doesn't go exactly with the anime and you're still interested I'd love to rp with you:)