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  1. Been out of the game for a while and i find myself with a bit more time to RP now n' days so these are a few plots that i've been craving. They don't HAVE to be exactly that same idea or plot, if it sparks another idea in you by all means let me know! I'm always open to new ideas and possibilities. If i don't like it i will politely decline and offer other ideas :D I won't bite! >_> That hard ;D

    1) Trapped in the wrong body: High School jock had always had a 'thing' for woman's clothes. One day he decides to dress up in her sister's clothes while being alone at home and discovers that he loved who he saw in the mirror. After leaving town and going by with a female name and new identity, the now woman, returns to town to take care of her dying father. How would YOU accept her?

    2)Lost but now Found: Young woman loses her ability to see due to a illness. While trying to adjust to her new life she realizes that the rest of her senses became heavily developed all of the sudden. What would she do with her new abilities? Who could help her or steer her into the right or wrong direction?

    3)Daddy and me: Local big-shot CEO of a mega corporation has more than one fling a week. Not surprisingly one of them appeared in his doorstep claiming of having his child. After giving her a good amount of money to disappear the powerful man thought that his life was back on track. About a year later he was woke up by a rough pounding on the door of his condo. One of the house keepers had found a sleeping baby on a pink car seat in front of his door. While He looks for her mother, he is going to need a lot of help. Who are you? His assistant, a baby sitter, his best friend from childhood, his current 'booty call'? How would you help?

    4)Unresolved Business: We all have 'THAT' past relationship that stays with one no matter how long it's been. What happens when 'THAT' person knocks on your door years after? After you are married and happy. Will he/she be just a good memory or are old feelings ready to be re-discovered?

    Most of them are romantically inclined but not necessary. Even though i really love romance in my rps. Another thing i'm very interested in is anything that involves girlxgirl.
  2. This idea intrigues me! =) PM me? I tried to pm you, but it came up saying your inbox was full *shrug* But I would love to do this one! I like the idea of being a friend from his childhood, by the way. X)
  3. The trapped in the wrong body plot sparked my interest, but I'm also interested in a girlxgirl rp. I'm a girl myself but I almost always rp male characters, and I'd like to play a girl for a girlxgirl rp. :) Whoah, I said girl lots of times there. Pm if interested, maybe? :)
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