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I am advanced literate looking for someone literate and up.
Please take note of this before you contact me. I will not respond otherwise.

Hello~ You can call me GiGi! c:

I am currently looking for a couple of FANDOM role-plays. I'll list them down below. If they interest you, please PM me so we can discuss the plots and everything else. Bolded roles are the ones I will be playing, but don't worry. I double and play canon characters. So if you have your own pairing you'd like, go for it. Two of the role-plays are darker in nature, and the other two are less dark and more fluff. But they ALL contain romance. Given my tendencies, it's best if you're at least 18 which ever one you choose. I tend to get lost in the moment more frequently than not. You've been warned.


*Blue Exorcist - Shima x OC [age gap!] 18+ (MxF) TAKEN

[Eight. It's not that large a number when you think about it. That's only two fours. Five twos. A single digit. So why do you make it seem so monumental? Is this distance really necessary? Stop treating me like a child. My love for you is timeless. Can't you tell?]

Death Note - Light x OC {18+} (MxF)

[There are so many things the world keeps hidden. Death Gods, supernatural abilities, love. When all these things mix, it becomes chaotic and irrational. Trying to race against time and win against fate is a silly notion. And those who try are nothing more than beautiful fools. But when something is so strong, how does one fight against it?]

*Hyouka - Oreki x OC (MxF)

[Oreki has long accepted his weakness against women. With curiosity and threats, his genius mind is always put to the test. Even though he himself just wants to sleep. He's put on an "important case" by his older sister and he soon finds himself with a new roommate. Now with everyone constantly pressuring him to solve this stupid case, it seems he has no choice. But what could this possibly accomplish?]

Adventure Time - Marshall Lee x OC [age gap!] (MxF)

[Murmurs have been flying around the Land of Aaa about a dangerous, newly discovered kingdom with a secret. A weapon, they say. Prince Gumball wants to keep everything hush-hush, and winds up pushing this "weapon" onto Marshall for safe-keeping. But it's more than the vamp bargained for.]


If you have any questions, please PM me. If the role-play has a * next to it, it means I really want to do it & I'll love you forever if you pick it. But the others are just as important & I'll still love you if you pick it. ^^ Purple are the darker, more explicit role-plays, pink are more lovey-dovey. I have been role-playing for 7 years now, so although I'm new to the site, I'm not new to the craft. Check out my RP resume for a sample post, and also preferences. It'll be continuously updated. I prefer to RP through email, but we can discuss it.

Thanks for reading!
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