Seeking 1x1 RP partners(mxm,mxf,fxf)

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  1. Hello there.
    I am posting little search threard since I been wanting to do some more 1x1 RPs. I am open to alot of things like:

    Things I like:
    Romance with or without smut
    All type of pairings (straight, gay, lesbien relationships)

    I will do sexual Rps but I don't want to do one that has more of that then actual story. I will do non sexual Rps if asked nicely.

    So just post on here or send me a pm if you want to RP with me!
  2. I would like to rp with you
  3. I would like to RP with you too!
  4. I am not longer looking for any new rps.
    I may open another if i need too.
  5. OK then. :(
  6. I did message you so..xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.