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Hello there!
Actually my first time posting here, I'm more used to Gaia but heard about this site through a friend so thought I'd try it out.
I've been roleplaying for about 7 or 8 years. Been bettering my skills more so over the last year or so. My typical post length is about a paragraph or more, I try to better them with each new roleplay I take on. Most of my rolepays in the last few months have died off so I'd like to find a couple good ones if possible.
My prefered mediums for roleplay are skype and discord simply because sometimes I don't get to my laptop for a few days and it's easier to go back and forth from my mobile. That and I like chatting on there with my roleplay partners and creating friendships as we roleplay(: If that's not for you I'll see what I can do.
I didn't really know what to post as far as my plot ideas so I made a generic list that I've used on Gaia a couple times so if you see something that interests you please message me. I'm super eager to get started on something. (:
I'm perfectly happy with doubling up as long as it's a two way street and we're both happy. I can do any pairings but AM NOT good with m// (Just a warning)
Top of my cravings is either something zombie apocalypse (Just got done with last of us XP) or something with vikings (Been reading a lot of Nordic romances and watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix)
OC x OC go into a haunted house/asylum
husband and wife move into a haunted house
OC x OC get tangled up in some scary Deepweb trouble
Demon x human
Demon x Demon
serial killer x unsuspecting new love
Stripper x good girl/boy
Animals (like wolves or foxes or bears) (Really would love a wolf pack roleplay!)
Animal human hybrids (In like a furry-ish setting)
Post apocalyptic (Very open to ideas on this one)
Asylum patient x doctor
Asylum Patient x Asylum patient
ghost x human
Incest/taboo relationships
BANDS!!! (For these if you can play a member I'm a fan of I'll gladly double for whoever you need, I'd like to have OCs in this one and maybe follow the story along with some of the bands songs)
-Issues/Tyler Carter
-Black Veil Brides
-Bring Me the Horizon
-Breaking Benjamin
-Sleeping with sirens
-A Day to Remember

Fandoms I'm looking for are (Most of these are character and OC but AGAIN open to ideas
Supernatural (Up to season 8 beginning)
Sons of Anarchy
AHS (Season 1-4)
Haunting in Conneticut
Lord of the Rings

I hope this post wasn't too terrible and has captured at least some of your interest. Like I said still adjusting to this new site and the format of it


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Would you do medieval fantast plots.
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