Seeking 1x1 Partner for a flurry of ideas [Seeking M 18+]

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So I've been on this wonderfulfilled site for about a year now, and I've rp'd many great things, to many mundane and short projects, and everywhere in between. But the one thing they've all had in common was one simple thing: they all come to an end at some abrupt point. No matter how epic, or paced these rp's are, the universal dilemma is dropping. So now I'm just looking for someone who can provide longevity and consistency into an rp. I understand RL problems and situations, we all have them. Things like that can't be predicted, but I'm looking for people who will commit themselves to a 1x1 endeavor for fun and the name of creative expression!! I'd estimate that I've rp'd with a good number of the members here and most know me for being the chick that rp's things/ideas that can appeal to EVERYONE. Nothing will be different here either. My resume is also up for people who'd like to know about my style.

Anyway, I'm going to provide a list of Rp's I would really like to do, and some that I think would be interesting. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me. If not, continue on in the great rp universe :]


~Jurassic Universe
~Dungeon & Dragons
~Grounded Pokémon Universe
~Independence Day
~Call of Duty
~Step Up
~Grand Theft Auto
~Power Rangers Gritty Universe
~Pacific Rim

~Alien Invasion
~Dimensional/Temporal Travel
~Interplanetary Exploration
~Alien Apocalypse
~Space Corps Empire
~Stranded in Space
~Furturistic Tech Universe

~Military War
~Government Agency Conspiracy
~Black Operations Missions
~Most Wanted Criminal
~Clandestine Group Members
~Elite Secret Group/Sect Members

~Treasure Hunters
~Bounty Hunter

~Greek/Roman gods on Earth
~Original Empire/Kingdom adventure

~Paranormal Investigators
~Supernatural Hunters [Original Universe]
~Trapped in Asylum
~Trapped in Abandoned Building
~Family in Haunted House/Neighborhood
~Us vs. Lucifer incarnate


~College Students
~Best FriendXBest Friend
~Best FriendXDamaged Girl
~AggressiveGuyXQuiet Girl

~ Slice Of Life about girl with MPD (Multiple Personalities)

I'm open to more suggestions, just PM me for interests and reply below for questions and other entries! ^_^
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Still looking / In talks! Updated Fantasy column.
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So... about the girl with MPD... any thing you want to share about that? I'm quite intrigued by that one.


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I have room for one more rp slot if anyone's interested.

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I wouldn't mind doing either AthletexNerd or BestfriendxBestfriend, if you are still interested.
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