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Just looking for someone interested in similar things who'd enjoy some RP on a reasonably frequent basis. As few as a couple posts a week to as many as several posts a day, -most- styles and writing levels acceptable... preferably with room for adaptation and decent writing ability (grammar, spelling, elaboration, etc). But I'm not looking to poke fun or cast judgement so don't feel like it's a critical thing.

Some random interests floating around in my head. (And some of these fit into multiple genres I know.)

DC Universe - BatmanxF (OC or existing)
OCxF (OC or Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Bat Girl/Super Girl/Black Canary)
Marvel Universe - (no ideas currently)

Supernatural - OCxF (OC or existing)
The Walking Dead - OCxF (OC or Michonne)
Game of Thrones - OCxF (OC or existing)
Penny Dreadful - OCxF (OC or Ms. Ives)

Aliens - (no ideas currently, been trying to come up with something using a femme fatale alien hybrid female lead but i'm open to suggestions because i've no images of what im thinking)
Star Wars - (no ideas currently, Male role would likely be Sith/Dark Jedi or Mandalorian Bounty Hunter)
Robocop - (never been able to get this one right but the idea seems so promising)

Mass Effect - OCxF (This is up for discussion)
Devil May Cry - DantexF (OC or Nevan/Gloria <preferable to Trish>)
Resident Evil - OCxF (OC or Jill Valentine/Ada Wong)
The Witcher - OCxF (open to discussion)
Ninja Gaiden - OCxF (OC or existing)
Final Fantasy - SquallxQuistis (I'm also partial to Fran from FFXII , Lulu from FFX, and Sephiroth from FF7)

(Currently there are no ideas here, I no longer watch anime but I viewed my fair share when I was more into it so don't be afraid to ask)

*See something you like? Let me know! Don't see anything you like? Don't hesitate to ask if I'm interested in something I have not listed!*

Thanks for taking the time to read this and don't forget you can check out more info on my RP profile to gain a better understanding of what I'm looking for.
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Goodness! I would love to do a Star Wars, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil or even the Witcher XD


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Ya don't say? Well I can see by your profile image and signature there that you must be a Ciri fan. ^^'

I'll open a conversation and we can discuss our interests and see if maybe an RP is an option for us.


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I've been looking for someone I could RP Final Fantasy with! Is FF6 an option? If not, I'd still love to play FF7. I'd also play anime, but I also haven't been watching any lately - I wouldn't mind playing something that I watched ages ago, though.
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