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Seeking 1x1 M/F Partners~!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LalaTokyo, Nov 27, 2015.

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  1. Hello there! I'm LalaTokyo but, you can just call me Lala. I'm finally getting back into role-playing and I'm searching for some partners to have fun with! ^.^ I play female characters and I have no preference for my partners' characters, female, male, aydronogous, anything! I usually play the sub.

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    Now onto pairings:

    Master/Mistress x Slave
    Kidnapper x Kidnappee
    Demon x Angel
    Pokemon Trainer x Ginjika
    Brother/Sister x Sister
    Bad Boy/Girl x Good Girl
    Mystical Being (Vampire, all that etc.) x Human

    (The character I will play is on the right side.)

    We can use private message or thread, that is up to you. More plot wise, I'm quite open, throw your ideas at me! Also if you would just like to role-play but, you don't like my pairings, just ask and we can think of some more! OuO
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  2. Hi there! I'd be interested in the Brother x Sister pairing, if you're still interested?
  3. Definitely, just send me a pm so we can talk more! ^.^
Thread Status:
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