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  1. Seeking 1-3 people with intermediate skill levels to help me play out a predetermined fantasy plot. As in I need some one to play characters. It will be very vague intentionally so that you can flesh out the character however you'd like so long as the stick to the main plot line.

    The main plot:

    My character and her son will be playing in a woodland area (probably a clearing or meadow)

    The main antagonist (you) will ride by in a carriage. I imagined this character to be a female but a male will work just as well.

    Upon seeing my character and her child, the antagonist will command a minion to kidnap the child for reasons I'll allow you to flesh out.

    My character will try to stop the minion and will fail wen confronted by a mage/witch/warlock character who will tell her to travel to a distant city when the main antagonist resides.

    When she arrives the city will be in the middle of some type of festival. The main event being a duel type competition that ends with lets say the last 10 going all out in a battle royale. The prize of the competition is an audience with the queen/king (or other person with a ranking of power. This is the maon antagonist)

    After winning, my character will get her meeting with the antagonist who will tell her to have her son returned to her she must (I'll let you fill in the blank)

    After that it's basically a see where the pieces fall situation. I would like for my character to emege triumphant, as she is the protagonist but if it seems like a tragic ending would suit the roleplay better I'll roll with that too.

    So comment if you're interested in helping me out. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
  2. Sounds interesting I guess id be ok with joining in this.
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  3. I'm going to see if anyone else shows interest today and if not we can begin the role play tomorrow.
  4. i'm down
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  5. is this going to be like the medieval times, or something else?
  6. Yes. Similar to medieval times.
  7. Okay guys. It doesn't matter to me so you can go ahead and decide who wants to play which part(s). We'll need the main antagonist, the mage, and you can both play NPCs (such as minions and contestants in the festival) I can play some NPCs as well.

    Do either of you have any particular prowess with sword fighting? I'd like their to be at least one Goliath type on the competition to make things more interesting.
  8. Im pretty good when it comes to sword fighting characters and I do evil guys quite a lot as well.
  9. I'll play as the mage
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  10. Okay guys. As far as NPCs go we can just play it by ear. I wanted to start today but I have to work 11pm-7am tonight. But I am off the next 2 days and so if you guys are okay with it we will do the role play starting tomorrow afternoon. :)
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  11. That works for me.
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  12. Thought you were a little late.
  13. So sorry. Putting away the grocery truck takes a lot out of me.
  14. You work at a grocery store I guess.
  15. A gas station
  16. Oh well close enough I don't think im aware of how long it takes at my old job it only took about three hours to unload a truck with three to four of us.
  17. yeah there's only two of us and the manager gets made oifnwe don't get it done. Like last night's truck was over 1000 piece and came at midnight. It was insane trying to get everything done before 7. I stayed an hour late and still had 20 crates on the floor.
  18. Well that's no fun.
  19. No. It's not. I hate my job. Brb gotta feed the baby
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