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  1. Based on the anime FAIRY TAIL this is a private RP thread for four members of the FIORE RE-INCARNATED. If you are interested in joining the group the link is in my signature.


    Played by EternalMusic

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    Played by Arius LaVari

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    Played by Solar✹Blitzfang43

    ~Human Form~
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    ~Djinn Form~
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    Played by Psycho_Proxy
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    Iora Vallence

    ~ None Yet ~

    ~ TIME OF DAY ~
    Same time zone as the RP so it will be noon now
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  2. Name: Guinevere
    Location: In a Flying Machine
    Interactions: The ring

    Looking at the ring in her hand, Guinevere sighed softly thinking and wondering how it was possible that this ring had managed to come into the possession of those in Red Fang. Frowning she twirled the ring in her hand but was careful not to place the ring on her finger, she didn't want to get possessed by the creature and with everything that had happened she wasn't planning on letting that brat out any time soon. Gosh... We need to be getting a move on.

    Sighing she ran her fingers through her messy red hair and looked out the window, she was in the bottom section of the flying contraption. How did we get this into our possession again? Meh it doesn't matter~ we needed it to travel around. Sighing she stretched and got off her bed and exited her room. Passing the rooms of her follow members she made her way to the deck and felt the breeze go through her hair and she looked at the ship flying by itself. It really is a handy contraption... Chuckling she then looked at the ring in her hand. It was lucky that the dark bird had flown up right next to them and they could just snatch the ring without any trouble.

    "Gosh you are a troublesome creature."
    Taking her key chain out which was filled with nicknacks of weird assorted things she then placed the ring onto the chain and listened to the clicking noise of the items and smirked.
    "There we go~ A nice new treasure~"
    Not one to lose things Guinevere normally kept all the items found on their trips and she never did lose them. Where are the others though... They should be around here somewhere.... It is already noon.... I wonder what Cordelia is up to....

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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Andros/Ki'garen
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: His thoughts

    Andros had been walking about the flying machine for quite a while since he never really slept all that often because resting for him wasn't needed. He had found that this new host body was quite sturdy and held tons of secrets in its memories that he made mental notes to explore in extreme detail at a later date. Currently he was walking upon one of the metal railings on the ship which would have been dangerous to any other person since falling over would have meant instant death however with his abilites it would only be a hastle since it meant he would need to find another body. "It seems so quiet this evening such a rare beauty in this ever changing landscape," he spoke aloud to himself watching the sun set from its previous position in the sky. Even though many believed his race to be pure evil spirits that only wished for destruction, but Ki'garen was different in the fact that all he wanted was to explore this whole world and learn all there is to know about it. "I do wonder just what that ring was all about it feels like this body remembers it somehow," he wondered as something itched in the back of his mind about that ring and the only pure feeling he got was bad. Finally deciding that he had enough fresh air he jumped down and went to go find the others since they probably needed to discuss that ring, but he stopped himself when he came upon the little library area they placed into this ship. "Mabye one of these books could enlighten us further about that items origin," he thought before walking in and started flipping through a book and slowly became absorbed in its contents.
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  4. Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.01.29 AM.png

    Name: Cordelia
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: No One

    Cordelia had only just woken up, she had fallen asleep at dawn with her nose in a book so when the drowsy maroon haired woman sat up she found she had knocked over a bottle of ink on to some papers she had been writing on in her sleep. She started panicking a bit but it was too late to save her works, this makes the girl frown before sighing silently and tossing the papers. After a moment though she gathers up three books, one of them being a note book of sorts with the word 'Music' written on it and takes off down the hall from her room. Wavy maroon hair flowing behind her as she walked around inside of the flying machine, she kept glancing between the direction of the library and the deck. The mute girl didn't know which way she wanted to go, she did want to find her sister though because unlike the mute one of the two Guinevere had a beautiful voice and Cordelia enjoyed listening to it, that's why she wrote music for her. Still...there was something she wanted to look into at the library and she felt like being alone, so she trails away from the deck and into the library only to spot Andros inside there and she blinked, her silent voice had affected nearly everything about her, the way she walked was always light and quiet, even her breaths were quiet.

    She was quick to duck behind a book shelf and slid a few books off this particular shelf in silence before sitting in the back of the library and sticking her nose in a book about some history on Solid Script mages. Though she did wonder about the ring they had been told to keep track of, though she knew better than to bug anyone about it. They would reveal information to her as it became neccessary, Cordelia felt certain of that. Maybe she should look around for a book on the ring, did they even have one? With a silent sigh she just resumes reading the history book while relaxing and occasionally glancing out the window that protected the library.

  5. Name: Iora Vallance
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere

    Iora had barely gotten up from her long rest when she heard Guinevere arrive to the Machine. The tall female rubbed at her eyes and quietly stood up, only slightly wobbly as she dressed in her favorite dress. After tying her hair and making sure her bangs would not move, she left her room with her pet on her shoulder. Iora loved small animals, and had a couple in her room that she kept under protection spells to prevent them from being hurt in the machine.

    The pet on her right shoulder was a white Stoat with a black tipped tail and dark eyes, who only let himself be touched by Iora. Stoats were naturally aggressive creatures, and Iora's calm demeanor broke through the tiny mammal, tamed to a lazy animal with a fierce bite. The Cosmic Magic user walked past the library and to the deck, where she walked up and stood besides Guinevere. "I see you have returned... Did you come across the ring..?"
  6. Name: Guinevere
    Location: In a Flying Machine
    Interactions: Iora Vallance (@Psycho_Proxy)

    Looking up at the voice Guinevere smiled happily and made her way over to Iora and showed her the ring which was attached to her key chain.
    "Yep~ Doesn't it add a nice charm to it~?"
    Jangling the keys, Guinevere smirked her dark playful side showing for a slight moment before she looked over at Iora and her little creature.
    "Why hello there cutie~"

    She went to give it a tickle under the chin but it yipped at her finger and thankfully she moved her hand back in time. Laughing she allowed her hand to fall by her side and placed it onto her hip cocking it to the side slightly.
    "Well~ We should find the others~ We need to find out what the hell we need to do with this thing. And also... I am a little worried about the chick that got possessed."
    Her face a slight frown was placed on it and she sighed softly.

    @Arius LaVari ((I am just gonna tag the next person who has to reply just so that they know as well~ AND OMG!!! I LOOKED UP WHAT A STOAT WAS!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!! >/////////////< ))
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Andros
    Location: Library
    Interactions: Books --> Cordelia

    Andros was having the time of his life as read on books of ancient lore of the world, fairy tail novels, and tomes speaking on the different elements of magic. He was not so focused that he couldn't still feel the someone's presence nearby thanks to him being a magical being he could sense magic sources quite easily. This source he remembered to be Cordelia since her aura had a cheerful yet somber tone to it that he remembered all too well. Finally after reading one more line in a tome that held tons of secrects on dark magic he got up and walked over to her finding her easily and instead of speaking to her directly he simply stood there watching her from behind waiting to see how long it would take for her to figure out how close he was.
  8. image.jpg

    Name: Cordelia
    Location: Library of the flying machine
    Interactions: History book ---> Andros

    Cordelia sat unaware for a long time, staring at her book and absorbing the information like a sponge, she had found a section on one particular Solid Script mage and this had her enthralled by the blue haired beauty described in the book. Poor Cordelia was like this for a good ten minutes before she shut the book smiling sort of brightly, if she could have talked she would likely have giggled. Finally though she noticed Andros and jumped, literally leaped off her chair, bumped the table in front of her and then tripped...effectively face planting right in front of the man.

    Cordelia lays like this only a moment before quickly standing and writing 'Fire' in the air, to show her anger at being scared so badly...because yes that was her habit, despite he inability to speak she had a rather deep vessel of magic and would use her elements to show her emotions, if they were more subtle than anger. Fire represented anger, wind meant she was feeling carefree, water was calm, ice was one that told others to just not talk to her at that moment, stubborn was metal written in air and so on and so forth. Frowning at Andros she raised her hand and made a 'come on' gesture at him, though in this context it meant 'what do you want?'

  9. Name: Iora Vallance
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere [ @EternalMusic ]

    Iora nodded quietly and held her hands limply at her sides. Her blue eye watched as Guinevere jingled the keychain in her face, and then when she tried to touch her Stoat. She never bothered to warn anyone about her pet, since he would never bite someone. Yet he would not allow anyone to touch him unless it was her, so he just warned others by biting the air.

    "Yes, it does.. And it seems like the other two are in the library, possibly reading the books..." Iora murmured, lightly stroking the small mammal's chin with the tip of her finger. When Guinevere mentioned a possession, she looked up with a raised eyebrow. "Is someone possessed by the ring..?" Iora started heading towards the library with Guinevere in tow so the group could reunite.

    ((Stoats are really cute, yed, but also some of the most violent creatures >~< They kill things almost 10x bigger than them, and can rip a finger off of you in the blink of an eye XD ))
  10. Name: Guinevere
    Location: In a Flying Machine
    Interactions: Iora Vallance (@Psycho_Proxy) and then also Cordelia (@Arius LaVari) and Andors (@Solar✹Blitzfang43)

    As they made their way to the library, Guinevere tucked the keychain back into her pocket and sighed softly in sadness wanting to pat the stoat. But as Iora spoke Guinevere nodded her head and sighed softly running her fingers through her maroon coloured hair and looked over at Iora.
    "Yeah.... Red Fang's Vice Guild Master.... She got possessed..... Damn it.... Now people know about the ring...."
    Sighing softly she kicked the air in front of her and continued her way and entered the corridor which the library was attached to.

    Looking at the paintings that ornamented to the walls she thought about how pretty they were and then looked back over at Iora.
    "What are we going to do about that guild though.... The guild master isn't one to just let that go...."
    Sighing softly she wondered if anything could get worse but stopped mid thought afraid to jinx the thought.
    "We should probably make an appearance at the tournament."

    Opening the door to the library, Guinevere giggled and rushed over to her sister hugging her with a gleeful smile all of her worries before seeing her twin all gone now.
    "Cordelia~ Good Afternoon~!!!"
    Smiling at the girl, Guinevere grinned at her and then noticed that Andros was with her.
    "Ah, you are here~ There we go~ We have everyone~"

    Looking over at Iora she motioned to the girl to come sit down beside her and then looked at the other two.
    "We have a bit of dilemma on our hands, I started explaining the problem with Iora but I guess I should just tell you all about them."
    She looked at all of them seriously and then took out her key chain and shook it, forcing the key chain to giggle a little as the items bumped into one another.
    "See this one?"
    Pointing at the ring and making sure that her finger didn't even slip throug the hole for even a second Guinevere sighed softly.
    "This is the ring."

    ((THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE~!!!!!! I THINK I AM GONNA DIE~!!!!!!!! >////////< *faints*))
  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Andros/Ki'garen
    Location: Library of the flying machine
    Interactions: Cordelia then also Guinevere and Iora Vallance

    Andros only smiled after seeing Cordelia's reaction towards his action watching as she went from standing up to her face in only a matter of seconds, "I think she must have broken her old record this time around." He watched her get up and write the word fire in the air which only made him interested completely ignoring its meaning and tried to analyze while she gestured for him to explain his reasoning to scare all life from her to which he only responded with, "I wished to see your reaction." Then after a little while Guinevere and Iora walked in and watched as they set up for what seemed to be a meeting. His curiosity was pushed over its limits as he watched Guinevere pull out a key chain and pointed to one in particular that just so happened to be the ring which caught his pure attention. Something did scratch at the back of his mind..well at the back of the memories that were still left inside of this body at least and every sense in his body was telling him to destroy that thing, but luckily he was far too captivaed by this mysterious item to care. "So what excatly is the problem here other than having a ring made of pure evil aboard the ship," he asked in a carefree tone but inside remained deadly serious and wanted whatever was in that ring to stay in there and rot.
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  12. image.jpg

    Name: Cordelia
    Location: Library
    Interactions: Iora, Andros, and Guinevere

    Andros' comment about 'wanting to see her reaction' had her flame burn hotter at least for an instant before Guinevere came in and hugged her, this made Cordelia relax instantly and she smiled softly at her dear twin sister. Being together was always calmer for her, she didn't know if her sister felt the same though but didn't mind. They were twins and well attuned to each other, at least it seemed that way.

    As Guinevere started talking though and showing off the ring she was dearly tempted to ask about it but couldn't she had no voice so instead she points at it and tilts her head curiously, in her head she wondered what was so special about the ring, she knew it could possess people but...why? That's what was going on in her head too bad she couldn't voice it. Silently Cordelia sat and waited for an answer, or for Iora or Andros to ask questions I their own, either way the maroon haired woman didn't show much other sign of caring, instead sticking her nose in one of the books while listening to whatever they all had to say.
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  13. Name: Iora Vallance
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere, Cordelia, Andros

    Iora followed quietly and took her place besides Guinevere while her Stoat, Niko, squeaked in acknowledgement to the group. One rumor about Iora was true; her animals seemed to become even more intelligent once they were under her care. She nodded to the other two members in greeting, Niko greeting them with a trill. "Good Evening everyone.."

    The tall female looked over at Guinevere while she explained the situation. "While Red Fang has news about the ring, Angels Rose and Dream Tale may not find out about the ring due to their rivalry between eachother... It would be wise to join the tournament, and I'm sure we can find a way to keep the information from spreading.." Her eye shifted to the doorway when a mewl was heard, noticing another of her pets, a Serval, walking in to jump on to Cordelia's lap. He turned on his back and stretched, baring his white belly for the group. "Lets make sure the ring does not slip on to anyone's fingers.." Iora tapped Niko's nose, and let the Stoat warily climb over her outstretched arm and on to Guinevere's shoulder to be pet.
  14. Name: Guinevere
    Location: In a Flying Machine
    Interactions: Iora Vallance (@Psycho_Proxy), Cordelia (@Arius LaVari) and Andors (@Solar✹Blitzfang43)

    "Ah that is where you are wrong my dear Iora~ It was the Dream Tale Guild Master that tipped us off about the ring~ It seems as though she knows about the ring... The Dream tail guild members have a vague idea of what happened to Evangeline but only out of those three guilds. Only, Dolphiene knows about it. Maybe Erica the guild master of Angel Rose might know about it but I don't think she does. She might have heard stories from when she has been traveling."

    Sighing she ran her fingers through her hair and then looked at her twin who was sitting and reading a book again. A small smile came upon her face before turning her attention back to the other two looking jealously at the little animal that appeared again making it's way onto Iora's lap. Sucking up her jealousy of how well Iora got along with her animals, Guinevere cleared her throat and went to speak again.

    "....... That said though... I don't think Dolphiene will ever put her guild in harms way so that might be the reason that she did what she did. I am sure you all saw that wolf that came to us when we went down to land to restock for supplies, that wolf was from Dolphiene. Yeah... She is a bit of an odd ball that one, especially with her history and same with Bastien... the two are rather odd..."
    Drifting into her own thoughts she quickly cleared her throat and then looked at them all.

    "But we will need to make an appearance at the tournament... I fear that the ring did not make it's way to the Red Fang guild by itself.... But what the ring is itself... It holds a dark wizard, a group of wizards sealed this evil wizard into this ring..."
    The key chain giggled again as she lifted it up and looked at the ring with a glare.
    "...... Many of those wizards gave their lives to seal this wizard up..... We can not allow her to be released.... This ring shall not go anywhere near Evangeline or any other wizards....."
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Andros/Ki'garen
    Location: Library of the flying machine
    Interactions: Cordelia, Guinevere, and Iora Vallance

    "So many hidden stories to learn about i'm looking forward to this tournament quite a bit," Andros said with glee seeing as this tournament was shaping up to be the best event hes heard of since eating. These guilds were rather interesting to hear about and he hoped that some hidden details were brought into the light like hidden brothers or past lovers and things of that nature. "This wizard you speak of who is this person and just how do you know about her in general," he asked curious now since none of them had been informed of this information until just now and wanted to know just who this ring held inside. Andros felt something still messing around in the back of his head more so with the mentioning of this supposed dark wizard since his vessel's memories was constantly flashing in his head although the only thing he could make out was someone staring at him in his spirit form which had to be from the time he took over this body after finding it only after the original Andros had already passed on.
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  16. image.jpg
    Name: Cordelia
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere, Andros, and Iora

    Cordelia listened intently until noticing the Serval in her lap which made the confused mage blink several times, she didn't chase it off though and instead settled for petting it even going so far as to give it a small hug. She liked it and rubbed it's stomach with a smile before glancing up at Iora and grinning cheerfully at the tall woman in the room. Cool gray-blue eyes turned to face Guinevere as she listened to her explain about the tournament and how they needed to keep the ring away from some girl named Evangeline and how another person named Dolphiene was an odd ball. Cordelia herself simply shrugged at the mention of the wolf that had approached them before and gently, as if unaware she moves a strand of hair away from her eyes and held out her hand for the key ring. As quiet as she always seemed to be no matter how she moved she thought maybe she should carry the ring, though she figured her twin wouldn't go for it, it was still something Cordelia wanted out there to know she would help however she could. Oddly enough though her eyes had brightened at the thought of making an appearance at the tournament, she was looking forward to it despite herself though she knew they wouldn't be allowed to really participate...that didn't mean she couldn't wish to act in that sort of stage and participate in crowd cheer.
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  17. Name: Iora Vallance
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere, Cordelia, Andros

    Iora nodded and listened to Guinevere's explanation, agreeing on the conditions of their situation. She picked Niko off of her shoulder by his scruff and placed him in Guinevere's free hand. Her pet knew better than to touch the ring, especially when she had trained him so well in detecting bad magic to stay away from.

    After noticing Cordelia's bright grin, her lips quirked up in the tiniest of smiles before falling again. She was always fond of Cordelia, but she enjoyed the other's presences just as much. "Do not worry about Niko, Guinevere. He won't bite you.." After letting the Stoat stay in Guinevere's hand with a warning about leaving, she adjusted her skirt to summon a large star in front of her. "I can ensure that the other Guilds do not attempt to leave and search for the ring, should any of their wizards feel braze enough to do so..." Iora's hands raised to summon another two, so that visions of the three guilds stood in front of the four wizards. "The stars say that the tournament will be quite an interesting event to witness.."

    "I agree with Andros.. Is there any important knowledge about the trapped wizard that we should be aware of...?" The Serval, called Eric, mewled loudly and stretched, purring at the petting on his belly. Though he did roll over on to his belly to stare at the ring. Tiny hisses left his mouth before he settled against Cordelia and looked at Andros with wide, yellow eyes.
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  18. Name: Guinevere
    Location: In a Flying Machine
    Interactions: Iora Vallance (@Psycho_Proxy), Cordelia (@Arius LaVari) and Andors (@Solar✹Blitzfang43)

    "Important... About the ring...."
    Tilting her head to the side she was about to reply but then from the corner of her eye she caught a smile appear on her twins face, a smile appeared on her face as well and then blinked as Niko was placed in her hand and she carefully placed the ring away. She had noticed the way her twin had reached for the ring and she didn't want her precious sister anywhere closer to the ring that she was at the moment. Stroking the stoat on the top of the head cautiously she waited for the others to finish talking.

    "To be honest that is all I know... What I just told you was everything that i know..."
    Gritting her teeth it was clear that she was frustrated that she couldn't give them all more knowledge on the wizard that was trapped in the ring and ran her free hand through her hair in an annoyed matter.
    "....... But I have made it so that we can join the tournament."

    Looking at them all with a mischievous smile, she always seemed to find a way to surprise them further with her strange mysterious actions.
    "We can not use our powers to their optimal potential, but Red Fang...."
    Pointing at the guild that was Red Fang from the illusions that Iora had created, Guinevere sighed softly and ran her free hand through her hair again.
    "They want to find the ring through the games. We shall have to be careful..... If I had known that they were going to be looking for the ring I would have left myself out of the tournament...."

    Sighing softly she looked at the trio in front of her but smirked despite the words that she had just spoken.
    "Won't this be fun my friends~?"
    Giggling it was clear that she was super excited about this. We weren't in the games last year when we went to check... But we can be in them this year..... This year shall be something that no one will forget anytime soon. Making her gaze hover over each of them she grinned more and then looked at Niko in her hand.
    "Don't you think Niko~? This shall be an event that no one shall forget for generations to come~"
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  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Andros/Ki'garen
    Location: Library of the flying machine
    Interactions: Cordelia, Guinevere, and Iora Vallance

    Andros was rather disappointed to hear that Guinevere had nothing new to add upon the identity of this famous dark wizard, but hearing about the fact of them being able to actually participate in the tournament had him bouncing in an instant. He understood the fact of not being able to go all out when preforming, but he also noted that just about anything could happen in the heat of battle so a sudden power surge wouldn't really be his fault if it happened right? "Oh I just can't wait to see all the bright new talents that shall be taking center stage this year its gonna be quite the show this time around," he commented rising quickly out his seat not being able to sit down now that his imagination was running wild. In his head he saw only the images from the last tournament and how great of a show it was then and wondered how everyone of them have improved since then, and in reality he had a wide smile upon his face with stars in his eyes.
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  20. image.jpg
    Name: Cordelia
    Location: Flying Machine
    Interactions: Guinevere, Andros, and Iora

    Cordelia frowned deeply upon seeing her twin's overprotective nature, she wasn't pathetic, she could take care of herself, still somewhat annoyed from Andros earlier and now Guinevere had her writing 'Fire' in the air again before making it go away and frowning in displeasure. Out of habit she also reached over and bapped her sister on the nose lightly with a fingertip but sighed silently, she couldn't scold Guinevere simply because she had no voice but also because she had told them they were able to participate this year. That had her grinning, but also hoping they didn't end up in a tag battle...Cordelia didn't have much control when it came to holding back while fighting alongside her twin. She had seen the tournament last year and was excited to participate this time, though she sort of frowned, after all she and her sister weren't nearly as strong alone as they were together, but unless you saw them fight ever before one wouldn't know that. A curse of being twins with similar powers she supposed, sighing once more in quiet she continued to stroke Eric the Serval who was hissing now, she tried to soothe the animal with a gentle smile and a little hug.

    Her eyes returned to Guinevere as she mentioned some sort of unforgettable event that was going to happen, only mildly interested in the illusions that Iora had created. In fact she was more interested in reading from her book the sat on a stand a little ways away from her and she would turn the page on occasion and resume her scan of the words in the book. Cordelia couldn't wait to meet these guilds though and her mind kept drifting to that and she was reading far slower than usual.
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