Seekers and Hunters

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  1. Seekers and Hunters
    Welcome to the 21st century where humans walk around blind to the things around them, especially the dangerous things. Spirits roam the world with an iron fist even though humans cannot see them, they can be the cause of death for many of the living creatures. But everything has a weakness and the weakness of souls are Soul Hunters.

    Soul Hunters may look like humans but the difference is that when they have to do their job there's always something completely different; they either have ears, a tail, different eye color, a tattoo that suddenly appears. Those who have both a tattoo and ears(or tail, eye color) are those with partners. Soul Hunters each have one partner, one of them is called a Hunter and the other is called a Seeker.

    Hunters have the abilities to physically touch spirits and destroy them completely, Seekers are those with the ability to locate nearby spirits but the downfall is that the spirits are hungry for the blood of Seekers. If you are a Seeker without a Hunter then your life is in constant danger and you only have one ability to protect yourself while Hunters can have two and are stronger then Seekers.

    Some Hunters and Seekers find their partners on their own while others have to go to the company of 'Death' in order to apply for a partner that fits you best.

    So... which one are you? A Seeker or a Hunter? How are you going to survive in the world blind to humans and are you able to keep your secret safe?

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  2. Very interested. I have the perfect character too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.