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  1. I am interested in putting together a fantasy adventure role play. Something kind of like a pathfinder adventure but easier. Character sheets are complicated and are not soyme peoples cup of tea. I personally understand that, being a D&D role player for four year. I am thinking something easier for the character sheet. I will post skeleton for you.

    Name: (First name. Middle name (optional) and last name)
    Age: (Age any age you want)
    Race: (Mythical creatures highly welcomed)
    Sex: (Female or Male)
    Bio: (Tell us about your character tell use their history where they were and how they came along to being in the place that they are. Tell us about their triumphs and their sad times)
    Personality: (Tell us what your character is all about. Tell us what their attitude is... Sassy, angry, happy, shy... anything just tell us.)

    I personally am a large RPer and I post 1-5 paragraph each post and I give a lot of detail about my character and her enemies. I do only play female characters so don't ask if I will play a male. I WILL PLAY ALL NPCs. WEITHER THEY ARE MALE OF FEMALE!

    Long time ago there was three worlds Althia, Enteria, and Mytoloist. The three worlds were the largest in their universe and everything that went wrong seemed to happen on one of the three worlds. Althia the word of the divine was were the Gods rested and where the angles that served them lived. The world was lovely full of life and happiness. No darkness ever set in Althia for the Gods held back the darkness everyday. The Gods watched over the land of the holy people. Priest along side paladins walked the holy halls of the churches below offering their thanks and love to the Gods. The Gods had ruled over the creatures that walked on the land below them and preyed to them for hundreds of years. The Gods watched as the young grew up and the old dyed. The creatures the wondered the world below watched as their own race thrived and survived on the lovely land under that Gods.
    A paladin named Ashilin walked along the corridor of her grand church. The Gods looked highly of Ashilin and let her know of their approval by allowing her to serve them as their primary help to settle unsure maters. She was summoned by one of the Gods the churches back chamber they needed her to help them with something. This was going to Ashilin's first assignments from the Gods since the day that she had fought against the undead that raided against the church. How they got there Ashilin was unsure of but all she knew was that they were there. Fighting for a couple days the woman proved herself a valuable soldier and paladin to the church. That night her parents were assassinated by the undead scum.
    Years went by after the death of her parents and Ashilin seemed to have let the whole pass go to her memory as she looked to the future to live her life in the name of the Gods and to honor them as she honored her parents. Preying to the Gods allowed relief for the pain that the woman felt toward the undead that had taken the lives of the people that Ashiin had loved so much. Years pasted as visited the church and her parents graves on a daily basis that she stopped going to the graves and thinking of her pass. "My parents are gone there is noting I can do about it." She would tell herself on a daily bases. Keeping the pin that her mother had given to her close to her help she kept her eyes forward as she looked to the future.

    Heading to the last chamber of the church Ashilin's heart was beating fast for most of the halls she had ran with a rolled up piece of paper in her hand. "Last chamber... last...." She said to herself as she entered a grand room made of gold. It was dark though. The curtains were drawn and the only light that shown was the flicker of one single candle at the far side of the room where a mage sat waiting for someone. Walking past silver armor that lined the walkway Ashilin looked as she could see the light flicker though the armor and then die to the darkness. Stepping infront of the mage Ashilin gave a power. "Ashilin reporting for duty." The mage looked up from the scroll in her lap into Ashilin's eyes...

    Enteria the world of the undead was ruled by a powerful Necromacer named Sathillian. Sathillian ruled and herdedd the undead like sheep. Using his power only to make himself stronger he had used dark magic to turn himself into the most power Lich in all three worlds. Appointing some of the gifted undead he taught them magic and used them as his necromancers. Years pasted a more undead were taught the unnatural magic it caused Sathillian to grow stronger as he consumed more and more life from his necromancers letting them rage in the villages killing anything in their path.
    Sathillian wiped across the world allowing his rein to get stronger on the living races that lived or even were stuck on the now rotting and dying world. There was one creature that Sithillian didn't dare to touch nor did he dare to even tred on their perch. Large scales as strong as the hardest armor in all three worlds. Breath of many different deadly aspects of the worlds. There scales and homes as different as their breath they breathed. "Dragons." Sathillian breathed under his breath as he knew that they were starting to wake up from their long time sleep. "Damn creatures keep getting in my way." His voice trailed off as his necromacers came back to him. Flesh fell from their bones as they stumbled around almost like they were blind. "Master..." The necromancer said to Sithillian as they heard the dragon above their head now moving around in its cave. "What about the dragon?" the necromancer said looking around for his missing hand that he had smashed against the tunnel wall.

    Sithillian thought for a moment watching as his servant stumbled around for the hand that Sithillian was holding. "What about the dragon?" He said under his breath. Getting angry Sithillian let a spark from his hand get the better of him. Flames erupted out of the hand that held the hand allowing the little bit of cloth that draped around the skeleton hand on fire. Throwing it at the now crawling necromancer he yelled. "What about the f****** dragon?" The necromancer feeling the hand hit him across the back of the head now was looking up at his master stunned at the out rage of his king. Sitting back down in his throne Sithillian thought for a moment then a smile... a crooked smile appeared across his face. "I got it." He said to the necromancer. "The orbs the hypnotizing orbs. Where are they?" He asked to the necromancer on the floor. "Back in the safe master." The necromancer whimpered now grabbing for the hand that hit him in his back. "Great go grab them for me." Sithillian said shooing the undead away from him as he listened to the dragon above them shifting.

    Mytoloist the smallest of the three planets laid in between Enteria and Althia. This world was very different from the other two worlds. There was no Gods there was no ruler of the world instead there was multiple rulers of their own people. This world was lively of good and evil death and birth. There was happiness and sorrow in this world. The land was slit into many different races. Humans, elves, gnomes, dwarves, angles, demons, vampires, and many more races lived together and among each other. Kings ruled their cities and their people keeping order and peace between the other races. This world was very small and was not that important that the people really didn't know much of the other worlds around them and the battles among good evil that happened above their head. Millions years ago the world did see war once. It was the war of the dragons. Both metallic and chromatic dragons fought to rule the world to call their own home. The Gods and the undead didn't really much like that the center world that divided them apart was being attacked. Sending in powerful mages and necromancers the sides pushed the dragons back out of the world that was now left in shambles and fire. Cities were burnt to the ground and races were killed off. Retracing back to their world the dragons plotted for their return for they had left eggs deep in the mountains, lakes, forest, and swamps of the world. Dragons were not uncommon in the world for they lived among the races of the world. finding out they were lied to the Gods sent back mages to live among the world to keep peace to the nations that lived among them. The undead nation also sent back necromancers to walk among the nations to keep an eye on the world that laid quiet for the years to come.

    That is all I am going to give to you at this moment in time. I want the story to progress to see where I want to take this story I want to see the characters that are created in this adventure I will post my own character as well. Please fallow my outline for the characters and please be active. I know people hate it when a person commits to a live RP then goes MIA. I personally am not a fan of that. I am looking for this RP to be a long term RP and I want the RPers to have fun with their posts. NO ONE LINERS PLEASE!
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    Name: Saphinxia Silverlight
    Age: 224 (looks like 23)
    Race: Kitsune (White tail and ears)
    Sex: Female
    Bio: Saphinxia lived in a small village on a world known as Mytoloist her clan didn't move much for they stayed in the Elsends forest. The humans lived to the west of them and the elves to the west of them. Saph didn't know much about the other clans that lived near her for her people told her that they were evil and should not be trusted. Believing her elders Saphinxia never left close from home besides for the daily hunt with the men. Being the only woman that went on the hunt with the men the other women in the clan thought of the young kitsune weird and unfit to web and pass the genes along to the next generation. Having really no interested in the kitsune men the young woman dreamed of something more of adventure. Years had past in her quiet life and she grew more and more distant from her clan. Taking up a bow she pulled the sting back and let it fly forward. It felt so natural holding a bow to her. Seeking out her best friend in the clan Tillimuk she showed him the bow. "Please teach me how to shoot this bow." She asked him quietly so that none of the women would hear her blasted question. "But Saph you can't shoot a bow you are a woman." He said to her keeping quiet as he smiled to one of the older women now staring at the two of them. Saphinxia looked down at the bow and sighed looking back up at her friend she grabbed his hand. "Show me." She demanded as she drug him to the edge of the forest. Tillimuk looking at the trees in front of him wondered if she would ever be a normal girl in their clan but he didn't think her wild heart would ever change for anyone or anything. Taking the bow in his hands he showed her "The art" of drawing the bow back. Studying his stance and his position she smiled and held her hands out for the weapon. "My turn." She said taking the bow from him. Taking his exact stance she pulled the sting back to her cheek. "Like this?" Tillimuk watched as his friend struggled to draw the bow back to her cheek. "Well sort of." He said helping her out. "You need a little more arm strength for this." He said laughing. Putting the bow down from her cheek she smiled at him. "I know what to do." She said running into the woods. Following her Tillimuk watched Saph climb a tree using her arms to pull her up. "Climb trees?" He asked her. "Yes it helps with my arm strength." She said looking back down at him. Smiling up at her he chuckled "Ok well don't.." He was cut short as she slipped on one of the branches and feel down from the tree. Catchng her Tillimuk laughed. "You funny girl."

    Years past and the clan had grown more and more agitated at the world around them the clan leaders called a meeting for the people. Meeting in the center of the village the elder informed the people that the humans were expanding into their territory and that they were either going to need to fight of move away from their home land. Saphinxia hearing this was sad and angry that the elders would ever hand suggested that the clan move away from the forest that they had come to know and love. "No we need to fight the humans off our land." She said to the elder. Her clan looking at her gave her the look of shut up. "We can't just let theses men come onto our land and claim it as their own. We grew up here in this forest we have built our homes here." She exclaimed to her people. The elder having had enough of the defiant woman pushed her back into the people. "Saphinxia you are a woman. You should hold your tongue about war and battle for you will should wish and hope you never see it." He said putting his figure against her mouth. "But..." Her words were cut short as the elder went on to explain to the clan to pack up their belongings they were going to be moving out at sun light.
    Personality: Funny, Goofy, Shy, and adventurous.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Sable
    Age: 18
    Race: VampireXDemon
    Sex: Female
    Bio: I was once a normal human, living on the small planet of Mytoloist with my mother and father. We lived in a small village which farmed vegetables and breed livestock to sell to the cities spread across this land for a reasonable amount of coin. Unfortunately we were attacked by vampires and i saw my mother and father killed before my very eyes. I'll never forget their warm blood splattered across my face as the vampire toyed with them before draining them. I managed to kill it but not before getting bitten myself. As they feasted i managed to escape into the forest which i do not remember all too well, it is all blurry but i remember stalking through the shadows and draining small animals of their blood which tasted disgusting anyway, all the time craving human blood. I spent months in there alone, hunting my prey as my mind tipped closer into insanity until i was saved by my master. He improved me, making me strong and fuelled my hatred for all things living. He gave me the name Sable, meaning 'dark' and gave me the power to control the darkness that surrounded me. I'll always remember his last words to me before he released me into this pathetic world.
    Spread the darkness Sable. Make them fear you. Show them no mercy.
    His plan did not go accordingly though as my human spirit still resides within, unconsumed but the darkness that he had given me meaning i was not exactly as 'evil' as he had though...
    Personality: I'm usually shy and i may come off a bit crazy to some people but that is only because i have this voice in my head. It hurts and it drives me to do unthinkable things. I can be a bit clumsy and forgetful too.
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  7. (it happens. I want about four more people or even more. This is a pathfinder campaign. I wrote years ago. So I am extra excited for this rp.)
  8. Name: Aragón
    Age: 101 (looks 18)
    Sex: male
    Appearance: f5502b43bf3d1a3fe08e06d5e291caf5.jpg
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Bio: Aragón was once a very kind hearted soul who went out of his way for others. He was often praised for his kind ways and was often loved by most. Unfortunately the corruption of the world got to him and he steadily became les and less nice. He had seen the true evil that hid behind the faces of humans. He saw his father shot and killed, then Aragón gave his life to save his younger brother.

    Aragón was allowed to become a human because of his past ways and for his sacrifice. Unfortunately the corruption had set in with Aragón, and be became hateful and wanted revenge. Aragón was cast out of heaven until he could adopt the true ways of an Angel. His hatred grew even stronger because of being cast out but he can also see why he was. Aragón is borderline between good and evil. He does seek to help those in need but he also seeks to cleanse the world of the humans that spread evil like a cancer.

    Personality: Aragón is usually nice when things are ok, but when he is angry he can become hateful and in some cases violent. He tries to use his power for good most of the time but when angered will use them to hurt.

    Opposite of his hateful side, Aragón can also be very loving. He is still in touch with his Angel side and the ways he had as a human. He is very protective of those he is close to and tries to be a good leader. He makes efforts to set positive examples to those he is around when he gets the chance.
  9. we need 2 more people at minimum. Please be patient with me.
  10. (Ok we are going to start people can jump in as we go)

    Stepping along the forest floor her clan moved on she wasn't going to leave her home that easy she was sneaking up to see the walls of man. The walls that was taking her over her home. Glaring at the stone that hide the town behind it she growled under her breath. Her tail softly swayed back and forth before retreating back into the woods. Walking along the of the tree line she studied the wall and anything that moved on the wall. She couldn't believe her eyes that man would need to expand from the walls that held them back so greatly. Smiling she looked up and saw a man standing as still as a the stone that was below him. "Is that a statue." She asked herself looking even more closely at the figure. It was indeed a man a soldier at that. Watching him she soldier looked over toward the tree line as if waiting and watching for something.

    An hour passed by with nothing interesting happening Saphinxia watches as the soldier moved closer to the wall then away from wall she was getting tired. Her where becoming very heavy as she slowly closed her eyes forcing them open she found them closing as fast as she opened them. Letting them get the better part of her she closed her eyes once again. A slam on the forest floor woke the kitsune up as she jumped up from her place. BOOM. The forest floor shook at the loud crash. "What the heck." Saphinxia said holding onto the tree she was near for the loud crashes made it hard to stand. Looking back into the forest she could hear the trees being bent and torn from their roots. Holding the tree she watched as a large foot came into view looking up into the air there she was unable to see the head from the trees blocking it. Looking back at the foot it now had lifted into the air and was headed down in front of her. Giving out a scream she felt the foot hit the ground. Now being able to see the large scaled body she looked at the head of a lizard of a giant lizard. It looked and watched the human's wall with passion to destroy. Stepping out from under neither the tree the creature seemed to know she was there. Looking down at the ground it growled. She knew she was not welcome there. Running behind the dragon she disappeared into the forest to watch what the creature was going to do.

    Taking to the air the dragon's wings beat like a tornado. Its roared toward the soldier standing on the top of the wall. Saphinxia watched as the man ran toward the tower and rang a large bell. The dragon turning around bashed its large body into the building pushing the pieces to fall upon the city below. Saphinxia watched as she hear blood shrinks from behind the wall. Looking in horror she covered her mouth the dragon swooped below the wall and them swooped back up its mouth full of blood. Legs hung from its closed jaws arms figures and even head fell as it clamped its mouth shut. Looking away Saphinxia couldn't help but to scream at the sight she was seeing. Splitting her figures apart she looked back at the town where screams and death came from her eyes watched as the full dragon spat fire in every direction lighting the stone on fire as if it was a dry tree. The city burnt the smell of burning flesh and burning wood filled the air even after the dragon had flown away from the city. Saphinxia hid under the brush as she laid awake watching the city burn. The day became quiet as the city roared in flames.
  11. Aragón had heard the dragon in the distance but thought nothing of it at the first. Then he heard the screams...oh the screams were terrible. They range through his ear like a symphony of terror. He felt his wings extend from his shoulder blades, then he thrust them sending himself flying upwards into the sky. He could see the burning city and the dragon flying away, satisfied with its destruction.

    Aragón flew quickly to the scene, the smell of burning flesh and the screams were agonizing to his soul. He gathered himself and landed, looking around he could see the flames steadily consuming everything in the city. Aragón flew high up into the air then tucked his wings and flew quickly back down. As he hit the ground, he extended his wings sending a huge gust of wind in every direction. Much of the fire was put out but there was still other parts that were being consumed by the flames. Aragón went about flying through the city trying to help those who were trapped.

    About an hour later, most of the fire was extinguished but the city had paid a terrible price. Many of the people had lost their homes and some had lost loved ones. Aragón could feel hundreds of souls leaving their bodies and going to heaven. There was nothing more he could do for them. The worst was over, now it was their time to recover.

    "I'm sorry for the tragedy that occured today. I can asure you that something will be done to prevent anything like this from happening again." He said before he flew over the wall. He landed outside in the forest and began to walk deeper in. He could fly but his wings were tired, so he let them just hang behind him. His shirtless torso and black jeans had a bit of ash from the fires but other than that he was fine. He wished he could say the same for the people of the city.
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  12. The day had started off so nicely. The sun struggled through the thick canopy of the forest, which was lucky as sun wasn't exactly Sable's favourite thing. She had been tracking some hunters from a walled off city that was in a clearing not far from where she was, and her hunger was growing steadily.

    A low rumbling began. It shook the ground gently as if there were a stampede in the distance.
    The hunters must have found a herd of deer.
    Thinking nothing of it she continued to track them, using her heightened sense of smell to lead her in their general direction. The gentle tremor rose and became more violent forcing Sable to grab a nearby tree to steady herself. She heard trees being torn out of the ground and snapped in half as if they were matchsticks before the thundering rhythm that shook the ground finally subsided. She held her breath, trying to pinpoint which direction it had come from. That is when she heard it. The terrified screams of humans, scurrying around in a panic, trying to get away.

    Sable harnessed her darkness, closing her black, souless eyes and concentrating. It quickly spread around her, crawling over her skin and arranging itself at the back of her, forming two large dark wings. Using them she floated gracefully up above the canopy and perched on a tall tree, using her wings to shield her from the painful sun that would surely kill her were it allowed through. Smoke rose up from the human city and the flames danced up over the high walls that had once made the humans that lived there feel so safe.
    I wonder what that was?
    Looking around her she had just missed seeing the magnificent beast but something in her head stirred.
    Couldn't you sense that? It was a dragon. Obviously your senses are as useless as ever. If it was not for me we'd be dead long ago.
    The pain stabbed into her mind with ever word he spoke, making her cup her head in her hands. 'A dragon?' She said in a low whisper.
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  13. Looking up at the figure helping the humans Saphinxia was not so happy it was helping the humans that chased her and her clan out of their home. Giving a heavy sigh she sat down against the tree to watch as the city burned to the ground. It was quiet now and there seemed to be no survivors of the dragon's attack. Looking over across the forest she saw the figure of a... demon girl? Getting up she made her way back into the thickness of the pine trees. Walking into the shadows she snuck around the forest edge. Seeing the woman in front of her she put herself near a tree trunk and leaned in to hear if she was saying anything. The girl said nothing but more like looked at the burning city. Not too interested in the girl anymore Saphinxia made her way back into the forest. Climbing a low hanging tree she jumped from branch to branch across the forest till she was able to hit a clearing in the tree. Laying down on a low hanging limb her tail swayed back and forth below the limb as she looked up at the smoky sky and thought about what she just saw. Humans? She thought as she imagined the giant red dragon flying over head and tearing the city apart like Legos to a child. The giant lizard head stuck in Saphinxia's mind before dozing back off to her nap.

    Waking up about a couple hours later Saphinxia looked around and up to the sky again. It was just hitting night fall. Pushing herself up to her feet she balanced on the limb and jumped down to the ground. Landing on her two feet she used her left hand to help her land safely against the ground. Taking in a deep breath it seemed like the flames and smoke of the burning city had died down. Making her way back into the forest deeper she could hear the animals now making their way out from their hiding places. Deer bound in front of Saphinxia as they made their way to open meadow to graze for the night. Raccoons scampered across the forest floor looking for anything to eat. Birds songs died down as they made their nest for the night. Looking up to the sky it looked like it was going to be a half moon tonight and this was going to be Saphinxia's second night alone. Finding camp fire wood quickly Saphinxia pulled out a knife from her boot. A rabbit that she had caught earlier that day would make a fine meal tonight. Skinning the rabbit she watched as the flames grew higher from her fire but inside she saw people burning alive. Shacking her head she put her eyes back to the rabbit.
  14. Growing bored of watching the city die she floated gracefully back down to the forest floor, allowing the darkness to disband from her. Straightening the raven black dress she wore she walked slowly through the trees to a den where she had made her home. It was dark and damp, not an ideal hiding place but for her it'd have to do. Resting upon some moss, she curled up in a ball and awaited night to fall.

    The moon rose slowly in the stary nights sky and she began to stir.
    Wake up!
    His voice demanded in her head. Groaning, she opened her eyes and covered her mouth as she yawned.
    The moon has risen in case you hadn't realised...
    'Every night...' She mumbled as she exited her den. She hated him waking her up seeing as she spent most of the afternoon trying to hunt.

    'What is the plan?' She asked him as her eyes adjusted to the absence of moonshine in the forest.
    We are going to the city obviously.
    'Yes, sure.' She knew better then to question him and she was just grateful he wasn't yelling. It hurt when he did that.

    She weaved her way through the trees, humming to herself as she walked silently towards the human city, unsure of why she was even going but continued anyway.
  15. Aragón walked through the forest until he hit a small pond. The water glistening in the low light from the sun as the day came to an end. He spread his wings and dove deep into the pond feeling the cool water surround him as he plunged below the surface. The pond looked shallow but was actually hundreds of yards deep.

    Once he got to the bottom, his eyes began to glow a bright blue as he teleported himself to another pond inside of a large oasis. The surrounding wilderness created a calming and peaceful mood. It was where Aragón went to clear his mind. He pulled himself out of the water and walked into a large cave. Inside he had a variety of things from weapons, to books and potions. He walked over to a table and grabbed a sword and two gloves with angel markings on them. The gloves used pure energy to either create weapons or give Aragón telekinetic abilities. He put the sword on his back and secured the gloves.

    He then went back to the pond and back to the forest near the city that had been burned by the dragon. He could hear the distant crackling of a fire. He walked toward the noise and found a girl skinning a rabbit, he took note of her tail; she was a supernatural as well. "You know, those things have souls as well" he said to the girl more to make his presence known than initiating a conversation. He walked a few feet toward her then stopped. He didn't want her to feel threatened but he also didn't know what she was capable of
  16. Looking back at the man standing behind her she looked back at the rabbit. "Everything has a soul on this earth." She said coldly at him. "However because creatures and plants have souls doesn't mean that the other animals should starve to death." She said cutting into the meat now holding up above the fire. "If you want to talk about the circle of life then sit down and warm yourself at the fire." She said her tail flicking back and forth. Her ears were bent in the direction so that she could hear every movement he made. Taking in a deep breath she watched as the fires flickered and popped as the wood's air pockets busted at the heat. Flipping the meat slowly over she studied the meat making sure that the fire was cooking it the way that she liked it. Propping the meat up on a stick she rested the stick so that it was right above the fire. Holding up the fir of the rabbit she studied the skinning job she had done. The rabbit fir would come out very useful in the winter she would make a hat out of it. Smiling at the pristine fir she folded it up and pushed it into her leather backpack. Flipping the piece of rabbit meat again she had become very happy with how the meat was turning out. Picking the rest of the rabbit she pulled all the valuable meat off the animal leaving the organs and intestines for the scavengers that wondered the forest floor and the bones she was going to make into arrow heads. washing off the bones she put them into her bag as well. Pulling the rabbit meat off the fire she put another piece on and started to eat the cooked piece. "Would you like some?" She asked him knowing that he was still there.
  17. Aragón smiled at her comment. "Well I guess you're right. Might I ask what you are? I've never seen anyone like you." He took note of her animal and human features, both quite grand looking. "I don't plan on giving a speach, the circle of life doesn't always apply to everyone. Some live and die others die before they can live, it's different

    depending on who or what you are." Aragón watched as she folded the rabbit's fur and stuffed it into her back, he assumed it would be used to make something. Aragón's gloves and eyes both began to glow as he used his power to pull a small ball of fire toward him. He put it in his hand then extinguished it by crushing it. His eyes went back over to the girl as she washed the creatures bones and stuffed them into her bag. He could also see that her ears were perked in his direction, which was understandable due to the fact that not everyone could be trusted.

    "I'm Aragón, I'm an Angel. Or, was an Angel depending on how you look at it." He walked over and sat next to the girl. He watched as the flames danced upward into the night sky. The fire reminded him of the events of earlier, houses and people all burning. But it also reminded him of his objective, he was going to kill the dragon. He was snapped back to the present as the girl offered him some of her rabbit. "No thank you, I'm alright" he said kindly, giving her a small smile.
  18. Holding her breath for a bit as he sat down next to her mouth was full of rabbit meat. Swallowing the savory meat she looked down at the fire. "Me?" She said stuttering at him as she watched the fire flicker she opened her mouth again taking a smaller bit of the meat. Swallowing again she turned her eyes toward him. "I am a kitsune. You might not know what we are because most of my race is no longer on this world. My clan had just left our home land because the humans have chased us out of our homes." She said putting her eyes back on the fire. "I think I am the only one left." She said her voice was heavy and sad as she thought of her friend and their goodbyes to each other. It had been a long couple days with out the company of her clan and the company of the angel did make the pain a little easier to fight and hide. Looking back at him she thought she was boring him. Taking in another bite she gulped it down quickly before looking at him again. "I lived and I still live off this land I will till the day I die." She said wiping a tear from her eye before taking the other piece of meat off the fire wrapping it in a leather case she tucked the cooked meat into the bag as well. Wiping her mouth and hands with a large maple leaf she looked around her. Standing up she gave out a couple stretches her ears were more relaxed with him around and her tail swayed back and forth brush up against his arm a little bit. "Come with me there is a creek right over there." She said pointing toward the tree line. Flicking her tail she moved closer to the edge of the forest before pausing and waiting for him to fallow her.
  19. "A kitsune, sounds interesting." He said smiling at her. He was shocked that he had never heard of her race before, he thought he had seen all of them. But he was also intrigued knowing that there were some creatures in the world that he didn't know of.

    "I'm sorry for what happened to your people. I understand how you feel, the humans took my father from me then killed me. They are susceptible to evil and corruption that ultimately leads to malevolent actions. But they aren't all that way. Some of them are capable of good things, I'm sure there are some who wouldn't mind helping you if you needed it." A shadow of hurt crossed Aragón's eyes as he thought about his father and the humans that killed him. They had been the reason he was cast out of heaven.

    "Come with me there is a creek right over there" he heard the girl say. He got up and followed her, watching her tail sway as she walked. He felt it lightly brush his arm and smiled. "Lead the way"
  20. Stop... Something is not right...
    Looking around warily she noticed smoke through a small gap in the canopy. 'Humans?'

    Following the now strong scent of smoke she arrived at the abandoned campsite.
    'They're gone but they were here.' Pointing to two sets of footprints in the dirt.
    Why are you wasting time?! Go!

    She clutched her head as the stabbing pain returned but obeyed, following the trail silently.
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