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  1. I am looking for people to join an adventure RP with a bunch of races slammed into he same world. This RP will have everything in it. I am looking for this to be a long term role play. You will need to make an easy character sheet it is in the link listed below. Also the plot is listed out and the detail of the three worlds is listed. Please read and post with your character.
    Here is the link I am excited to see this Rp take off I am looking for people who will post at least a paragraph in the rp...
  2. can you see the pictures I put up in my character sheet?
  3. no I can't try the upload a file button the bottom of the screen.
  4. ok i edited it, hopefully it is viewable now
  5. I will look
  6. nice pictures
  7. your welcome. So where do you want to see the story go.
  8. I guess fighting the dragon is our goal?
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  9. yeah or maybe the necromancer? Basically as long as we have a long term goal we can make up scenarios as we go, but it would be fun if all of them teamed up and had to deal with each others differences.
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  10. No.. lol it is the necromancer that is the goal to fight lol.. I am just trying to get us all together and on the same page.. then I will introduce the plot into our story line again so that we can go on our grand quest.. but don't hurry yourselves.. I am going to be putting this into a story
  11. You guys should go look at my other story... Khaleesi has read the plot already.. that is about choosing a dragon's side and fighting for the dragons and against them all at the same time.
  12. I am not going to post until the angel and the fire guy respond. I dont want to mess anything up they had planned. But hopefully it doesnt turn into one of those rp's where everyone is waiting several days for one person to respond. I know I am sounding like a whiner its just that I have a short attention span when it comes to making a story. If it takes more than say 2 days for someone to post a single paragraph I have probably already forgotten what I was going to add to the story. Again, sorry if it sounds like I am pretentious, I am just honest when it comes to this kind of stuff so that people easily know where I stand on things
  13. it won't happen we are a good group of role player
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  14. Do we post here? because theres an RP going on, in the other thread.
  15. Are we still going with this? I'd really like it if we could but i need to know.
  16. I want to as well but saphhire has not been on in awhile....
  17. Well i hope she gets back here soon... It was just getting interesting!
  18. ikr!! we were just getting to the good part...
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