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  1. Basically I've noticed the status feature with Iwaku.
    Though I'm curious, is that meant to be just as a means to self-update for those going out of their way to visit your page?

    Or is there some page/window on the site that let's you view your friends status updates (Kind of like a facebook news feed I guess?).

    I just find it a bit odd that something like status's don't seem to have a feed or alert system from what I've seen.
  2. The answer is... kind of.

    If you mouse over your account name in the top header bar of the site, one of the first items in the dropdown menu is Your News Feed.

    This will show you the daily activity of any users you are currently following, but to my knowledge there is nothing that alerts people who follow you when you update your status.
  3. Like what fatal said, it doesn't alert people you follow (great lesbian jesus toad I'd feel sorry for the poor people that follow me as I post quite a bit of status updates myself). Just when people look on your account they will see it or if you click on the person's username in thread it will show.

    They be kind of useless but fun none the less.
  4. *Checks news feed*

    Seems to also include posts from friends, but it's showing the statuses and stuff as well. :P
    Thanks for the help guys. :3
  5. The newsfeed does just you don't get an alert unless you comment.
  6. Iwaku's just become a lot more like facebook with this. XD
  7. *hissss* SHUN...SHUN the Gwazi. Don't make me get the newspaper to beat you with.
  8. Do so and I will flood the skies with so many annoying status's than you won't even see the sun.
  9. And I won't be paying damn attention to any of em.
  10. Then they will go for your Inbox. :P
  11. I will rip your soul out from each and every one.
  12. What soul? :3
  13. You have one. Or at least will and will be cruelly ripped out through computer screen.

    Make a status about that.
  14. No. I will end you.
  15. You have yet to prove that you will do anything close. :P
  16. I surprise people. And this thread is derailed. Needs closing.
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  17. Yea... it kind of has been. XD
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