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Seeing double

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sebastyan, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. (Set in 1960s Europe)
    (note: the American is a boy and also the second main character, since this is a group roleplay characters will be introduced gradually in the story)

    after the Cold War, tension will be eased by an American gang member from new york( who you will play) and a Russian high criminal rush their way through london
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  2. Sebastyan sat down, fingering with the ash tray while waiting for the man he dreadfully did not want to meet. It was worse than sitting in an English hotel, seeing young women with their red lips while their gold bracelets jingled over the shoulders of rich fat men who huffed out breaths of cigar smoke and pride.
    It was very different from the figure and features of sebastyan. Sebastyan was mixed, half Filipino half Russian and the smoky room of all white people could tell imidiantly. He was skinny and wasn't rounded and fat like the rich men. His eyes were rounded and brown while his lips were pink from the cold air outside. His hair was slicked back, trying hard to not show the curls his Russian father gave him. His skin was fair like the inside of an almond. His face was androgynous looking to the point people thought he wasn't a boy. And he didn't think he was a boy either. But he didn't think he was a girl either.
    As he waited for the American spy to come over he took out a rolled cigarette and sighed, waiting for the boisterous man.
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