Seeeking long term RP partners :3

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  1. Okay so here I am again bored as usual and in need of a long term RP buddy. I'm on a lot so if there's anyone who can be as well please do let me know because I sit here most the day bored anyways. Alright let's get down to business. I"m looking for any kind of RP be it original or an anime or game and I mostly play males since I do best at them. So if anyone has any ideas hit me up please. I can write a few paragraphs depending on the plot line or the post so I do not one line unless I'm really jammed.

    Things I want to do:

    Anime Based:
    Devil Survivor 2 the animation(Just recently started watching this and would love to try an RP if anyone else has seen it. I'm all caught up to the current episode)
    Witch Hunter(Not Witch Hunter Robin but the Witch Hunter Manga I have an OC for this)
    Saint Seiya(Original, Lost Canvas, or Omega is fine I have original characters for this series :D)
    D.Gray-Man(I'm a bit rusty on this one and had OC's just need to remember what they were)

    Game Based:
    Final Fantasy Vii(Have a few OCs for this and and a plot as well)
    Devil May Cry(Can't get enough of Dante *___*)

    Original Ideas: None atm :/ but if you have any shoot them my way :D
  2. DMC, mmmmm now that does peek my interest severely.
  3. When you say game based... Do you mean just the story, setting and such or with the canon characters as well? I have a few Final Fantasy VII oc's too, so I was curious. ^^;

    I do feel obligated to admit that I just came back from a 2 month hiatus due to happenings in my personal life. I came back today and am completely lost on the new set up (that hasn't changed for a few years until now). My writing on a daily basis was anywhere from 1-3 paragraphs depending on how INTO it I got. I did have my occasional one liners but that was when I was in a serious blocking moment.Now I'm back and ready to write with other again... Shoot me a pm if you want.
  4. Though, I do not know of any of those animes that you speak of, and have not played those games, I would still like to try a roleplay with you, since my partner has seemed to fallen off the face of this site. If you would like to talk, and maybe get one started, let me know:)