See ya 'round

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  1. Between work and my new changing life, doesn't seem to be much time to really be here anymore. It's a bit sad since every time I manage to sit down and really look at the site I feel a bit less connected than in the past. But I like where my life is going and it's not going to stop, so I wish you all the best. I'll be around now and then, in case for some reason ya'll don't have my skype, but not to rp or chat. So take care, everyone!
  2. Good luck in your IRLing.

    You'll be back.
  3. Happy trails to you Davi
  4. GOOD LUCK IN LIFE DAVION! <3 Drop in to say hi. 8D

    Ahem. I mean, yay!
    Celebratecelebratecelebrate and party like it's 1520 for being so awesome. :3
    I will obviously harass you still, but I see no reason to not turn this into a celebration thread.
  6. T____T

    You better come back. *sniff* But otherwise, good luck with life.
  7. *drops a rock on Davion's D&D group*

    They hadn't even fought their first Kobold. T__T