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    Name: Katie Thurston

    Katie was born on February 6th, 1998, however, she never made it past her first year. No one knows why, still to this day she doesn't know how she died. Not that she really wants to. Her family lived in this beautiful little home by a park and it looked like the perfect little cottage, well in Katie's mind it did. In everyone else's, it was a run down, closed off home that had been vacant for years now. Katie still loved it though. she could hear what the kids said about it when they walked by but she didn't care. It was her home and that's all that matters. Katie had watched as her parents grew older and started a new family. She watched her brother and sister celebrate her birthday every year for 10 years, until the fire. Then they moved and Katie couldn't move with them. She tried too, but every time she got more than 5 miles away from her house, she would appear back in her living room.

    Which is where Katie sat now. There was no television, but Katie pretended there was. Katie had been aware she was dead since the day she came home. when she first said hi to mom and dad and they said nothing to her, they just walked through her. She tried to get other people to see her but no one ever could. Katie didn't know why she was still here but she knew there had to be a reason and she would stick around until she figured it out. If she was lucky maybe she would even come back to life...she doubted it though. Katie heard kids playing on the play ground and laughing. She wished she could play with them too. She knew she couldn't though, so she just stood in the window and watched. just like she always did.​
    Name: John Nickleson
    Age: 17

    Josh was like your average high schooler. Quarterback of the football team. Top academics in class. The guy that all the girls wanted to date. It seems that Josh was having the best life a boy teenager could ever have. However, he wasn't happy. Something was missing from his life and he had no idea what puzzle piece was missing. He started taking a new route to school since construction started on his original walk to school. To him, it was no big deal. He had no idea how his life would change forever.
  3. "Josh! Come on!" A woman called. She was getting breakfast ready for the family. Madeline, Josh's little sister, was already eating her waffle that was drenched in syrup. Josh came down shortly, wearing black slacks and a button up light blue shirt. His mother looked over and awed. "My boy looks so handsome." She commented. "Please maw. Don't make this more ridiculous." Josh pleaded, trying to tie his tie. His mother walked over and started to help him. "How is being professional at school make you look ridiculous?" Josh allowed her to tie. "Because it's a school. Not an office. We only have to wear these because of the football game today." "Well it still looks good on you." Josh sighed and grabbed his backpack. "I have to go." He quickly picked up a dry waffle. "Ok. Remember, take Elm today." His mother reminded. "Oh yeah. Thanks mom." Josh headed out the front door.

    Josh turned the corner on Elm and started heading down the street with his backpack on his back. He played on his cellphone, looking at all the text messages girls were sending him. By the way the girls texted him, he wondered if they even had a life outside of school.
  4. Katie wanted to swing today. she knew she could because it was close to her home. Katie stepped out of her house and just walked across the yard, she never thought about anyone else walking because she normally could walk right through them or vice versa. She just walked right across the street but when she hit something hard and fell to the ground she grunted and groaned. "Ow, what the heck." Katie looked up and saw a boy, he was so handsome. Was he real? Katie looked up at him, her bright blue eyes just staring at him.
  5. Josh felt something hit him hard but it wasn't a big enough blow to send him down to his bottom. Thank goodness he had a good grip on his phone or it would have been smashed. When He looked to see what hit him, he gasped. "Oh man. I am so sorry." Josh apologized, offering a hand to her to help her up.
  6. Katie stared at him for a moment. Then reached out and took his hand. "You...You can see me?" Katie stood and just looked at him. He was real, he was alive, she could feel the warmth and beating of his heart in his hand. No one ever saw her, why could he? Katie just looked at him and then looked around to make sure that there wasn't anyone staring at him, otherwise he would look crazy. "I..I am sorry that I ran into you..that...that doesn't normally happen."
  7. Josh looked at her with a puzzled look after she asked the question. Of course he can see her, just like any other person. But after their hands touched, something made him interested in the girl. "It's ok. I wasn't watching where I was going either." Josh put his phone in his pocket and reminded himself to be a gentleman. "I'm Josh. Josh Nickleson." He held his hand out again for a handshake.
  8. Katie stared at him, he was so bizarre. she saw a sparkle in his eyes, it was so strange, she had never seen it before. "I am Katie...Katie Thurston" she slowly took his hand and shook it. "Its nice to meet you." Katie was so zoned out and it was obvious. She was so fascinated by the fact that he could see her. "you uhm...You go to the high school down the street?" Katie didn't know what to say, she had never talked to anyone before. Katie listened at he responded. She noticed another kid walking towards the two of them. "I should probably get going but it was nice meeting you...bye." Katie turned and left moving quickly so the boy wouldn't look like a lunatic.
  9. "Well I-" Josh was interrupted by her as she headed back the other way. "Bye." Was all he said. He found her behavior very weird. She started a conversation with him and then left. Seemed rude to him but who knows what crazy things girls do these days. He started heading to school again. Something made him hope that he would see that girl again very soon.
  10. Katie left and walked behind her home. She wanted to see him again and didn't know why. It was probably due to fact it was the first time anyone had ever been able to see her. She had never talked to anyone before. This was all so new to her. Katie continued on with her day like normal, but all she could think about was seeing Josh again.
  11. Once the bell rang, Josh went to his locker to gather his things to go home. A friend came up and asked if he wanted to go get some milkshakes with a couple of ladies. For some reason, Josh thought of Katie and gently denied the request. The friend was ok with it cause it meant more girls for him.

    Josh soon started walking home, hoping he would see her again. There was something special about her and that made him intrigued.
  12. Katie sat on her porch step after she got bored with her daily events. She watched people walk by her house. She thought about Josh, he could see her. It fascinated her, she wanted to see him again, she wanted to see his eyes, staring back at her, not through her. As it got later Katie knew that he would be walking by soon. Katie didn't want him to see where she lived otherwise, he would know so she walked back to the park and sat on the swing, slowly rocking back and forth.
  13. Josh kept looking as he walked. This was the area where he bumped into her. He hope that that incident wasn't a one time thing. Then he heard some chains jiggle and walked off the path home to a small park that was nearby. He looked around and then there she was. She was lightly swinging on the swings. He smiled, happy that she wasn't just a hallucination. He walked toward her, wanting to get to know her more.
  14. Katie look up from her swing and saw him walking towards her. She lifted her hand slightly and waved at him. She hoped he could still her. She wanted to talk to him and find out more about him but, she had to be careful not to creep him out. Losing the one person that could actually see her was the last thing she wanted to do. As he got closer Katie smiled at him. "Hi Josh."
  15. Josh smiled when he heard him speak. "Hey. I was hoping to see you." He said with a smile. She was so beautiful to him. "I wanted to apologize again for running into you before. I made sure my phone was in my pocket this time."
  16. Katie laughed. "Oh it was no problem. I should have been looking for other people. It's just...well normally people aren't around me." Katie looked at the ground and frowned. Then fully began to take in what he had said. "Why were you hoping to see me again?" That was defiantly something she hadn't heard before so it was kind of amazing for her to hear.
  17. "Well......" Josh started to get nervous. "I haven't met you seem like a good person to talk to." Josh was trying so hard to sound like a jerk. He wasn't always the smoothest talker to women.
  18. Katie swung gently on her swing. "I don't really talk to many people so I wouldn't know if I am good person to talk to." Katie chuckled and starred at the ground. She had no idea what to say to him. "So how was school?" Katie slowly looked up at him.
  19. Josh shrugged. "Usual I guess. I haven't seen you there. Are you home schooled?" Josh thought of that reason during lunch period. He wanted to know more about her. It would just take time.
  20. "oh...I uh...yea." Katie looked around and smiled looked around. "Something like that." It was starting to get dark out. Katie didn't know how late he was gonna stay but she hoped he would stay all night. "So, do you live around here or is it a long walk to school?"
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