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  1. If any of you are familiar with the Matrix series of films by the Wachowski's, then you probably know how it all ended; Neo giving his life for a truce between Machines and Man. You also know that at the very end of Matrix: Revolutions, the Oracle is asked whether or not they will see Neo again, to which she replies "I believe we'll see him again."

    Afterwards, in The Matrix Online (A canon continuation of the series), it is heavily implied that Neo is still alive in the Machine City and that Trinity has revived as part of the Oracle's Biological Interface Program, and is integral to the final reboot for a new Matrix. Though she does meet her end again, she reboots the Matrix once again, creating a new truce between Zion and the Machines. My plot idea is that after all of that, Morpheus and the rest of Morpheus's new crew would head towards the Machine City in hopes of reuniting with Neo. In the process however, Morpheus is told by the Oracle that a Seventh One (Neo was the Sixth One, if you didnt know. The One comes every reboot of the Matrix) has been located in the Matrix, and could be the key to finding Neo. I would be playing the Seventh One, and anyone who wants to join would be playing whomever they wanted to play, be it an Agent, a Zion citizen, a blue pill, a red pill, whatever. I adore the Matrix and I would love to relive those fond memories while also adding something brand new to my favorite franchise of all time.

    Anyone up for it?
  2. Yes! I'm in. I'm a fan of the movies and played the online game. It was my first MMORPG and the best roleplaying game I've ever experienced. Since you are playing the Seventh One, are other canon characters open for grabs? I want to play a program.
  3. Yay a fellow Matrix fan! Yes, other canon characters are up for grabs excluding Morpheus, Trinity and of course Neo. (Sorry, I just value those characters too much to mess with them.) A program huh? What did you have in mind?~
  4. I was thinking of playing Prosperina, my old Merovingian character - she was a younger more modern version of Persephone, but the Merovingian had no time for her obsessive unpredictable behavior. He often kicked me out of Club hel. But I think I'll play my old Zionist that joined EPN after Morpheous was killed.
  5. Tell me more about these characters of yours. I like to know details :)
  6. This was a long time ago so I no longer have any of the bios and stories relating to my characters. I used to have images of the events, had images of Morpheus funeral, and of private meetings with the lead event characters. So sad I lost all of it long ago. But I can tell you bits and peaces of what I do remember about my characters. Of course I had more than one, play on Proxy and on Syntax servers.

    Femtrix was my first character. Her handle had no real meaning other than a female in the matrix. She was awaken by Captain Shroudedhost, after she was caught in a crossfire between his crew and Merovingian followers. She is 29 years-old, of Asian descent, and she worked for the CDC before she was awakened. She was recruited by the Enando, and worked as the first medical officer, before she got promoted to captain. She got her own ship - The Talisman sometime after the red-eye-agents event. She is a die hard Zion freedom fighter. She believes that all blue pills need to be awaken, the vale removed from their eyes, and free from the matrix. She believes in Morpheus and like him believes the body of Neo should be return to Zion for a proper funeral. The fact that Machines refuse to respect this simple human ritual offends her personally. Her hate of the Machines sometimes blinds her reasoning. She doesn't believe in the Truce, and believes that Zion needs to prepare for the war that is to come, as a result she re-enters the matrix to awaken and recruit as many bluepills as she can, while trying to find her boyfriend who is still a bluepill. She believes her boyfriend has been reprogram with a new identity, and has not been able to pinpoint his whereabouts.

    Proserpina was a modern copy of Persephone that was tagged for deletion. The Merovingian fell in love with the new, younger copy of Persephone, and had her program saved. He kept her locked in a paradise garden, a special construct, where Proserpina was worshiped and treated like a Goddess. He would visit her often. But two copies of Persephone were one too many - Persephone found out and sent a special slice of Merovingian cake with a hidden code to corrupt the program. Proserpina became wild, unpredictable, and irritatingly obsessive, which completely turned off the Merovingian. Eventually he stopped visiting her. Abandoned and realizing she was being kept in a construct Proserpina grew aware of the Matrix and escaped the construct. She now hates the Mervingian and lives to make his life hell. She does what she can to sabotage the Merovingian's missions. She works with any and all who stands against the Merovingian.
  7. I find it interesting that your characters primarily are built from the MMO, while mine are built from the films. Ive had the character of the Seventh One written for a few years now and ive been writing monthly about her story since I first wrote her. Her handle is Seven actually~
  8. The story line continued, it didn't only end after the movies, the story line of events in the MMO are canon, and were meant to continue the saga. A lot of things happened after the movies. Morpheus was assassinated, and The Kid started E Ploribus Neo, which my character Femtrix join because she refused to believe Morpheus died for nothing. The Cypherites became a full flesh faction, which turned out to be a plot created by the Machines to get Zionist to return to the Matrix. The General, a powerful program aligned with Zion... so much happened.

    But i'm happy to follow any plot-line you want and can create new characters too.
  9. Believe me, im aware of the entire MMO story. Im just not a fan of it, frankly. I thought that Revolutions ended perfectly for my tastes and honestly, a lot of plot points in the MMO seemed either really silly to me or over-the-top/ridiculous. I dunno, its just me. Different strokes, different folks. Still enjoyed playing the game~

    My storyline takes place after Revolutions, but in my own alternate timeline where Morpheus isnt assassinated, Trinity has rebooted the Matrix, and obviously there is a Seventh One. As I explained, it revolves around Morpheus being told of the Seventh One by the Oracle, him putting together one final team of Zionist and not only searching for the Seventh One, but the Seventh One also being the key to Morpheus and co. learning Neo's ultimate fate.
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