See Our Future {Lilith + Hera}

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    Personality: {Opt}
    Biography: {Opt}
    Appearance: {Real, digital, or description preferred.}
    Extra Info:
    Name: Alexander Leon Rose
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Alexander is described to be much like his father; he is great, brave, and overall handsome. He is willing to do anything for his people, even if it requires to end his own life. Alexander is also honest majority of the time, but that is how it seems to the public. On the inside of the walls, Alexander is a hopeless romantic, womanizer, and a slave owner.
    Biography: Alexander was born motherless, his mother had died while giving birth to him. When Alexander was 12 years old, his father remarried a German heiress known as Angelika Wagner. As most step-mothers are depicted, Angelika treated Alexander cruelly, such as locking him in cell when he would do something Angelika frowned upon.
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  2. Name: Anna Marie Vanzin​
    Age: 20​
    Gender: Female​
    Personality: Anna is a kind soul who always does what she is told, though she does have a back bone and knows how to use her tongue to cut someone when she needs to. She also has moments of shyness and also can be a large flirt.​
    Biography: Anna's family has been owned by the Rose family for generations and Anna has not known any other life, though she does dream of becoming free. Her mother is still and is still working for the family, sadly her father had been sold off years ago when Anna was just a child. She had grown up with her grandmother telling her stories of the gypsy life, for that was what they were gypsies. Though her family had forgotten a lot of the gypsy way of life, there was still stories about magic and powers.​
    Extra Information: Anna has the sight, though she doesn't really understand what it is. She gets head aches and then flashes of pictures will come though her mind and she will also have very vivid dreams as if it was really happening. ​
  3. Alexander's eyes opened as he felt the warmth of the morning sun seep through the window's curtain's. He light brown eyes had reflected the golden light, also giving his eyes a golden tinge. He was frozen for a moment, simply watching the streaks of light in his room, his breathing light and calm. A sudden knock on his door made him jump slightly, and his heart race for a moment. He looked over at the door, "Come in," He said, seeing the door open. There, he saw his sister; they looked alike, except that her eyes were a clear blue. "Ophelia, do you really need to knock like a brute?" Alexander grumbled, watching his sister. "Yes, because you're a heavy sleeper. Now come, breakfast has been served," Those were her last words as she closed the door.
  4. “Anna! Take that water and the cloths up to Lord Alexander, now please!” Anna's mother handed her a pitcher of warm water and threw a pair of trousers and a clean white shirt over her shoulder. “Hurry!” Elizabeth shooed her daughter out of the kitchen and up the stairs that lead to the masters room. Walking down the hallway she see his sister and flashed her a smile and makes a little bow. Reaching the door she knocks softly at it and then slowly opened it for she knew he was awake. “Sir, I have water and some clean cloths for you...” She has a sweet smile on her face as she takes a step into the large room.
  5. "Ah, thank you Anna," Alexander said as he stood up, his long blonde hair barely covering his bare chest. He took the glass of water, along with the clothing, placing them on his bed. He emptied the glass completely, giving it back to Anna. "Would you be kind enough to bring me another?" He asked with a charming, closed-mouth smile. His eyes rested on the brown-haired girl.
  6. “You are welcome, Sir.” She takes the glass and she couldn't help but glance at the bed, most of the time there was a girl in there and she was a bit surprised that there wasn't one in there. “Of course,sir.” When he smiled at her she blushed and smiled shyly at him and then turned and quickly got another glass of water for him and held it out to him.
  7. Alexander's eyes were stuck on the girl as she disappeared through the door; never had he once seen the girl smile to him in such a manner. It was innocent, and shy. He chuckled to himself, rubbing one of his eyes with tiredness, he barely slept last night. Alexander then dressed into his long sleeved shirt, taking off his trousers while snatching the other pair from the bed, along with the pants.
  8. Anne blushed even redder as he changed and she turned her head and looked away from him until she was sure he was fully dressed. “Sir, here is your water.” She held out the water to him, that sweet smile still on her face. “Is there anything else you would like, Sir?”
  9. Alexander dressed quickly into the clean trousers and the pair of pants Anna had given him, making sure to tuck in his shirt in. He took the cup of water, drinking it completely before he gave it back to Anna. "Nothing else, thank you," Alexander said with a smile, walking past the young girl. He entered into a large corridor, seeing the flight of stairs that lead into the dining room.
  10. Anna bowed and held the glass as she watched him walk out of the room. She couldn't help but to bit her lower lip, he was a very handsome man. She turned and sat the glass down on the dresser and made his bed and gathered up his dirty cloths. Taking up the glass she went down stairs and threw his dirty cloths in a pile and sat down the glass. “Here take this juice and toast out to the mistress.” Her mother said handing her the plate and glass and Anna did as she was bid.
  11. Alexander sat at the head of the dining table, calmly waiting for the food to be served. He looked up at the ceiling, examining the amazing paintings by an unknown artist.
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