Seduced By A Kelpie

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  1. In a fit of curiosity and the sake of something new, I'm going to see if anyone wants to try a roleplay with the following character.

    DISCLAIMER: The character presented is not one of my own creation. I give credit to the original creator, Kamuami, and the

    Name: Dulset Tarn
    Age: (UNKNOWN)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Kelpie
    Personality: The best I can describe is that she's a lawful neutral type of character. Despite being one who eats ponies alive for sustenance, she never seeks to harm others with heractions. As a part of her attraction mechanisms, Dulset is a very strong tease around both male and female characters. At the same time, she has never participated in sex and is very naive about the topic. She is known to be opinionated and blunt about her thoughts unless the situation calls for a more emotionally sensitive approach. Never has she experienced true love before and she won't understand unless taught.
    History: (UKNOWN)
    Other: Her diet consists of male and/or female ponies that she attracts using several mechanisms: (1) Physical beauty, (2) 'siren songs' that lull listeners and give her the power of suggestion to a small degree, (3) kisses supplemented by the voluntary release of magic energy to induce an endorphin rush similar to quantities seen in greatly heightened sexual arousal states. The primary habitat is freshwater lake beds, butt her body is capable of withstanding salt in ocean waters and brine. Remaining out of the water to dehydration will result in exhaustion. Exposure to hot water will Cause Dulset to feel dizzy and euphoric.
    Image: (Equine)
    Image: (Anthro)
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