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So growing up did you have an object that you had to always have, take it with you where ever you go? Or even if you didn't, something to this day you still have from your youngest years or have fond memories of?
I used to have a stuffed Benji dog that I carried around everywhere, I named him Puppy. I carried him everywhere, over the years he got awful beat up and now he sits in a memory box my grandma keeps so I can maybe one day give him to one of my kids!
I had a bear...I found him at a yard sale when I was young and I slept with him now and then when I was feeling very low. ^__^ I sent him to vay cause I wanted to send him something that had meaning to me. >///< I'm sure I had other things but...I don't rememebr much from when I was a child.
I have a tendency to link memories to objects. I can recall things from years ago vividly just by picking them up. This sometimes leads to my keeping a lot of seemingly useless trinkets around.

I also used to have an assortment of jackets I liked wearing all the time. I would feel more confident while wearing them, and I had enough control over my body temperature to wear them pretty often without perspiring(people would grab my hands and freak out at how cold they were).

Eventually I was forced to stop wearing them, and I can't seem to do the body temperature lowering thing anymore. It was something I used to practice regularly.
I had two items:

A little Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, and an actual blankie, I believe it had Dumbo on it.

I had those with me AT ALL TIMES until like, age 5. I don't know what happened to the Dumbo blankie, but I just recently found my Winnie the Pooh. I kind of want to wash it and keep it and give it to my own kid someday.
My Elmo plush. I took him everywhere! And constantly fed him things like dirt and worms. XD I also puked on him a lot since I've been a sick person all my life. I still have him, though. All that washing made his limbs really fragile and his pupils are scratched up. I plan on wrapping him in my baby blanket, then putting him in a box. <3
A stuff animal named Winter, he's the cutest bear ever. My boyfriend bought him for me when we first started dating 5 year's ago. And when I'm sad, depressed, or in a shitty mood. I just hold onto him.
My best friend and next door neighbor when I was about six gave me a tee shirt his mother helped him buy for me for Christmas. He made a huge impact on my life and when I felt upset or as if no one cared about me, I'd nestle my face against the soft fabric. He bought it so big that it used to be my favorite nightgown and I can still wear it now.
A pink bear. And a stuffed animal cat named Laddie. ('Lad-d')

The bear I don't even KNOW how long I've had that for, but hell, I'm staring at it right now. I cuddle it to this day because it is comforting. As for Laddie...


I was so attached to it that my parents hid it in the attic somewhere. Damn them. I want Laddie.

I was given Laddie when I was three or four for my birthday. I was PISSED because we had just moved and I had liked the old house, so my parents went and got me a plushy of a cat. Within opening the box and pulling it out, I named it Laddie, then proceeded to puke ALL OVER the place because I had eaten too much cake.
No nothing. Everything I had like teddies are at my grandmother's. I don't even remember the things I had.
a little yellow pillow with blue frilly things around the edge.

i called it piwwow.
I had a comfort Tonka Trunk.
I moved often as a child, and even still I move often. I don't have anything that I used to keep to comfort me. My room was always my comfort, because I always had a room. I'd put up posters and play with plastic animal figures for hours. All my fond memories are in isolation in my room, really.
A pocket watch that used to have a picture of me and my Grandpa who passed away. When I moved away from home I replaced the picture with one of me and my little brother. It's an heirloom of sorts and I plan on giving it to whoever I think deserves it most when I get older.
Hm, I've never been all that sentimental. Even as a young boy, I've always been pretty logical about things.
Everything I own/owned must serve a purpose. Once it's purpose is fulfilled or is no longer required, it gets tossed or (rarely) handed down.

Now that I think about it... this explains a lot.
I used to sleep with a blanket covering my face when I was younger. Always felt that if I didn't, some horrid monster would see my face and attack me in my sleep.
Swiss army knife. Still carry one. Though I've been liking the foldable needlenose pliers with blade/file/screwdriver/bottlecap opener attachments a little more. Largely because of the pliers.

I also carry a lighter these days too.
Pocket knife. I've always carried one since my dad gave me my first one when I was little. It used to be just "neato I can be just like Daddy now!" but after I got older I realized how handy they can be. But originally I think the only reason he gave it to me was for protection so that I could knife somebody...because everytime I tried to open a package or a toy with it he'd flip and make me give it to him so that he could do it instead...not to mention all the demonstrations on how to properly shank someone...

I kind of have a fascination with knives now though. Not like, fancy bejeweled dragon things, but like, durable, versatile ones.

Past few years I've started carrying a lighter too...probably because I had this turbo-strong urge to smoke for a while. That and the lighter has a strong little LED on the bottom which comes in handy.

And I has a blankie :3 I have one I got when I was a baby and I also have one a friend made me. It's really soft & I sleep with it all the time.
Don't need the lighter just to smoke! Its smaller than a flashlight ;)

I, too, have developed a fascination with knives that culminated in a collection of replica, historic, military, and outright ludicrous implements. My favorite is the K-BAR sitting next to my scuba diving knife.