Secularists Know More about the Bible than Religious

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  1. Article here.

    A new survey shows that atheists and agnostics are more knowledgeable about religion than most practitioners. Close behind in the survey were Jews and Mormons. Only person that knows more than all these groups combined is Asmo.
  2. This does not surprise me in the least.
  3. NOT to start a religious war, but I think for some atheists and agnostics it becomes a survival tool. After all in a lot of places they, especially the atheists, are treated with hostility, thus, know thy enemy. They learn so they can explain exactly why they've chosen their path. Then some are just curious devils!
  4. Someone who is Atheist, at least in America IMO, would probably be born into a religious family, although today that might not always be the case anymore. So they have chosen to change their faith, or lack thereof. Therefor, they need reason to be Atheist, a reason for changing their faith. That reason is their understanding of the Bible and their inherited religion, and the inaccurate and contradictions they may contain.
  5. Most so called 'bible based' religions don't actually base their teachings on the bible though, remember. So you can't expect them to know much if they aren't being taught crap.

    I mean (and I reference above, not to start a religious war) the Mormons believe the bible "insofar as it it translated correctly" meaning they do not believe god is allmighty enough to protect the integrity of his message, and Jews completely ignore that all their prophecies point direct-freakin-ly to Jesus as their messiah.

    Yeah, most secularists know more about the bible than most religious people. Most religious people just want something to comfort themselves with, they don't care about truth or fact or evidance, they just to be told someone loves them.

    What I find absolutely is that most creationists I know (and i by that I don't mean the seven literal day theory, I just mean people who believe everything was created as opposed to evolving on its own through chance) know more about geology, biology, the fossel record and just science in general than any evolutionists I have met.
  6. Not surprising; most "Christians" that I know expect their pastor to know the Bible for them.
  7. I knew this one woman who said she thought it showed a lack of faith in god to look into the bible for herself. I wanted to beat my head on the floor. I was like 'see now if you'd read the bible you'd know that's not right. You wanna be christian? Who you gonna listen to, your small town local pastor or god? BRAINS people effing USE THEM.
  8. Right, if this thread is just gonna turn into a "CHRISTIANS SUX"-parade, it will be shut down.
  9. Agreed with Tort. No one's religious or non religious POVs are any better than anyone else's.
  10. I'm sorry I didn't mean to suggest that! I'm a christian (well, I generally fail, but I do try at least- I mean-especially given my nature- that's gotta count for something.) I just get frustrated with people who don't know what they believe, reguardless of what it is. I think everyone needs something to hold onto, life is too scary otherwise.
  11. Thats all good, there was no intent to air anyone out in public. It is just that a lot of these discussions about religion tend to go into the wrong direction with nothing constructive being produced. The staff does not wish for Iwaku to have that kind of....out-look, it seldomly brings anything good with it. This warning was simply put up to prevent any kind of flaming to wards other members religious believes(I personally saw potential for it), we ask for mutual respect from all sides.

    This by no means suggests that the topic must die, if anyone have personal experience with the allegations on this topic, go ahead and share.
  12. This thread's title is misleading. The survey and all credible sources I find say "religion." I researched some of the questions out of curiosity, and there was a lot more to do with religions in general and post-Bible religious history and events. Some of the questions with the least number of correct answers indicate more of people's apathy and/or ignorance towards religious beliefs outside their own than anything.

    This thread's title suggests the survey was mostly or perhaps entirely about "the Bible." I wouldn't be surprised if the results of such a survey would be the same; I know a lot of people who will admit they just don't care what the Bible has to say these days. But you're my history and facts-I-don't-know guy! I need you to be accurate so I can be vague. You're better than this, Rory.

    *hand on hip*
  13. *Walks back in with signs & a float, then stops 'n turns around* Goddammmit...
  14. Not sure what you mean. If you're supposed to be warning me, note that I didn't pass judgment on them. I just said they(and the "they" referred to both Christians and non-Christians) didn't care. That's something the people I'm talking about freely admit to.

    To call someone apathetic isn't always automatically an accusation--especially if they give you an explanation of why and how little they care that lasts anywhere from two minutes to one hour.

    Also, I never use the popular connoted definition of ignorance as "willful stupidity we should all look down on" but the dictionary definition. My best friend can tell you, I'm a stickler about that.