Sector 0

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  1. The last thing you can remember is passing out from some kind of gass, as you wake, you find yourself in a ruined plaza, directly ahead is a large, flowing fountain that looks to be in good repair, to all sides are abandoned buildings and wrecked roads. Suddenly, over some kind of loud speaker system, a message plays.

    "Welcome to Sector 0, the biggest hell hole of death and slavery you'll ever have the displeasure of setting foot in. and your new home. don't bother trying to escape, you'll just be shot dead. As long as your stuck here, you should know that the people who get stuck here always end up falling into one of a few groups, well, if they don't die right out the gate. Oh, coincidentally, don't drink from the fountain, it's been poisoned. Anyway, take it from one of the people who's been in here the longest, this is NOT a friendly place. The Scavengers are usually harmless, just stay away from whatever their digging through and you should be fine. The slavers, on the other hand, keep away from the Grey Quarter, you can tell it apart from everything else from the fact that the buildings are less falling apart and most of them don't directly touch the ground. I shouldn't have to tell you what slavers do. Then there's the cannibals, they dress fancy and never talk, so, their easy to spot, just avoid them, unless eating human flesh is silence is your thing. or, being eaten in silence, as the case may be. The Colonists are also around, in a little fort attached to the back wall, but, they never seem to leave, so, just don't try to get in and they wont hurt you. Oh, and try not to get too mad if something of yours is stolen, we thieves have gotta eat just like everyone else. This message repeats every 24 hours."

    You'd best settle in.


    1: Please stick to humans or anthros.
    2: Sometimes, it is kill or be killed.
    3: There is no limit to how many players can participate.
    4: You participate until your character dies or escapes.
    5: Do not just kill other players, at least give them a chance to fight back or flee, or a hint of your presence if you decide to be sneaky. If they don't figure it out, its their own fault.
    6: Play fair and have fun.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.