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I don't know how far to go with this but here goes <>__<>

This RP is based off the intense video game "Section 8." You have the badass aromor, heavy tech weapons, and epic firefights all around.


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The Archangels are a special Section 8 squad that are deployed on only the most difficult or suicide of missions. They're givin the name "Archangels" because the soldiers are expected not to return back from the mission, they epexct to live only 30 seconds into the battle. Your character takes the role of a Section 8 soldier, who performed an amazing feat to successfully complete a mission. He/She is then recognized by their skill and is ranked up to an Archangel. The Angels have no maximum squad size and do not discriminate by use of weapon. You can choose to have a weapon specialty or prefered combat style.

Required info:

Years of Service:
Prefered Weapon/Style of Combat
Background Info:

So thats the story and what you need. If theres anything else you need to know just ask and you shall recieve.