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  1. Looking for the male role.

    Rich girls weren't supposed to be strippers, not even exotic dancers. The daughter of a growing company is supposed to be a good girl.

    A male works for her dad as a grounds keeper for their mansion. Being in his twenties, he was always treated like family, treated the girl as if she were his sister and yet the father made it clear they werent. No father will have his daughter marry a poor man. With a strict father the girl escapes one night and the boy is fixing one of the limos and sees her leaving. He follows her to investigate, hoping to catch her with the boyfriend he disapproves of. But he finds her at a strip club being the main attraction, he isnt pleased but out of his care for her, they come up with a plan to keep her job secret. Even lying to her father and risking his job. The boy and girl being tangled in this lie become close and end up falling in love. Will her father find out?
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  2. Well...good thing I just got online.

    This sounds interesting, I would be willing to do this with you.
  3. That was fast. Do you have any questions for me?
  4. Hmmm... No real specific plot questions. More on the lines of if you want a CS and or a real picture on the first post. I can help think of plot twists later down the road, but I can't really think of any right now until once I see where the RP idea is going.

    Yeah it was fast...I just got online not too long ago and was just searching through the list (I only do it once a day >.>)
  5. I don't do CS personally. And I will accept real and anime pictures, most likely real ones since this roleplay doesn't have any aspect of fantasy or anything where anime pictures would be needed. But all the same, pictures don't matter.

    A picture on the first post is required for me. I do have to ask, are you okay with cursing? My plan for the characters was to have a bit of animosity between them, the male cares to much about her and the girl thinks she doesn't need it. Not sailor mouth but a few curse words here and there?
  6. I don't mind cursing. I also wouldn't even mind if they had a 'sailor mouth'. It's all writing to me and I love writing so you know. Doesn't bother me ^^

    Alright, I will find a real picture for the first post.
  7. Alright. I will get the thread done sometime tomorrow and send you the link. Thank you for taKing interest in this roleplay.
  8. Alright.

    Your Welcome ^^
  9. Alright...So I saw you made the Thread...and someone replied to it.

    This guy has replied to two of the roleplays that I have started with someone else. What the hell .-.
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