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  1. Elliot worked as a Teacher at Elimore High school, he was a Language Arts teacher. Everyone thought he was cool, because he was a very calm teacher. Most of the time he allowed his students to talk, unless it was for a Test. Everyone accepted it, so they always obeyed.
    He was a rather.. Short male, to say the least. For some reason he had gotten his mother's short Gene's, but he didn't exactly mind. He was 5'5, pretty short from the average male. He had medium sized Black hair along with bright Misty blue eyes. All the girls wanted him and all the guys envied him.

    They had a new teacher, and he was pretty curious. He hadn't met the male yet, so since right now he was on his break he would go visit the new teacher.

    He walked over to one of the Science rooms in hall B, knocking on the door softly. He opened the door and waved, he had felt everything light on fire once he saw the Male. He was.. Absolutely beautiful, with his Strong shoulders and tallness. Oh lord, Elliot felt like he was going to faint. Thank god that he didn't though.
    "Hello, you must be the New Science Teacher. I'm Elliot Rove, you may call em Elliot or El. Either is fine. Anyways, I just wanted to come and say hi, and welcome you. We don't usually get new teachers so this is nice." He states, grinning happily. "I'm a Language Arts teacher, by the way. I'm literally right down the hall if you ever need me."

    (( Please, someone join :P. I'd love you forever if you did!. Anyways, this will have Sex and it is about Gays if you didn't read what the Role Play would be about. So if you're uncomfortable about either of them, please do not join for your own safety!.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But seriously, please join. I'm really interested in this and I have nothing else to do xD. Bye! ))
  2. The other teacher turned and smiled "Oh Allo, my names Matvey Braginski-Jones, its nice to meet you!" He said his accented voice was soft and welcoming.

    Purple eyes locked with the misty blue and Matvey couldn't help but feel warm and not to mention find the shorter male adorable!

    "Uhm...vould you like to go for lunch, s-so ve could get to know each other better?"
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  3. Elliot chuckled softly as he nodded eagerly, loving the males accent. "Yeah, sure. Where would you like to go? I mean, if you don't know any nice places then that's fine, I can always show you around.. Tell you what's good. Well, what's good for me. You have your own opinion and I'm completely okay with that." He rambles a little bit, stopping because he was out of breath. Usually whenever he rambles, he never stops.

    "Unless you're not okay with that, then I understand." He states after finally regaining his breath.
  4. Matvey chuckled, finding Eillot's rambling cute "It's fine, I don't know much about this town since I'm new here but ve could visit a restaurant that you like, da? (yes?)" He said standing as he took up his bomber jacket which rested on his chair.

    He walked towards the door and opened it, holding it for Elliot, he didn't want to come off as rude, espically not to him for he felt like his stomach held butterflies and he didn't quite understand why he felt this way to someone he just met. But he didn't care because he knew love had strange ways of performing.
  5. Elliot grins and he nods, walking out of the classroom. He grabbed Matvey's hand and quickly pulled him outside and into his car. "Well. There's this place called 'Imagine' And it's actually really good." He states.

    A couple of minutes later, they reach the restaurant, walking inside. They told the girl at the front desk that they needed a table for two, so she nods and takes them to the back of the restaurant. He sits down slowly. "This place always makes my day, for some reason." He mumbles softly while smiling.
  6. Matvey was excited to be in such a nice restaurant "I bet itz the atmosphere! It feels so velcoming. Sort of like my papa's big sisters house." he said with a toothy smile.

    "There iz a restaurant back home Vhere I'm from, itz called Сейчас слушает, vhich means Forever Love." He added.

    He paused for a moment afraid that he was talking to much.
  7. "Your Papa's big sisters house? Oh, tell me about them!" Elliot tilts his head and chuckles softly before the waiter comes and asks them if they're ready to order. He nods and they both get what they want.

    "I love that Restaurant name, it's really pretty." He states, resting his head on the table, looking up at Matvey.
  8. Matvey smiled "My aunty's house is great fun! She is the most sweetest person you vould meet,though she can be pretty sensitive at times. My other aunt through is nightmarish scary...she loves sharp objects and chasing people vith them...." he said shaking as he helped himself to his order.

    "My parents loved the restaurant, they say that's vere they proposed to each other, I hope that I could do that too." He added.

    "Vhat about you Elliot, do you have any aunts or uncles?"
  9. Elliot chuckles before shaking his head "No, I don't. But I do have an older sister. She's like your Scary Aunt. Except she doesn't like sharp things. She likes things that she can whack people with." He states, remembering the time when he had gotten her mad.
    "Well, I hope you're able to do that." He smiles.
  10. Matvey shook slightly at the thought of the aunt and sister teaming up but those thoughts doin vanished as Elliot mentioned that he hoped he could purpose at the restaurant.

    His cheeks flushed a soft pink hue and he began to fiddle nervously at his honey colored long braid.

    He wanted so badly to tell Elliot how he felt, despite the fact he just met him, couldn't picture a life without him, he wanted to give him anything he asked for, to protect him, to marry him!

    He wasn't sure exactly what happen next maybe it was his American side or his will to say how he felt finally came out, whichever it was he thankful for it.

    Matvey suddenly stood up, his palms flat on the table as he bent some "Elliot, vould you, as you say...'go out' vith me?"

    He suddenly said quickly and closed his eyes out of the thought of being rejected.
  11. Elliot felt his cheeks heat up as Matvey asked him out. "But.. We barely know each other. I mean, I'd love to go out with you!. But we'd need to get to know each other much better and we have to be sophisticated in school. So.. No um.. Kissing and stuff" He mumbles softly, smiling.
    He was glad that Matvey asked him out. It was nice, and he already adored the man so it all worked out.
  12. Matvey smiled he felt excited they were now dating, he also hoped that this would give them a chance to get to know one another better. "Of, course, especially since children these days aren't to kind...."
  13. Elliot chuckles and he nods "Yep. Also we could possibly get fired." He shrugs "I don't know about you, but I live for my job." He grins before standing up and grabbing Matvey's shirt, pulling the male down he softly places his lips against Matvey's.
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