Secrets of Father Osis

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  1. Samuel (Sammy)
    Age: 15
    Sammy is a bubbly young girl. She is always smiling and is very loyal to her father Osis. Although when she is doing as he asks she can actually get rather scary. She is very small and seems fragile. But if one treats her that way she will prove you wrong in seconds. Sammy sort of has two personalities. At times she wouldn't harm a fly. But others she would crush your bones with her sand. Yup that's right sand. She uses one of the most comforting thing to people to fight. She is able to control the sand. Sammy will carry around a bottle of sand with her anywhere.

    Sammy doesn't have the happiest past. She was not born with her "gift". She was given up by her parents as a baby to be used in an experiment. Her genetics were altered and pretty soon she was being created as a weapon. After nine painful years Osis found out about the little girl and sent his other children to rescue her and bring her to their little home in the woods.

    Sam has dirty blond hair that is very smooth and reaches her lower back Her skin is rather pale but has a hint of a sand color to it because she creates a layer of hardened sand to protect her body. Her eyes are a bright green and she is 5'1'' as well as very thin.

    Age: 9
    Max is still a young boy and is rather hotheaded. He can be a sweet kid, but most of the time he struggles with his anger. He is a very sensitive boy and would rather do things his own way. Unlike Sam he does not look fragile. His bones are made of a very very strong metal making him very strong and unbreakable, up to a certain extant of course.

    Max has black hair that covers his eyes for the most part. He is a bit tall for his age being about the same size at Sam but he has a bit more muscle to him. His skin is also very pale because of the metal that is in him. Max was born the way he is and was taken in by Osis when he was very little. So he does not remember anything before Osis. Although he is not a fan of Father Osis because he tends to get yelled at a lot since he seems to act before thinking and is good at screwing up the missions.

    Age: 18
    Tyler is seen as the big brother, not just because he is the oldest. But because he tends to take care of them all. He does a lot of the cooking and makes sure everyone is taken care of. Tyler has a sixth sense, as well as having all his others a lot stronger. With the sight like a hawk, hearing like a rabbit, and smell like a hungry wolf.

    Tyler has short brown hair and brown eyes to match it. He is very strong and grew up learning martial arts. Tyler was born with his skills. His parents passed away when he was a young boy, but he still remembers them. Since then he has lived at the cabin looking after all the other children and doing as Father Osis's asks.
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  2. Xavier
    Age: 16
    Xavier was born with the power to heal other as well as himself. Diseases, cuts and bruises, broken bones as well as physical deformities, basically he can heal anything. He was taken to Osis at a young age when the man said he could help him. He refuses to call Osis father though, as he is not his real father. He overall is not a huge fan of Osis but stays with him because he has no other choice. He has little patience for others and is short tempered.

    ( will post a picture, sorry it's short)

    Age: 12
    Angelo has the ability to control water he can even use it to heal others thanks to water's healing properties. He was born with his power. His parents willingly gave him to Osis. He tolerates Osis more than Xavier but is going through he early puberty rebellion phase at the moment. He sees the younger children as a pain and just wants to grow up and be treated like an adult.

    Another boy I will add later
    Age: 6
    Alex has the power to use other's powers. He can only copy one person's powers at a time, he doesn't steal their power just copies it. It only lasts about an hour. He was born with his, although his parents didn't want him. He is very close or tries to be with Max and is always at Tyler's side. He often gets scared at night and wants to ask Tyler if he can sleep with him but gets scared and just lays awake the rest of the night to scared to go to sleep.
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  3. (I added my other character.)

    It was early morning. All was quiet. Sammy was in her bed sleep and Max lay on the couch passed out. The young boys arm was hanging off the couch his hair in knots on his head. Saliva dripped down the side of his face his mouth wide open as he slept. The thin blanket had fallen to the floor hooked to his foot. A small sound echoed through the quiet home as the front door opened. Tyler had gone out on a mission alone. He had left two days ago and had finally returned. He was exhausted and hurt. The people he was suppose to spy on and gather some information. But he had been caught and had to fight a handful of men to be able to get away. Tyler sat back on a chair at the dining table clenching his jaw. His shirt was stained with blood, not only from himself but fro others as well. He had many bruises and cuts and didn't have the energy to move.
  4. Xavier was still sleeping in his room when Tyler got home. The past two days he had filled in for athlete in the sense of being 'den mother' for the group. He had new found respect for the boy or man. He told himself he would help Tyler out more around the house.

    Angelo was snoring in his bed, the blanket half on half off him. He snored so loud he woke himself up. Deciding to go back to bed he layer his head back down covering himself up fulling with a blanket, he then scratched his butt and fell back to sleep.

    Alex had been worried Tyler wouldn't come back from his mission. He had heard the door open but was scared of who it would be. He hadn't slept much that night as usual, but after a whole of contemplating wether he should go and see who had entered the house he ventured I to the kitchen and saw the man. Running up he gave his "big brother" a hug. He had never called Tyler his big brother out loud but secretly thought of him as one.
  5. Tyler smiled as the kid came out of his room. "Hey kiddo." He said softly. "I wouldn't touch me yet. I'm all gross." He said and stood carefully. "I'll go clean up then get that hug of yours." He said kindly. Tyler took a deep breath ready to pass out. But he walked towards the bathroom to clean himself up. As Osis had told him he was out. Father Osis had some things to deal with, where ever it was at least he had time before Tyler had to break it to him that he had failed to gather the information that was requested. Tyler pushed the bathroom door open and closed it behind him. He would ask Xavier to heal him. But the boy was probably sleeping. So he'll bother him later. Tyler rinsed off in the shower then pulled on some gym shorts before going back out. "Alright, I'll take that hug now." He said standing shirtless so the cloth wouldn't irritate his wounds.
  6. Alex waited patiently for Tyler to finish and then wrapped Tyler in a big hug. "I missed you....I thought you might not come back," he said then he turned away thinking Tyler wouldn't like the affection he was showing and think he was some dumb little kid. Moving away he got his first good look at the boy. "You're hurt and tired go rest mister when Xavier wa-" he was cut off as he began to yawn. Once he finished he finished, "wakes up I'll get him to heal you," he finished with another huge yawn.
  7. Tyler chuckled, "I think your the one who needs sleep kid." He said rifling his hair. He took a deep breath and headed towards the breakfast. "I will always come back. Besides, if I didn't who else would take care of you guys." Tyler took out a pan and pulled out some eggs from the fridge. "It's about time everyone got upanyway. Ya hungry for some eggs?"
  8. "Xavier has been taking care of us, he's not as good as you though......Tyler please get some sleep you look really tired," the young boy said puffing his bottom lip out like a puppy dog.

    Xavier finally got out of bed. He was assuming that Tyler would still be gone so he would have to make breakfast. Pulling in a pair or jeans and a shirt he entered the kitchen. Seeing Tyler all scratched up he said, "looks like you had a fun mission."

    Seeing Xavier walk in Alex said, "Xavier can cook breakfast so you can sleep." The words barely got out of his mouth before another yawn escaped his mouth.

    ( do they share rooms?)
  9. (Uuuum we can put the two older kids together. Then two younger. And sam gets her own room? Or the boys can share and same gets a room. It doesn't make a difference to me.)

    Tyler sighed. "Alright. Just for a bit." He said finally giving into the young boy. "Think you can handle breakfast for one more morning?" He asked Xavior just making sure he was alright with it.

    Sammy rolled over in bed and looked at the time. She stretched and slipped out of bed then pulled on some jeans and a black tank. Her hair was then pulled back.
  10. ( yeah sure Tyler and Xavier share, Sam gets her own and the three younger boys share)

    "Yeah I'm basically a master chef by now, do you want me to heal those right now or wait until you wake up?" Xavier asked his friend. He really didn't like cooking breakfast, but knew Tyler needed to rest for a while.

    Alex was prepared to follow Tyler to his room and make sure he got I to bed and didn't just close the door and watch TV or play video games.
  11. Tyler started towards his room. "Feed the kids first. I'm about ready to pass out anyway." He said over his shoulder and went to his room. Seeing the boy fallowed him he smiled. "Making sure I'm doing as told?" He asked with a chuckle. Once he wasin d he closed his eyes. "Hmmm I could use some company. Come lay down with me." He invited him and scooted over.

    Sammy went into the living room not seeing Tyler. She grinned and went over to the couch where Max still slept. She plopped down on him causing the boy to groan and try to push her off.
    "Hey get off of me!" He yelled at her. He managed to push her off causing her to fall on the livingroom floor.
  12. Xavier started making breakfast. They were having scram,bled eggs, slightly brunt toast and crispy bacon, Xavier hadn't quite figured out the whole cooking thing, so he was really glad Tyler was back.

    Alex got into bed with Tyler staying at the edge of the bed not sure how close Tyler would be comfortable with. "Shouldn't you get you pajamas on?" He asked the older boy assuming that Tyler still wore pajamas, because well, he was six and didn't understand that older males usually did not sleep in pajamas.
  13. Sammy went running into the kitchen. "Xavior!" She yelled laughing as Max who was not so happy. He was not one you would want to wake in the morning.

    Tyler smiled at the kid and closed his eyes. "Not right now." He said tirdley. He leaned over resting hiss head gently on the kids shoulder and started to fall asleep.
  14. "What?" Xavier asked the girl. Even though she was the only girl she was the wildest of all of them and she caused the most trouble.

    Alex still wasn't sure why Tyler wouldn't put on pajamas if he was going to sleep, but decided it wasn't important. When the older boy leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep he made sure both of them were covered and fell to sleep.

    Angelo walked into the living room. Seeing Max on the ground he said, "did the little devil girl do something."
  15. Max sat up grumbling. He rubbed his eyes, "yuup." He said with a sigh. Max never really slept well at night. He didn't understand why, he would spend hours pacing around the house at night. So he was always trying to take advantage of sleeping in in the mornings. "She's really going to get it one of these days." He muttered sitting back down on the couch.

    Sammy giggled and nodded. Seeing that max wasn't running after her she went to the fridge and dug out an apple. "So do you know what the plans are for today?" She asked Xavior with a mouthful of a juicy red apple in her mouth.
  16. Xavier had no idea what they were supposed to be doing today. He assumed Tyler would know once he gave his report, although judging by how Tyler was acting he assumed the boss man wouldn't be happy. All Xavier said to the girl was, "nope."

    Angelo got an evil grin on his face before saying, "wanna get back at her?" He had never been a huge fan of the girl. Of coarse he wasn't a huge fan of anyone, but the girl was always causing trouble, and if she wasn't here he could walk around in his boxers anytime he wanted.
  17. Maxgrinned and looked up, "I sure do." He said and pushed himself up stretching. "Man it's way to early to be alive." He muttered picking up his blanket and tossed it on the couch.

    Sam took another bit of her apple. "Is father Osis even home?" She asked curiously. He was usually gone. No one ever really knew where he went or what he was doing. She sat up on the counter and stole a peice of crispy bacon. "I can't wait till Tyler does the cooking again. You like to burn everything." She muttered taking a bite of the bacon.
  18. Still having the evil grin on his face Angelo said, "tonight while she's sleeping.....we cut her hair." He told Max, it would be great to get back at the girl, she was such a pain, and was always causing trouble.

    "I have no idea where HE is," Xavier said emphasizing he as a sign that he didn't like the man. Once he heard the comment about him burning everything he pulled the good away from her. "Well if you don't like my cooking then you can go hungry."

    ( ganging up on Sam XD. )
  19. Max thought about it, "That would be hilarious, but don't you think Osis will yell at us if we do that?" He asked. He would love to do that to the annoying girl. And he didn't really care what Osis thought. It's just his punishments.... they were not fun. And were rather painful. Every time Sam has picked on him he would fight back. He just didn't have any patients for the girl and would hit her or attack, but Osis seemed to always walk in at those times and so he would be the one to get into trouble. Osis was always about his children getting along. He described them as one happy family. Of course Max didn't exactly agree. But he kept that to himself. The family would honestly be a lot happier with that man.

    Sam frowned, "Hey! I didn't say I didn't like it. I was just saying it was burnt." She argued taking it back. Sammy shoved the fatty meat into her mouth so that he could not take it away from her. She gave a cheesy smiled and hopped down from the counter. "I'll set the table!" She sang before grabbing some plates out of the cupboard and went for the dining room.
  20. "Does that old man really scare you?" Angelo egged the boy on. He really thought the girl was annoying, yeah he sorta kinda maybe cared about her....but none the less the girl needed to be punished. "What if we draw on her face during the night, no long term damage, we'll use the washable markers, but we will still get our revenge."

    "Thank you," Xavier said with a smile toward the girl. It was nice to have a little help. Walking into the dining room with breakfast he called to the two younger boys to come and eat with them.

    Alex was kind of uncomfortable with the older boy laying on his chest. Carefully he took a pillow and put it under the older boy's head, then he nuzzled under the boy's arm. Alex was aware of Tyler's armpit hair and was careful to avoid it, he thought it was cool and manly....but he didn't want it in his face. Finally settled under the older boy's arm with his head on his chest Alex fell back asleep.