Secrets of artificial leaf revealed

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  1. Using a silicon solar cell coated with cheap and abundant catalysts, the device uses sunlight to rip apart molecules of water, just like a photosynthesizing leaf. ~Richard Van Noorden

    Read article here

    James Barber, who researches photosynthesis at ImperialCollege London, says: "Imagine having a catalyst that you can drop into a glass of water on your windowsill, generating a fuel. Can you imagine such a world?" ~Richard Van Noorden
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  2. Science is amazing!!
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  3. Much to Toronto's dismay, however, the Artificial Leafs haven't won a Stanley Cup, either. ;)

    To be serious, though, while I wasn't as interested in natural sciences as I was in Anatomy, this is pretty neat.
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  4. It caught my attention and I just had to read the article over twice, and than when I understood the concept, Fijoli mind was blown. Just had to share the cool news. Good work Humans! Good work.... We here at Iwaku are thoroughly impressed with all this artificial leaf business.

    My research leads me to believe that solar and wind are still way more cost effective and eco friendly ways to store energy but I'm thinking I should get back in the kitchen before I do too much thinking.
  5. Freaking awesome hehe.