Secrets In the Cellar

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  1. Every family has their secrets right?

    Somthing they don't wish to be shared with their neighbours and friends, somthing that usually isn't that bad, possibly an affair.

    How would you feel if you were that secret?

    Well that is me, Nyla Jones, I've lives in the cellar for most of my life, only coming out for chores or if I'm needed to help around the house. What is so bad about me? Well nothing, in perspective, I'm a normal 17 year old, despite the fact I'm supposed to be dead. When a was a baby I got a bad illness and i died. My heart stopped, for two weeks i remained looking like a healthy baby girl, I even grew. My parents kept me down in the cellar after i woke up, I was physically 8, mentally i had lived a dozen life times. My family accepts a couple of teens for the week or two, I am not to come out. I decide this is my only hope at survival.
  2. Claire moved into the house on Fremlin Street the summer she turned 17. She rode in the front seat of the car with her Mum, and her 12 year old brother, Dem, sat in the back seat, whining about everything he could think of. A new city and a new house. Claire sighed as they pulled up in front.

    Her new room was nice, but it wasn't the one she wanted. Dem always got the nicer things. She thought her mum liked him better. Maybe that was because he reminded her of Dad... But her, although not at the front of the house, still was cozy. After the chaos of moving furniture into the house, Claire sat up in her room on the window seat, staring out. There wasn't much to see; it was mostly just the neighbour's house. But by craning her neck, she could see the alley where there was a boy playing basket ball. Kind of cute. She would have to go out later and scope out the situation. Suddenly, something caught her eye. There was a face at the window next door. It stared right at her for a moment and then it was gone.

    Claire blinked. She looked at the window again. Nothing. But she was certain something had been there...
  3. Milo was busy playing basket ball on a small court by himself in front of a few houses on the street called Fremlin. He jumped, through the ball, and made the basket. He let the ball bounce back in his hands and then a moving truck caught his eye. "eh?" He looked over, and swept his black hair to the side and watched as people got out the car and brought out some boxes taking them into the house. Then he noticed the house they moved beside. The haunted house as some called it. Of course, he didn't believe any of that, though...sometimes while playing basket ball he felt awfully cold.
    Trying not to think too much he shook his head and headed over to the new comers home and offered his help.
  4. Claire looked around her room and her gaze fell on her empty bookshelf. She sighed and picked herself up off the window seat, then went downstairs. She opened the door and ran face first into Milo who had his arms full. The books he was carrying fell all over the porch. He and Claire both bent to pick them up. "I'm so sorry." She said, flustered. Claire glanced up at him only to realize that he was Basketball Guy.

    "This is Milo," Introduced her Mum as she passed by, carrying a box. "He offered to help carry some stuff." She disappeared into the house. Claire picked up the last book and then stood up. "I'm Claire," She said, and opened the door.