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  1. Aaron grunt when his alarm went off. The radio was playing some upbeat song, but he wasn't really listening. He stared up at his ceiling for a moment before getting the energy required to move off the bed. He padded over to his dresser as the song continued.

    Aaron stared at himself in the mirror hung over his dresser. He could already tell today wasn't going to be a good day. He ran a hand through his short black hair before dressing. He poked his head out his bedroom door, but he didn't see anyone in the hall or hear anyone either. He exited and made his way through the kitchen. Grabbing some water, an apple and lunch money left behind for him, he headed out the door.

    As he walked to the bus stop, he heard his phone go off. He looked down at it. It was from his ex. He had broken up with her couple weeks ago without much explanation. He couldn't bear dating her after he had kissed someone else. Well more like make-out. He kept expecting to see this mysterious man be vaguely remembered, but so far no one had said anything. Maybe he was a bad kisser? More likely they barely remembered it either. But since then he had been doing his best to avoid her. It was best if they just moved on and forgot about it.

    Aaron sighed as he stopped wondering if it was possible to just head back to bed.


    Karen put down her brush. She looked at her phone and then to the mirror, twirling a finger through her hair. She decided it wouldn't be that big of a problem.

    She clicked on Sebastion's name, typing in a small text: {TXT} Good morning handsome.

    Karen smiled to herself as she sent it. She finished getting ready, wondering if she had time to finish her English homework before school. She said a quick goodbye to her parents as she left, hopping into her car. She had missed Sebastion. He was busy before the start of the school year with work and planning, but she hoped to see him more now even with school ongoing.

    She also made a mental check off on a calendar. Only five more months before she turned eighteen. She couldn't wait.
  2. Sebastian ran his hand through his scruffy hair for a few moments as he look around to see if he has everything ready for work. Grabbing a bit of burned toast he had put in the toaster earlier this morning he began to eat it slowly as he rushed around his apartemt worried he might be late.
    As he was about to leave the house his phone went off and he took it out of his pocket to read the text, seeing it was Karen made him smile and he texted back: Morning Beautiful
    Quickly putting the phone back in his pocket after sending the text and rushing out of the door the bit of toast still in his mouth. He speed walked over to his car and opened the door in a hurry, Finally finishing the bit of toast he had in his mouth he started the engine and began to drive to the school. He seemed to curse at every red light that came up on his drive, he feared being late.
  3. Aspen was already awake, looking in the mirror at herself. Her eyes looked tired, and her hair that was usually shiny looked dull, and was all over the place. She pulled it to the side like it usually was, and ran her fingers through every strand of it. She looked at the time. Shit. She didn't have enough time to dress up as she normally did.

    She threw her sleeping clothes on the ground, just leaving them there. Aspen then began to dig and dig deep into her closet, finding a pair of baggy sweat pants that had white crosses splattered all over it, and her favorite tank with patterns all over it. Not caring about how it didn't match, she slipped that on, along with her black converses with bleach stains all over them. She didn't bother to put on makeup, because people seemingly questioned her about why she caked it on herself everyday.

    Aspen began to gather her stuff, but she felt like she was missing something. She took a glance at her dressers, staring at the pack of cigarettes. "Don't." She told herself, forgeting about it all as she rushed out of her room. She said a quick goodbye to her aunt, before running oit of the house, and to the bus stop.
  4. Finishing up her make-up, Keely glanced at her clock. She had about fifteen minutes before she'd need to head off to school. Putting her mascara back in it's place, she grabbed her phone off the counter before heading downstairs for a quick breakfast. Her father sat at the table in the kitchen, going over one of his cases while her mother stood at the stove cooking pancakes. Keely wished them both a good morning before grabbing herself a plate and joining her father at the table.

    She compulsively checked her phone, checking to see if she had any texts from Carter. She knew she wouldn't, but she checked all the same, unable to let go no matter how hard she tried to push her feelings aside. Sighing quietly at having her assumptions confirmed, she absentmindedly poked at her breakfast.

    "Jaime called for you, Keely." Her mother called over her shoulder. "She told me to tell you to call her back as soon as you get the chance."

    Keely murmured her consent, though she had no true intentions of returning her sister's call. After everything that had happened, she simply had no desire to face her. Deciding that she wasn't really that hungry after all, Keely grabbed her plate and put it in the sink. Grabbing her bag, she slipped out of the house without attracting her parents' notice. Getting in her car, she turned on the radio and began the journey to school.
  5. "Rylie Anne Carson!"


    Jolting awake, Rylie Anne Carson glanced at the clock and cringed. Sighing, the black-haired girl hastily got out of bed, knowing that it was going to be just one of those days. Her father was in a bad mood again, it seemed and she was going to bear the brunt of it, as per usual. Her mother was probably already out of the house, being the workaholic she was.

    Rylie took a quick shower and changed - a pair of denim shorts and a white button-down t-shirt. Grabbing a hair tie, she put her hair into a mid-high ponytail and slung her bag over her shoulder and exited her room, going down the stairs to meet her annoyed-looking father.

    "You," He began. "Are late. This is not the first time." Her father's eyes narrowed.

    "We will talk about this when you get back. Now go."

    Rylie nodded and kept her head down, "Yes, father." She said quietly. She would have to get breakfast on the way. That was fine - she couldn't wait to get out of the house anyway.

    The girl put on her sneakers and left the house, and had an energy bar and milk-shake on the way. Sparing a glance at her watch, the girl yelped and started sprinting.

    Finally reaching the bus stop, she skidded to a halt just as the bus rounded around the corner.

    Phew. She barely made it in time.
  6. Karen felt her phone go off and was tempted to check it. It was most likely Sebastian but it could wait. She had seen enough of those 'Don't text and drive' commercials to know better. Also she had almost swerved off the road several months back.

    Still just knowing it was there made her smile. It was only when she was alone that she allowed herself to feel this giddy about her relationship. She didn't get to talk about it with her friends. They got to talk and smile and be open about their boyfriends and all, but Karen couldn't. She tried not to think of what might happen if people knew but she felt in time they'd be able to be together without the fear of repercussions.

    Karen finally pulled into the school's parking lot and made way to her locker.


    Aaron saw Aspen and then Rylie arrive at the bus stop. He waved at the girls as the bus came to a stop. He walked on it and headed towards the back. He wondered if maybe he should talk to one of the girls. He saw them enough in the mornings if they or himself weren't late. But he knew it mostly steamed from trying to show that he moved on. Or that he liked girls. Not that he had to prove it.

    He fidgeted with his phone. He wondered if it would ever get easier.
  7. Aspen saw Aaron wave at her and Rylie. Being friendly today, Aspen simply waved back, smiling a bit. She headed towards the bus also, getting on it, and sat in an empty seat that was in the middle. She pulled her phone from out of her pocket that was pretty easy to find, because her pockets were big. She dug in her bookbag, looking for her headphones. "I seriously need to organize this hellish bookbag." She thought to herself, sighing in frustration. That made her think about all the drugs she had been sneaking to school. She shrugged the thought off, but it still stuck to her mind.
  8. Sebastian parked his car and began to walk inside the school, he was always quite nervous about parking in the school car park as he feared his car would get stolen. Calming himself down a bit he started to walk to his class room if there was one thing he loved about being a teacher it was the fact that pupils seemed to move for you in large crowds. Reaching the history class room he pushed open the door and put his stuff down on the desk at the front of the class, the class room was colder than most but what are you to expect from a school. He took his keys and phone out of his pocket to put them in a drawer in his desk knowing he would most likely lose them.
    The thought of seeing Karen again made him happy.He wished he could tell someone but he knew if he did he would lose his job and most likely Karen.

    After a while of staring into space Sebastian turned on his laptop and began looking through the work he had planned for today.
  9. Seeing Aaron's wave, the girl smiled and lifted her hand up in greeting as well. The bus door opened with a hiss, and getting on it, she looked around the bus - wondering where to sit for the day. Finally, she spotted Aspen - sitting in the middle of the bus. She didn't really know the other girl that well as she had to keep her grades up so that she wouldn't 'disgrace her family' with less than perfect grades, but they were acquaintances.

    Rylie walked over to Aspen who was sitting and searching for something in her bag, "Mind if I join you?"
  10. Carter was leaning against the outer wall of the gym, a box of American Spirits in hand. She slapped the small box against the heel of her palm until a single cigarette rolled into her cupped hand. She looked out across the wide parking lot, the bus unloading zone, and her own car, a banged up 1996 Geo Metro. One of the doors wasn't quite as red as the other ones, a junk replacement after the first had been vandalized, but she didn't mind much. She pressed the cigarette between her lips and cupped her free hand around the flame from her lighter.

    "Dyke." A voice muttered as a group of juniors filed into the school through the door she was leaning next to.

    "Luff you thoo." She replied through her closed lips as she lowered the lighter and took a deep inhale of the cigarette. She shoved the lighter back in the pocket of the Letterman's Jacket she had stolen from The Salvation Army and felt her phone. She took it out and scrolled through her contacts, hovering over Keely's name for a full minute before turning it off and putting it away again. She ran her hand across her close-shaven head and looked up at the sky as it began to grow cloudy.
  11. Rylie caught Aspen's attention. She began to move her bookbag, scooting over. "I don't mind at all. Feel free to." Aspen replied to her question, a warm smile appearing on her face.
  12. Aaron smiled to himself when both girls returned the wave. He then looked out the window as the bus started to move. He looked down at this phone and finally looked at the text from Abbie.

    {TXT} We need to talk.

    Aaron sighed. This wasn't going to bode well. He wondered if she was just going to track him down and force some answers from him. As the school building came into view, Aaron stuff his phone into his backpack.


    Karen looked around the hallways as she half-leaned into her locker. She noticed a guy staring at her and she raised an eyebrow. He smiled nervously and inside Karen sighed. She wasn't the most prettiest girl at the school but she had her admirers. She felt bad about it. She appeared single but she always turned the boys down. She wondered if there was any rumors being spread as to why. She probably was getting a rep as cold bitch.

    Karen wondered if it would be better to claim she had a boyfriend at another school or something. Anything to keep nasty rumors off and have people stop pining after her. She didn't like it.
  13. Pulling into the parking lot, Keely grabbed her bag from the backseat and slid her sunglasses onto the dash before getting out of her car. She waved to all of her friends in the parking lot, before heading up to the building. She caught a glimpse of Carter smoking next to the gym doors that she usually entered through, and quickly rerouted herself towards a set of doors on the opposite end of the building.

    It took her a bit longer to reach her locker that way, but she didn't think her still fragile mindset could handle running into her right now. Switching her books in her locker with her bag, she quickly headed all the way back out to her friends' usually meeting spot in the parking lot. She figured that nothing was better than mindless drama for distracting someone.
  14. Ashton looked at his car and grunted. Taking a rag out of his jeans he wiped the smug off of the 1720 black Charger. He smiled to himself and patted the car lovely. He had received it for his 16th birthday while in Italy. Once he had decided to some home, he begged his parents to let him bring the car back to the U.S. It almost killed him to do it, but for Penelope he would do anything.

    Opening up the car he threw his backpack in the passenger seat and started the engine. “Well Pene it’s the first day of school. You ready for this,” He asked the car while closing his door? Ashton turned on the radio and grinned, “I agree with you. Let’s just get this over with.” He quickly pulled out of his driveway and honked the horn three times just to annoy his parents.

    Ashton look the long way to school, he had planned the route from the very first day he had decided to come back. The less people who knew about his parents the better, his hands tightened around the steering wheel as he remembered the other students fear. “Come on Ash that’s all behind you. They won’t even remember you from that long again. Besides you changed your last name and you’re wearing a red plaid shirt. ” He mumbled to himself as he pulled up into the school parking lot.

    He pulled Pene into a parking spot closer to the exit. He figured she wouldn’t get hurt there. He took a deep breath and turned off the car. “Alright Penelope you be nice to the other cars,” he said. He got out of his car with book bag in hand and began to head towards the school.
  15. "Thanks," The girl offered a small smile in return as she seated herself besides Aspen. "So, what are you doing?" Rylie asked, making small talk with her. Finally, she was out of the house! It was suffocating, sometimes - well, most of the time to be exact. Her praents were, after all, both workaholics and also traditionalists. She may as well make the most of her time outside.

    Inwardly, she wondered how the gang was doing.
  16. Carter let the smoke roll out of her mouth like a fog and watched it dreamily. When it faded she looked up and saw Keely gathered with her "friends" in the parking lot, gossiping, laughing. The pain fell on her like a crashing wave. Summer had kept the pain distant. Working 8 hours a day at the drive-thru Monday through Friday and sleeping through the weekends kept Keely far away. It was like she was nothing more than a dream, a beautiful dream with a very bad ending. But now it was all painfully real.

    She took a long drag of the cigarette to hold the memories at bay, but her brain flicked to the night they first met, like a film reel clicking into place on a projector. She saw stars…

    She saw stars and she felt the soft chill of a summer breeze. She felt music throbbing from the house behind her and could smell the beers, drugs, and women even from outside. The roof was a little steep for her liking and she had to dig the heels of her sneakers into the tiles to keep in one place. It was worth it though, to get away from the drama for a moment. Another hook up that had gone a little too public, another angry boyfriend... The roof made for a good quiet place and she liked being closer to the stars. The ruckus in the house amplified briefly as someone opened and then quickly closed the sliding glass door below her. Carter looked down as a pretty girl with white gold hair emerged from beneath the gable on which she sat and walked out into the empty back yard. Carter felt drawn to her immediately her muscles screamed the words “talk to her.”

    She clenched her cigarette between her teeth and lowered herself off of the roof, dropping straight down onto the patio. The girl gasped. Carter pulled the cigarette out from between her teeth and put her hands up in a surrendering gesture. "Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to scare you." She said sweetly. She still had the cigarette balanced between the fingers of her left hand and the neck of the beer bottle lodged between her right thumb and pointer finger. She smiled at the face across from her and recognized the girl now, Preston High’s own Teen Dream Queen, Keely Evans. Normally the conversation would have stopped there, but she felt bold and Keely looked... lonely.

    “Hey, I know you... Well, I’ve seen you. I’m Carter. Wanna come up? Have a smoke?”

    Carter’s eyes were burning. She pulled the cigarette away from her lips and blew a stream of smoke out, long and slow. Don’t let her get to you. She focused her gaze somewhere else, at the school bus coming up the street. She relaxed her shoulders against the brick wall and made sure her eyes looked as blank as possible. The pain faded to a dull ache.
  17. Even when surrounded by people, Keely always felt alone. If she thought about it too much, it really began too scare her; she'd known a vast portion of her friends practically since cradle. She knew some of their deepest, darkest secrets, yet they barely knew a single thing about the person she truly was. She'd known them forever, but she'd never opened up to any of them, not once. Not a single one of her friends had ever seen the real Keely. They'd only ever seen the person that she'd worked so hard to be, yet had never fully been able to become. Yes, it scared her to think about it; thus, she made it her goal to let her mind wander down those paths as little as possible.

    Carter had seen her though. Carter had been able to see straight through her, and had a knack for breaking down all of her walls as though they were made of mere paper. Their time together had been rather short relative to that of which she had known the people she was currently with, yet Carter easily knew her better than all of them combined. Keely had told her all of her hopes and dreams, her fears and reservations, everything from to her favorite color to the little brown teddy bear that she still hated to sleep without.

    She wondered when it had started to become so hard to uphold the lie. Or, perhaps a better question was, when had she stopped believing the lie herself? She stood in the parking lot, laughing and smiling with her friends as though she hadn't lost her entire world but a few months ago, and it was perhaps the hardest thing she'd ever had to do; she feared that at any moment she might break. She missed the way things used to be, back when she never truly looked at her life. There had been a time, not so long ago, when she had deluded herself into thinking she was happy. It was hard not to, with everyone telling her how lucky she was. She came from a nice, upper-middle class family, she was intelligent and had lots of friends; she pretended she couldn't feel the aching in her heart and ignored the longing deep within her that she could never place. Everyone assumed that she was happy, so she believed she must be.

    Ignorance truly was bliss, and she wished wholeheartedly that she could return to that state of mind. She knew that it was far too late for that, though, for the second she said yes that night, yes to rebellion, yes to taking risks, and most importantly, yes to joining Carter on that roof, she was already too far gone to ever have a chance of turning back.

    It was cold, so much colder than she thought summer rightfully should be. She'd realized early on that she didn't have the right mentality for the party scene, and had fled to the patio once the cacophony of sights and sounds that had ruthlessly assaulted her senses became too much for her to handle. She stood on the patio, staring up at the night sky. She could name most, if not all of the constellations before her. Ursa minor, Bootes, Lupus... She'd been fascinated with the sky for as long as she could remember, as her mom had told her that all the stars were angels, and that Polaris, the North Star, was the the angel of the loved one whose loss you felt the most.

    She was startled when a girl seemingly fell out of the sky and landed next to her on the patio.

    "Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to scare you." The girl said. She recognized her almost immediately. Carter Bennett was notorious in her school, a legend whose various exploits were whispered in hushed tones in the halls. She was like a fire really, dangerous and inviting, but stand too close and you get burned. Looking at Carter up close for the first time, Keely felt a strange feeling deep inside her being that she'd never felt before.

    “Hey, I know you... Well, I’ve seen you. I’m Carter. Wanna come up? Have a smoke?” She knew she should say no, that it was risky and would open her up to all kinds of behavior that was sure to break her parents' hearts. Yet she barely thought about it for more than a second, something she couldn't explain urging her to go for it.

    "Okay." She said simply. And she didn't leave Carter's side for the rest of the night. She was hooked.
  18. "I was searching for something in my bookbag. I don't think I'll find it, though. This bookbag is filled with...stuff..." Aspen said, a bit of hesitation of in her voice. She felt sort of awkward about what she just said, and cleared her throat to say something else. "You see, I don't keep my stuff organized, I lose a lot of things so easily, like once I lost a folder with my essay in it. About like, two pages long each, front and back.." She added to her previous sentence, along with a nervous and crazed-like chuckle. She was the kind of person to often have panic attacks occasionally, explaining why she changes the subject sometimes.
  19. Sebastian looked around the history class room that he was in and saw nothing exciting just a few shitty posters and a map of the world. As time passed he got bored of waiting for the bell and he started to sketch random things on a small bit of paper on his desk . He wondered if he go to the staff room with the other teachers but he did not care for them much they always talked about such boring things . He sighed looking out of the small glass panal on his door he saw groups of pupils hanging around the corridor. Sebastian tapped his hand on his desk to a song he had stuck in his head but stopped as the songs speed picked up, the bit of paper with the drawings was now in his desk.
  20. Karen looked over at one of the clocks that was in the hallway. She still had time before homeroom began. She looked around nervously, biting her lip again and then made her way through the crowd.

    As she moved she thought back to this summer. It had been much easier for her this time around. They had chosen somewhere where no one would recognize them. They could be together without too many looks. And they kept it mostly platonic when out in public. They were relatives. No big deal. But behind closed doors. Karen felt herself blush slightly.

    She stopped outside the classroom and slipped inside. She saw him looking at a paper. She tapped him lightly on his shoulder to get Sebastian's attention.


    Aaron was relieved when the bus finally came to a stop outside the school building. He headed off the bus, glancing around. She was no where in sight. Good. It was easier to avoid her when she texted or call, but Aaron didn't want to think what would happen if she managed to corner him. They only had one class together put they sat on practically opposite sides of the room.

    "I just want you to be happy."

    Aaron frowned. He didn't want to go inside just yet. As he walked he noticed Carter. He waved at her, making sure she wouldn't mind him approaching her.
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