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  1. Dan grinned as he logged on to his favorite online game, he was rather popular here much unlike reality and he went on every chance he got. The thing was though, everyone knew him as 'Spear the destroyer' since his character was female but he had only chosen to be a female because they had better armor and starting stats.

    Once logged in the 18 year old clicked on his character a small, petite teenager with shoulder length, curly brown hair and bright green eyes. It was basically a female version of himself and to be honest he really didn't care it was a chick

    Dan smiled as he saw there were a few people online in his area and began to type in to the chat box 'Spear The Destroyer: Hey there guys! Did I miss anything good while I was gone? Bloody college sets way too much homework for one person!'
  2. rose or her in game name was athena. She was petite with long red hair that reached her butt and had bright blue eyes. She typed in response to spears question. 'you didnt miss a whole lot i was just prepping for the next dungeon'
  3. Dan sighed, so boring! He loved it when there was in game drama. Dan leaned back in his chair and nodded 'which dungeon you on?' He/she replied, he didn't care people thought he was a chick. Less chance of them working out who he really was
  4. rose laughed "im headed to mount soren. its one of the hardest dungeons in the game ive been prepping for this dungeon for 3 days.' she was a power player known for lone wolfing some of the hardest dungeons in the game she was a master tactician and capable of planning out the dungeons long before she entered them.
  5. Dan grinned proudly, he had already finished that one 'good luck! I finished it a week ago. Just a quick tip, take out all the smaller beasts first. Mailed the main boss a lot easier' he adivced
  6. As Spear's first message appeared on the screen, Caramon couldn't help but laugh, even going so far as to have his character use the 'rotflol' emoticon, which looked odd as the large man covered from head to toe in dark, foreboding armor rolled around on the grass holding his sides.
    Caramon decided to continue reading the conversation in the chat box before posting his own response, hoping to give insight to others who could use assistance without repeating what had already been said.
    "Caramon Zero: Spear's right, and don't forget the hidden trap door behind the boss's throne before you leave. If you beat the hidden boss at the end of that floor, you get an extremely rare item."
  7. Dan had to admit he was rather impressed with the guys knowledge, he was sure he was the only one that knew about it 'very impressively Caramon sore. I wasn't sure anyone else actually knew about that since most high tail it out of there the moment their done' Dan had his character tilt her top hat to him
  8. "Well, I never leave a dungeon until I find everything there is to find in it, from just a few bits of currency, to the greatest secrets the dungeon has to offer. Speaking of which, I need to mark off the Daringer Highplains from my list of areas I need to finish."
    His avatar pulled a map from his belt and marked on it before putting it away as he continued.

    "The thing I think I enjoy most about this game is that you don't have to worry about classes or anything and just make your character how you want them to be."
    His character removed his helmet and held it under his arm, revealing long, dirty blonde hair, a small, red beard, a blonde mustache, and bright blue eyes before he held the helmet up in front of him, the look on his face full of pride in what he'd achieved.
    "Heck, it took me 79 hours to find all the components to finish the parts for my current armor set, and I actually found out that seeing the full Crimson Hero set is really rare, so I'm not plannin' on using anything else any time soon."
  9. Dan was becoming even more and more impressed with the guy, he seemed just as experienced as he was 'same here. It's like ocd or something. If I find out Ive missed something i have to go back and get it, even if I know I'm just going or end up selling it' he replied and pulled out his own map, grinning when he saw he had opened up the next part of his map 'where you heading next?'
  10. "The Daigardien Camp. I've already gotten the Half-Demon curse required to join the Daigardien Rangers, since they released the quest months ago, but made you give up the 'curse' to complete the quest, but I got sidetracked with other sidequests and item hunting, so I won't been able to finish that quest now thanks to the updates.
    I know the Daigardien questline just came out today, but I've been researching it for months on forums and wikis and such, and I had to level my character in order to even be able to enter the area."
  11. Sheila was chatting with someone privately when she saw her team was on. Oh no! I am so late for the meeting! Gah! She hurriedly typed in the main chat, Sheila: "What did I miss? Don't tell me you guys are already in a dungeon without me! I am the medic for goodness sake!". Typical role for a girl, but apparently not in this game. Most of her team were composed of girls...well who knows? I can only tell by their characters gender anyways...
  12. Dan grinned, he was in the same position! 'That happened to me too! Want to team up? We'll get double the experience and even rarer equipment" he suggested, he was a healer/archer and he was powerful to say the least. He wasn't popular just because he was nice.
  13. "Well, it wouldn't hurt to get the old team together and do some dungeon raids. I need about five more percent to level anyway, but with a character this high of a level, and the game not having a level cap, that's still a lot of experience to get.
    I'm surprised they set the entry level so high for this new area, since most harder places only need half that level to enter, so I'm guessing it's either for those who're perserverant or those who want a real challenge."

    After typing this, Caramon made his avatar sit and wait, eventually laying down and falling asleep as he waited patiently for anyone else willing to go with them to one of the higher level dungeons, that way all of them'd get an Exp boost based on how many people joined up.
  14. Dan nodded in agreement, it was going to a hell of a challenge but thanks to Dan's lack of social life he was very good at the game and was rather confident that he would be able to get through it with only slight difficulty and thanks to his new team mate it would be even easier
  15. Sheila: "Lets do it guys! I mean, if we get the old posse together I am sure it would be quicker than just the 3 of us! Just a little more damage or tankyness and we should be more than ready to kick some boss' butt xD" she typed exited, her fingers maneuvering the keyboard flawlessly. The only thing that could make her fired up was videogames, and this has proven to be a hell of an experience to her.
  16. Dan thought for a moment and clicked his fingers 'Spear the destroyer: what about Damage seeds? They're really rare and they like make all your stats something like 145% stronger than normal and last for a god 5 hours in game. I've got at least 22 of them'
  17. "Damage Seeds are a drop from Medusa Droids, and have a 1% chance to drop, so it took you quite a while to get that many, Spear.
    Honestly, I don't know how the coding on the seeds got so messed up, because they're only supposed to last for 5 minutes, and are supposed to have a 10% drop chance.
    The coding guys need to listen to me more often.
    Who do they think writes their paychecks, anyway?"

    Realizing what he'd typed, he attempted to delete it, yet he accidentally hit enter instead of backspace, slapping his forehead as the message popped up onscreen.
  18. Dan read and re-read the message 'Spear the destroyer: OMG! Are you seriously who I think you are? You're the guy that runs this game' He quickly typed 'Spear the destroyer: You're literally my hero. You have NO idea how much I love his game. I'm not going to go all crazy fan or anything because I still want to go in to the new area with you but just wow! I'm speechless and that doesn't happen often'
  19. "Holy moly....well well isn't that the new spotlight of the day. No worries your secret is safe with me at least." she type quickly. This was an honor to her since she knew she wasn't the strongest play or medic out there. There were better options for him to choose from and yet he still kept her in the team somehow.
  20. "I'm nothing special, just a normal guy that didn't give up on his dream.
    This game was made because I was tired of being restricted to level caps and classes, stats and ability points, and all that other stuff that limits a game.
    I decided to make a game that allowed you to be what you wanted, how you wanted, and do what you wanted.
    Heck, I even made the infinitely respawning NPCs just in case someone got angry at the character and wanted to show them how they felt.
    I always hated how PvP on other games worked, so I decided to fix it, and now we have the Armastis Area and the Corrundum Colosseum, where you can fight whoever and however you wish, as long as they're on the roster, and you don't have a loss score, so no one knows how you well you fight until they fight you."

    As he took a second to rest his fingers, he decided to go back to the task at hand, typing away at his keyboard ferverently.
    "Anyway, back to what we're doing, I actually wanted to recruit people to play in the new area I designed.
    It's not a dungeon, it's the first area of a whole new continent, and I was wondering if you'd like to help me beta test the entire continent before it's full release next month."
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