Secrets and Forbidden Love (1x1 with Psychedelic)

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    Josephine snuck silently along the forest trail, her hand ever present upon her pine-carved bow. Her ivy eyes studied her surroundings. Her experienced footsteps were almost silent in the early morning. Another typical morning for her; out hunting for food, perhaps extra meat that could be given out. There was always people who would gladly take any scraps left unwanted by those above them. The birds sang in the trees, the wind blowing through the lush summer leaves, whispering tales of lands beyond the rolling hills and towering mountains. Josephine wondered what may be wandering that day; perhaps she would be lucky enough to spot more than rabbits and rodents. Little did she know, there was not only animals wandering the woods that morn.

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  2. Although he wasn't an airhead, he was most definitely a wanderer. Prince Peter was once again shirking his duties at the castle, in favour of traipsing about the nearby woodlands. He knew he would achieve little by doing this, and would most likely receive a beating or two later on, but he believed he had done enough training for one day, and so off he had gone in search of some peace and quiet. He had not bargained on coming across anyone else whilst out here, and it was for that reason that his forest green eyes almost missed the young woman. Thankfully, in all his finery, it would have been difficult for her to accidentally shoot him, though this didn't stop the young prince spooking a little, immediately shouting, "Don't shoot me! I'm not a deer!" He clumsily clambered towards the girl, scruffy black hair catching on a branch or two as he went.
  3. Josephine continued a little ways forward. Before long, though, there was noise of movement nearby. Her head turned towards the noise, her bow off her shoulder and an arrow fitted into it in case it was an animal. That was what she expected anyways. And the reality was definitely far from expected. "Don't shoot me! I'm not a deer!" Her bow lowered a little, the string loose, but the weapon was not put away. Her ivy gaze pierced in the direction of the young man; obviously a noble, and a wealthy, spoiled one at that. "I had no intention of shooting you, sir." There was a curt and biting tone to her voice as she spoke that last word. Eyes narrowed, she shifted to straighten up, never once letting herself look away from the young man approaching her. "Stay back. 'Tis close enough."
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  4. Finally coming into the full view of the girl, Peter did come to a halt, though he did not do so due to her words. He simply stopped in front of her, as he didn't feel any need to get too close. He had never been a fan of others being in close proximity to him, and he felt no different out here in the woods. He furrowed his brow, frowning at her slightly, "Why are you acting like I'm a criminal? This isn't your home, is it?" He felt like a thief invading someones house - or at least he thought that was how he felt. He wondered if she did live here, and immediately felt quite bad about the assumed trespass. Of course, his father owned the forest, and it was in fact illegal to hunt here without the express permission of the man, but Peter hadn't quite thought of that one, or at least didn't care. "Here, I am Peter." He thought that giving his name might help her trust him a little. He also hadn't considered the implications of that name, coupled with the ebony hair that he had inherited from his father. There could be little question of who he was.
  5. Josephine stood her ground, but narrowed her eyes carefully. He didn't seem to be armed, or looking for a fight; otherwise he would have already attacked. "Why are you acting like I'm a criminal? This isn't your home, is it?" She thought a moment, but shook her head. " 'Tis unusual for a noble like yourself to be in the forest unless looking for trouble. I was merely being cautious." With that, she lowered her bow and sheathed the arrow back in the leather bag upon her shoulder. "Here, I am Peter." The young maiden glanced over, wondering why the male was so friendly. Typically those of his status did not mingle amongst the lower class. Not unless they wanted something. But she nodded once, giving a small smile and nothing more. The name fell upon unknowing ears, as she was often left out of the talk of the kingdom. Being hidden away 'for her own good' has its pros and cons. "A good morn to you, Peter. I wish I had the time to stay, but really, I should search." Her gaze turn, and she murmured under her breath. "Your yelling has probably spooked the animals. 'Twould be no surprise if there is not food for this eve because of that."
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  6. He was oblivious to the escapades of his noble counterparts, he was not a recluse, but he was not as gung ho and generally loutish as the other young nobles. Most hunted excessively, frequented the brothels and often found themselves in great tavern brawls when they were not training for various tournaments or battles. It was a high life, led by only the sons of the most wealthy and respected lords and knights. It was unsurprising that they lived like this, seeing as by their late twenties (and often before) they were usually shouldered with far too much responsibility, whether that be in keeping estates, collecting taxes or charging off to war, heading an army of thousands of frightened men. They had to pack their fun into a few years of dangerous living, or else die having notlived at all. Peter, on the other hand, hadn't quite thought of this, or had perhaps ignored it, in favour of leading his own airy version of life. "What are you searching for?" He asked, ignoring the bow and her stance. She couldn't be hunting here. Or so he thought. "What is your name?" He had not heard her last comment, and was simply curious about her.
  7. <input id="mac_address" value="undefined" type="hidden"><input id="triggerLogout" type="hidden">"What are you searching for?" Josephine didn't answer at first. Her ivy green eyes returned to Peter with a questioning look. "For food, of course. Taxes are high, many cannot afford to pay for the food offered in the markets. And those who can can ill afford anything else. Unless they are a noble like yourself." Her distaste for nobles wasn't hatred, just upset that they flaunted their wealth while so many others languished in poverty. Those prostitutes that they enjoy so often were not the most desperate; and so many are forced into such living for the sake of keeping themselves alive and fed. Even if it was crumbs of bread or scraps. "What is your name?" This response was delayed longer than before, as she didn't trust enough to answer right away. "Josephine." With that, she shifted her bow onto her shoulder and readied herself to move off in search of food; anything, whether it was animals or berries perhaps.
  8. He was surprised by her reasoning, though perhaps it was foolish of him to be so. Why would she know the schedule of the various hunts that the king headed? It was hardly an activity for the lower classes. So, he quickly informed her of the situation, and why she was so unlikely to be catching anything on this fine day. "You will not find any quarry today." He told her plainly, smiling in what might have been considered a mocking manner, though it was not intended in that way. "We have been hunting just two days ago, the animals will be in hiding for another day or so." He shrugged, and of course soon added, "Your time would do far better to wait around the crop fields at dusk. You do know that if you are caught here you will be branded a poacher?" Perhaps she had not known, though that was unklikely. As an afterthought, the prince did quickly add, "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Josephine."
  9. "You will not find any quarry today. We have been hunting just two days ago, the animals will be in hiding for another day or so. Your time would do far better to wait around the crop fields at dusk. You do know that if you are caught here you will be branded a poacher?" Josephine held her tongue for a moment as Peter spoke, knowing if she didn't the result would not be good. She expected such arrogance from a noble. "The crop fields will do no good for a starving town. Not when almost all are dead or gone." She folded her arms in front of her, her green eyes boiling with spite. "As for me, I have been hunting here for five years; you are the only one who has caught me." Knowing sooner or later he may come to his senses and try turning her in, for the king offered money for anyone who catches poachers, the young woman turned to head off. She was stopped when Peter spoke. "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Josephine." Josephine didn't glance back, and started walking off into the forest without another word. Hoping upon hope that he would leave her alone and not follow.
  10. Peter really didn't understand this girrl. She was a bit full of herself, and didn't really seem to understand the concept of hunting, let alone danger. There was far more legal quarry out in the fields, and of course, keeping the populations down would only help the citizens. Still, if this girl insisted on making life difficult for herself, then he would not stop her. He had no power to do so, anyway. "Just, be careful. I would hate to see you jailed." It was nothing personal, he would have said that to anyone but the most hardened of criminals. He believed that all men and women were basically decent, although it seemed few others held this personal ideal. This wouldn't change the princes thoughts though, he had always been his own man, even though his gentle and caring nature had led him to all kinds of trouble.
  11. To Josephine, Peter was the one who was full of himself. Just like any other noble, just like any other spoiled brat who thought he knew the life of those below him. When really, he was blind to the suffering, just like the rest of his class. Just like the king. It infuriated her that he was so narrow-minded. "Just, be careful. I would hate to see you jailed." This turned her head, anbd she gave a slight glare and a forced, fake smile. "I plan not to be jailed, sir. I intend only to survive." With that, she began to walk hastily off, thoughts muddling her mind. 'How dare he be so ignorant! How can he be so selfish?!'
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  12. Seeing as it seemed that there would be no getting through to this girl, Peter left her to her trespassing, and simply hoped that no on else had thought to take a stroll on this fine day. The young prince returned to the rough path that had been ridden into the forest floor by all the various hunts that had taken place here. He followed the hoofprints absently, soon finding him back at the city gates, and of course the castle. It was good to be back home, although he found it difficult having so much attention and respect. He had done nothing to earn that reverie, and so it disquieted him.

    The following day, the prince was to attend a patrol, accompanying the captain of the guard on a routine ride out to the various farms and settlements that lay outside of the city gates. It was said to be as a way of maintaining a face and familiarity, though of course it was only to remind them that there would be taxes to collect, and there were plenty of armed men to bleed it out of them if they couldn't pay up