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  1. Charles nervously waited for his boss to come in.
    His eyes looking side to side in worry as his jaw clenched.

    Charles never had a high end job, certainly not like this. It was for a magazine. One full of high end fashion,art and pretentious fashion designers.

    Since it was high end fashion, he had to be high end fashion. He bought himself some tailored suits and casual clothes from impressive designers.

    His brown eyes kept looking at his wrist watch.
    Hopefully his boss would be impressed. Hopefully.
  2. Julius walked out onto the floor, were Charles was waiting. "You dashing, love." he said smiling.

    Julius was known for his high end fashion craze. He loved it so much he had began a business for it, though many thought it was going to fail, but was surprised to see it become one of top businesses in fashion.

    The purple haired man walked around his desk and crossed his arms.
  3. "Do you need anything?" He asked, voice shaky but he still played it off professionally.
  4. Julius smiled and nods "Of course, you've been here with us for quite sometime now, correct? And you have been doing an amazing job with your work. I compliment you on that. Also you remember Clara, the elderly women who used to work just outside my office, sadly her position as secretary had to be put off since she is no longer able to work with us...." he said grinning some.

    He loved giving raises to his workers and he loved toying with them when they don't know their going to moved up the working ladder.
  5. "I haven't been her long but I do rember her... Sad how she's gone. She must've been lovely I'm sure." He smiled as he took out a schedule and pulled put some papers.
    He handed them to him. "That was at the front desk-oh and you also you have a meeting at four." He said.
    His pushed a strand of brown curly hair out of his face out of embarrassment. "One of those papers is from an angry man. He was mostly angry about you."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.