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  1. Keikaku Ongaku ((Literally means "Piano Music")) is a lonely Freshman who just moved to America. She can barely speak English and can't read English whatsoever, but the one thing she CAN do is sing. She can sing and play almost every instrument still taught. But her first day of school is coming up, and she has NO idea what to do. She can't read English. She can't speak English. She's transferring in the middle of the school and she knows no one. What is a lonely Japanese teenager to do in a situation like this?
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  2. Brendan is your typical male, or should we say your typically untypical male?
    Always there for his friends, or at least those who could be friends.
    His 2nd year of high school, and everybody knew everybody, but nobody really knew him.
    A new face was shaking things up,
    And among the suspicious faces and the thoughts they had. Brendan decided to welcome her.

    "Hello, my name is brendan, can I show you around?" He said with a smile as he put out his hand.
  3. The typical school bully Shitori Mokami walked towards brandon well he was a nerd with a better physical strength than other nerds but he was nice if you didn't make him mad well he only bullied people who made him mad anyway so he was gonna go see what one of his best friends were up to. "Hey Brandon so you mingling with the japanese exchange student?" Shitori had said he was an exchange student to but he actually took the time to learn english before coming to america. He looked to the japanese transfer student and he spoke the japanese word for hello.
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  4. Brendan looked up and shrugged "yeah, figured somebody should try and help her through this place, I also figure you are better suited, you speak japanese right?"
  5. He slaps brandon as he already knows this. "Brandon you just heard me say hello in the language please don't do that again those kinds of questions are stupid after you just hear him say it." Shitori says as he is more annoyed of the question brandon asked. "Yes i do brandon yes i do." He also said. He spoke japanese to the girl which translates to sorry about that.
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  6. Brendan looked at him "don't hit me. It was just a question, and there is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid answers." Brendan started laughing and looked around "You should teach her english.. It might help her out a bit."
  7. "Yeah i should but for now she can just stay with you till i get back well seeya brandon." Shitori said as he walked off leaving behind a ace of spades in brandons pocket knowing that he will be back.
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  8. He watched him walk off, then looked at the girl "this is gonna be hard.."
  9. Keikaku looks up at the two boys who were very obviously arguing, though she can't tell why. She watches as they both leave. 'I wish I could've said something...' She speaks in her mind.
  10. A whisper seemed to pop into the girls mind as soon as shitori left. "Ace,Heart,Spade,And club these are cards that shan't be touched." The whisper had said.
  11. Brendan smiles.. He grabs his phone.. He starts typing and scrapes his throat "konichiwa? Amerika e yõkoso? Watashi wa anata no mawari ni hyõji sa ramasu?? God.. I have no idea.." He looks at her hoping she understands
  12. I look at the boy confusedly. I know he's trying to speak Japanese, but the words are so mixed up I still can't understand. It makes me feel sad, so I try my best to respond. "Watashi wa mōshiwakearimasenga, eigo o hanasu koto ga anata no nihonjin wa imi ga arimasen..." I say, trying to explain that I can't speak English and that his Japanese doesn't make sense.
    ((Translates into "I cannot speak Engish, sorry...and your Japanese doesn't make sense..."))
  13. He looked at the girl confused, and frowned "I have no idea how to fix this.." He offered her his hand with a friendly smile
  14. Keikaku smiled shyly back at the boy and took his hand, not knowing what else to do. Her mind seemed to be whirring away at the thoughts inside it. She couldn't concentrate enough to find a quick solution to the current problem. "Watashi wa anata no yasashi-sa ni kansha, arigatōgozaimasu..." She said, quiet enough to where she didn't think the boy or anyone else would hear.
    ((Translates to "Thank you, I appreciate your kindness..."))
  15. He started leading her down the hall, taking her to a big library.
    He sat her down and searched for translation books..
    After searching he came back with 4 books, all english to Japanese, but he was sure that she could figure it out some way.
    He sat down next to her and laid the books out in front of her.
  16. As she moved to pick up one of the books, a small squeal could be heard behind her, as well as quick, eager footsteps. Brendan stood up from his chair and beganwalking over to the source of the high pitched noise. Keikaku stood as well, facing the girl who had just entered the library. She was tall and pretty, with short brown hair and green eyes that sparkled even in the dim light of the room. Brendan leaned into the girls embrace, pulling her in for a quick peck before turning back to Keikaku, who was blushing from witnessing the kiss. Brandon looked quickly between the girls, then flipped rapidly through one of the dictionaries on the table before facing the Japanese female.
    "Keikaku, kore wa watashi no gārufurendo, Emadesu." (Keikaku, this is my girlfriend Emma.)
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  17. Shitori walked by the three they all caught a glimpse of him before leaving towards the exit hoping not to be noticed for something really secret he was in that if any one knew what cult he was in he would be screwed over.
  18. Keikaku smiled kindly at the girl and answered slowly. "Ā, naruhodo. Sore wa anata no emasan o mitasu koto wa hijō ni ureshīdesu!" She said. She sat back down and picked up one of the books. Opening to a page, she took out a piece of paper and began to roughly translate her words into English on the paper. It was a bit confusing but still understandable. Keikaku handed the paper to Brendan.
    ((Translates to: Ah, I see. It's very nice to meet you Emma-san!))
  19. Emma listened to the girl speak, then watched intently as she scribbled furiously on a sheet of paper, handing the paper to Brendan to read. "Ah, I see. It's very nice to meet you, Emma-san!" He read, facing me and smiling kindly. I smiled back then faced the girl. I grabbed a dictionary, seeing a flash of something out of the corner of my eye outside the library, but I ignored it and looked through the pages of the book for the words I needed to say.
    "Soko ni kon'nichiwa, umm..." I turned back to Brendan. "What is her name?" "Keikaku." He replied. "She's from Japan." I nodded. "Soko ni kon'nichiwa, Keikaku. Amerika e yōkoso! Sore wa anata ga Nihon karada to iu totemo kūruda. Sore wa soko ni dono yōna monodeshou ka?" (Translates to "Hi there. Welcome to America! It's so cool that you're from Japan. What is it like there?")
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