Secret Reaper 秘密の刈り取り

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    Have you ever felt like your being stalked? Like some kind of, prey, but you don't know who the predator is? That's kind of how it is in my school, Iris University. Ever since the beginning of school, students have gone missing and were found as eye-less corpses with one painted on magenta tear on the left cheek. The police tried, but, they gave up a long time ago. Everyone is scared out of their minds, because someone came up with a rumor that there's a reaper in the school. It, it could be anyone. The school is under lock down, no ones allowed to leave the campus for any reason.. The penalty is death. Things are getting strange though..people, people are starting to have strange powers and things and..we think we're under a curse. With that and the reaper, who knows what will happen?​

    Name: Scarlet Young
    Age: 15
    Gender: Girl
    Looks: short, deep auburn hair with bangs. Strange violet eyes with palish skin. Wears a black tank top with grey skinny jeans and a white belt with purple tennis shoes. Usually caught with a way-to-big heather gray jacket that goes down to her knees and falls off her shoulders.
    Strange powers(other things)?: yes, she has psychic powers (mind reading/control, can see into the future, telepathy) and if you get her too upset/angry in anyway she grows a white tail and ears.
    Other: none
    (PS don't worry, it doesn't have to be this long if you don't want it to be)
  2. interested! will post bio soon!
  3. Name: Johnathon Hawk
    Age: 16
    Gender: Guy
    Looks: med-long bright blond hair brushed back. Orange eyes with lightly taned skin. Wears a plain white t-shirt with a black sleeveles hoodie black jeans black boots and metalic studded belt.
    Strange powers: When cut(if/when he cuts himself) blood wraps his body and scabs up to become armor(and/or weapon of choice)
  4. Cool, I thought no one would join! When Mew (I just gonna call her Mew) makes her bio we start.
  5. [​IMG] Name: Luna Toriyama Gender: Girly Strange power/Other things?: Elecktrokenises. Other: She has a thing for weapons and keeps some stored in her dorm.
  6. Cool! We can start!)

    A small red-headed girl stared out the window. She breathed on to the glass and used her finger to make a happy face. A gentle smile appeared, though you could tell she was absent. No one was really happy enough to smile..
  7. Luna yawned. "This lockdown thing is such a bore.. I wish I could get some fresh air.. Meet some guys" She whispered to herself. Luna layed in her pink and red rom. It looked like something out of a cheesy valentines day movie. He messy hair sprawled all over the pillows and such as her unnaturally light brown eyes stared towards the ceiling. "At least one good thing came from this." She moped. Luna snapped her fingers as a spark of electricity(or lightning may have you) erupted from her finger tips. "I'm not scared of any reaper!" She comforted herself with a lie.
  8. Scarlet left her room and stepped outside into the hallway. Besides a cluster of two or three kids whispering to each other here and there, it was virtually empty. She wandered past and started down the stairs to the lockers below. "Ah!" She shouted, mid-step, as she tripped on something and started to fall to the marble floors that were the hallways.
  9. Luna left her room aswell. Boredom had driven her to do so. She did quite abit of walking through the mindless chatter of nervous teens. That was until someone fell down the stiars and landed flat on the schools marble floors. Luna quickly darted over to the petite red-head. Stooping down to floor level she muttered" You okay sweetie? " with a wide blush across her cheeks
  10. Johnathon had been sitting alone in his room for a while now after the lock-in announcement trying to distract himself with his gameboy. "this is bad..." he thought, "being picked on so much fighting comes naturally to me, but this is different. People are being killed!" He couldn't help it anymore, he had to get out of his room. "being alone with those thoughts might drive me insane" so he put his gameboy is his pocket and left for a walk.
  11. Scarlet sat up, rubbing the back of her head with a quiet whimper. She looked at her hand, luckily blood-free. "Yeah, I'm fine. Someone must have dropped there books or something.." She stood up and glanced at Luna with curious violet eyes. Cocking her head slightly, she asked "eh? I'm not sure I've met you."
  12. Luna felt abit relieved when she realized the girl was unscathed. She did her part helping her up in case she felt abit dizzy. Luna then noticed she didn't remember seeing this girl around school either. "That's weird. I guess we're strangers!" She said cheerfully. "Let's change that" She said while outstretching her hand. "Im Luna Toriyama" Luna only hoped that she wouldn't shock this new face when their hands made contact. Her new ability was abit unstable
  13. Scarlet smiled brightly and took her hand. As usual, hers was always no more than half the other person's. shaking she said "Scarlet Young, nice to meet you!" She had to refrain Her inner cat, which she was still getting used too, from coming out in her happiness. I swear! Every time I have a strong feeling you have to come out!
  14. Scarlet seemed friendly enough. Luna could almost feel a sweatbead fall from her face with the relief that came from not shocking a new face. A cute one at that.. Like really cute. Even for a girl Scarlet's hand was oddly small. Luna felt as though she was shaking hands with a middleschooler. Luna figured that Scarlet had to be going somewhere before this little inconvieniece turned fateful meeting. "Hey am I holding you up? I-I mean maybe I could tag along. I kinda have no where to be." she cursed herself for the nervousness she displayed
  15. "Hm? Oh, no. I just remembered I left my journal in my locker. Since we're probably not going to go to school again anytime soon, I thought I should get it." You could tell she was pretty miserable about the whole idea by her voice though she tried to hide it with a sweet smile.
  16. "Diary hmm.." Luna nodded. "Well yeah I guess we've got a lot of time on out hands since-" She cut herself off mid sentence " Oh yeah! So what's your take on this whole Secret Reaper thing" She said half heartedly rolling her eyes.
  17. "To~be honest, I don't know. I mean, some of my friends are missing, then again it seems kind of weird. But, I guess so does this curse. I mean, if you told this to someone outside of it they'd never believe you.."
  18. " I totally agree. And what makes it even worse it theres no where to go to get answers. Especially about this curse thing." Luna seemed lost in thought for a short time. "N-Not that I know anything about a curse!" She quickly added as to not freak Scarlet out.
  19. Scarlet looked at her quietly. "Come on, we should get our stuff from our lockers." She was obviously trying to change the subject.
  20. "Mhmm. After you." Luna gestured towards the direction of the locked. She had just cursed in her head. Scarlet might think she was a creep after seeing the intrails of her locker. Weapons..