Secret of the wings

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  1. Aqua sighed softly as she walked home from college. It had been yet another, uneventful day there, the only interesting thing that happened was one of her feathers fell to the floor in class and she had to come up with some sort of excuse. The 18 year old blond tugged her red cap further down on her head to hide her hair. Aqua had been hiding most of her life, her much too blue eyes and almost glowing blond hair was a dead give away to angel hunters about her half inheritance from her angel mother but human father.

    Angels were no secret, they visited the earth regularly to help out where they could and some even had real jobs but it was forbidden for angels and humans to interact beyond a friendly manner. Angel hunters were those that hunted down angels, humans and 'half breeds' that went against this rule and destroyed them. Aqua was one of the lucky ones, she and her family had been attacked by the hunters but she had managed to get away. Unlike her parents that is.
  2. Trax ran as fast as he could down the sidewalk, which was considerable given his heritage. He could hear the laughter just behind him, that dark, evil chuckle. Seeing some girl on the sidewalk just ahead, he made a beeline for her, catching the glint of a blade just at the corner of his eye.

    Forcing himself to speed up, he caught up with the girl and quickly grabbed her shoulder. At the contact, he could immediately sense what she was, and resisted the urge to call out. Instead, he dragged her into the bushes, hissing, "Get down, get down!"

    He heard footsteps pass beyond the bushes, slow, then fade as the hunter disappeared. Letting himself breathe, finally, he whispered, "Sorry..."
  3. Aqua frowned as she watched some guy run towards her, then gasped as she was pulled in to the bush. The teen would have snapped had she not sensed something was different about him to most and then to hear the foot steps fo running past "mine explaining what the hell that was all about?"
  4. Trax winced as his grip on her arm began to burn his hand, and immediately pulled it away. "Hunter," he gasped, his chest heaving. When his breath came back to him, the red in his eyes returned, glowing some in the dark. His fangs glinted some in the light coming off of the streetlamps, and it soon became apparent what he was. Half-demon, the spawn of a demon and a human.

    "Did you a favor," he growled, still peeking out of the bushes. He wouldn't leave until he was certain it was safe, no matter what.
  5. Aqua nodded slowly and went to speak but then she realized what he was and she quickly becane to back away from him "thanks for helping me bit I..I should really get going" the last thing she wanted was to be in a confined space with some half demon
  6. "It's not safe," Trax answered immediately. "I don't know if there's more of them or not..." As he crouched, he looked like an predator poised to strike, his dark clothes contrasting with his pale skin.

    "Get down," he hissed as more footsteps approached, ducking down.
  7. Aqua sighed and stayed in the bush but made sure to be as far from him as possible "so other than the obvious why were the hunters after you? I mean, did you give yourself away somehow or did you just piss them off?"
  8. Abi sighed. Two people in a bush wasn't an unusual sight in this part of town, but it was still awkward. Even then, she continued to walk on until she noticed someone out of the corner of her eye.

    Hunters. She could tell by their faces -- she'd seen these people before. She walked over to the bush, making sure to be quiet and casual so they wouldn't spot her. Even though she was Half-bred, she was still at risk, and risk was something she couldn't keep hold of.
  9. "They've been after me for weeks," Trax breathed. It was too dark to see, but his arms were covered in bruises and cuts, as well as the rest of his body. Hearing another set of lighter footsteps, he let out a low growl as he heard them get closer to the bush, prepared to attack if need be.
  10. Aqua froze at the sound of the footsteps and bit her lip while trying to quiet her breathing, she had spent most of her life hiding so she had gotten very good at it by now
  11. Chrystaline and Eric stopped at the sight and froze at the sight of the hunters both rushing and tripping after the other they fell into a bush and took a deep breath sighing with relief and then blinked as they noticed two others there as well and then the two looked at the other. Shrugging they didn't say anything and the two obviously pair of twins kept their crystal blue eyes focused on the figures approaching.
    "I thought we were careful."
    "We were careful Eric."
    the two spoke silently to one another basically inaudible to others.
  12. "Dad can we please go home?" Ingrid said looking into the woods. "We've been hunting for hours and I'm hungry." She was a petite girl with long black hair tied back in a tight braid. She was also a budding hunter, having grown up in a family of famous angel and demon hunters. It wasn't a fate she was necessarily thrilled about, she was athletic and skilled, but didn't quiet hold the same passion her father did.

    "No, girl. I saw that demon brat run into the forest," he said gruffly.

    "He was just some kid," she sighed crossing her arms "it's probably just some kids playing in the woods."

    "No, I know a demon when I see one," he said glaring down at her. "This is going to be your job some day, you need to not be such a lazy ass. Now get in the under brush and flush them out, I'll wait here."

    Ingrid sighed again stepped off the sidewalk into the little forest beyond. She didn't have the keen senses of her father so she blindly blundered into the wood after her prey.