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    Welcome to Adrara..., skyblue Adrara is a massive continent home to a variety of biomes. The land is divided into 6 nations.

    Nations, crimson
    Nations: (open)
    Dragoncrest: (open)
    The largest territory in Adrara. It composes nearly ⅓ of the land mass and holds the capital. It is known for its lush forests in the east and its fertile fields in the west. Central Dragoncrest is an large city teeming with creatures from all over Adrara. Fighting in the capital is a criminal offence and so it is very peaceful there. Central is home to the Duke and Duchess who rule with a fair and honest hand. The forests are home to small creatures that can be tamed as familiars.
    Foxmarrow: (open)
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Foxmarrow is known for its savanna like landscape and for its wide array of animals. Tribes of huntsmen live off the land here. The tribes are self sustaining communities, selling furs and food items to their neighbors in Stonehaven in return for metals and minerals for weapons and medicine. The savanna is home to medium sized creatures that can be tamed as familiars.[/BCOLOR]
    Stonehaven: (open)
    This mountainous terrain is home to miners and blacksmiths. The mountains are rich in ores of many metals. The miners bring the ores down to the base of the mountain to sell to the blacksmiths. The blacksmiths create and sell the weapons to the Duke to equip the Royal Guard. They also trade with the tribes of Foxmarrow.
    Dracdale: (open)
    Dracdale is a small desert in the center of Adrara. It is home to powerful sand dwelling monsters. Legend states that at the bottom of the desert there lives a massive sand serpant. An ancient prophecy proclaims that a powerful warrior will rise during the seventh eclipse of the seventh year of the new millennium and tame the beast. Casting the world into peace.
    Westerlyn: (open)
    Westerlyn is well known for its fields of flowers. Westerlyn is in a state of constant springtime. The flowers bloom year round in a vast rainbow of colors. They are said to bloom more vividly in times of peace. The people that inhabit Westlyn are typically very kind hearted and friendly. They are always happy to help weary travelers. Certain fields of flowers attract small creatures that can be tamed as familiars.
    Winterhedge: (open)
    Winterhedge is a beautiful winter wonderland. Its massive thick trees are coated with glistening layers of snow year round. The people that live here are well adapted to the frigid temperatures and are quick to help those who are not. To the north of Winterhedge is an old castle abandoned years ago. It is remarkably well preserved and respected by the locals. A legend says that the caretakers of the castle live on within the walls although they departed from the world long ago. Their care is what the castles untarnished condition is attributed to.
    Shadowkeep: (open)
    A dark desolate land, it is home to the cruelest of monsters. The land here is riddled with tar pits that give off a noxious gas. In the center of Shadowkeep there is a tower that appears to be made from the very shadows of the land. Lord Ashmouth, the self proclaimed overseer of Shadowkeep, resides in this tower.
    [fieldset= Nations, crimson][/fieldset]
    [fieldset= Nations, crimson][/fieldset]

    Islands, green
    Islands: (open)
    Waterbourne: (open)
    This small island floats just off the coast of Dragoncrest. It is home to a small population of sirens. They attract sailors to their island with their songs. These sailors are rarely seen again.
    Icefall: (open)
    This small island floats to the far north of the main land. It is coated with ice and snow. Nothing green grows here. It is home to large creatures that can be tamed as familiars.
    Winterwyvern: (open)
    This small ice coated island bears a single cave. This cave leads underground into a labyrinth of tunnels. Legend states that a giant ice dragon slumbers in the depths of this maze. An ancient prophecy proclaims that a powerful monster will appear during the seventh eclipse of the seventh year of the new millennium and awaken the beast. Casting the world into strife.
    Islands, green [/BCOLOR]
  2. May I join?
    Just wondering, is there a plot to this RP?
  3. I have the same questions as her c: ^
  4. Yes there's a plot. I'm still working on getting all the information in order. But basically, A tyrant, namely Lord Ashmouth, is plotting a takeover of all Adrara. So as far as main characters for the plot line there will be three, possibly four. However we will need lots of side characters to help the main characters along. The plot will take the characters through a journey to fulfill a prophecy to counter the negative prophecy. And then battle! ^^; I'll get the information down here shortly. Thanks for the interest guys!
  5. Sounds interesting. ^^
  6. The plot sounds amazing~!

    Count me in as interested!
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